P85 + badging

P85 + badging

Just curious. I know that the 85kw cars rolling off the line recently are getting badged as "P85". Are the performance plus vehicles getting any additional insignia?

KOL2000 | 25 giugno 2013

yes. A little "+" after the 85.

CalabasasKid | 25 giugno 2013

Gotcha. Thx. One more question. Do you think it'll be possible to retrofit the rear, wider 21's from the perf plus package on the rear axle without any further mod?

Brian H | 25 giugno 2013

A "+" after the "5"?

KendallPB | 27 giugno 2013

I saw one and it only had a +. No P85. Kinda funky looking, as the + wasn't very noticeable since it's a little small.

lolachampcar | 27 giugno 2013

Yes on the wheels... they just bolt right up.