Overnight parking at airport without plugging in

Overnight parking at airport without plugging in

One of the last concerns I have before reserving my MS is airport parking. I commonly do 3-4 day business trips and leave my ICE at (outdoor) O'Hare airport parking, including in the middle of Chicago winter. The Tesla facts claim that the battery "will no not lose a significant amount of charge" in these situations, but can anyone validate that based on real world experience, especially in the cold?

O'Hare has started to install EV charging stations, btw, but there are currently only 2, in the main garage.

Thanks in advance!

jat | 1 aprile 2013

This was on 4.1 software, so while sleep mode was still available, but I parked 3 days in below-freezing weather without charging and I lost a total of about 20 rated miles range during that time. Until sleep mode is added back, you will lose an additional 8-10mi/day.

If those numbers aren't a problem for you getting to the airport and back home, then you will be fine.

riceuguy | 1 aprile 2013

This is a key concern for me, but my understanding is that the vast majority of the problem is related to the sleep function, which they have indicated is a top priority to restore (I'm counting on it; 80% of my driving is to/from the airport).

trydesky | 1 aprile 2013

I don't make frequent trips to the airport, but I have a 6-day trip coming up. I seem to loose about 1 rated mile per hour (60kwh battery). Perhaps it will be less in warm weather. But that would be 24x6= 144. Add 40miles for the round trip, and that puts me right at a standard charge, and really too close to chance a ranged charge. Unless sleep is added before my trip, I'm going to out of luck.

alfafoxtrot1 | 1 aprile 2013

My 60kwh was parked outside at O'Hare about 3 weeks ago. I was gone 3 full days, and two nights. Days were right around 32, evenings were around 20. I lost around 20 miles of range. I'm sure that if I parked inside it would have been less dramatic, but I live nearby and still had plenty of range.

July10Models | 1 aprile 2013

Also keep in mind part of the cold weather range lost is battery is mostly metal after all. Some of that apparent range lost is recovered when the battery warms up.

vouteb | 1 aprile 2013


Was that 20 miles of range PER DAY?

alfafoxtrot1 | 1 aprile 2013

Approximately 20 miles of total range loss while parked for 3 days, maybe as much as 30 miles (my memory isn't perfect).

electrophorus | 1 aprile 2013

Thanks guys....wasn't aware of the sleep mode issue, I'll definitely keep an eye on that to see if/when it gets re-released. And @ alfafoxtrot1, that's exactly what I'll be doing, 2-3 days at a time and live about 20 miles away, so sounds like this is a non-issue for me. Much appreciated!

bobinfla | 1 aprile 2013

I can't speak for the bitter cold of Chicago, but I recently left my car parked in Orlando for 7 1/2 days and lost 80 miles of rated range, so pretty consistent at 10 miles per day.

Sudre_ | 1 aprile 2013

I thought I remembered long ago reading in the Roadster manual that the Roadster could drop up to 50% of battery capacity within the first week then slow down on losses from there. I just assumed the S would behave the same. That would mean the car could loss up to 123-150 miles in the first week.... at least until they get sleep working again.
Sounds to me like the S performs better than the Roadster already.

hnashif | 1 aprile 2013

@Sudre_ Makes sense. I read somewhere that the loss/day is a percentage of the charge level.

Earl and Nagin ... | 1 aprile 2013

I've parked my Roadster for more than a week many times although at fairly benign temperatures. I never noted more than maybe 5% drop in range.

nickjhowe | 1 aprile 2013

There's another thread on this. Mine is parked at the airport as I write this, albeit in Miami. A few weeks back when it was in the 50's overnight it lost 0.6 miles per hour the first day, then settled down to 0.4 miles per hour for the remaining 6 days it was there. That is without sleep mode.

vouteb | 2 aprile 2013

10 Miles per day is fine for me (as long as its pretty fully charged at the start)