Panoramic roof: Pictures?

Panoramic roof: Pictures?

I'm trying to get an impression of the panoramic roof. Anybody know of any good pictures or videos of it fully open thar shows it? There is very little on this and nothing on Teslas site as far as I can see.

Also, in general I miss better images of interior options. If I'm going to order the car online I would expect to see high resolution and close up images of the options. Like the carbon interior. This should not be difficult to make and should come fast.

blisSfullee | 23 luglio 2013

I don't have pictures--but I will say that I got the panoramic roof for the increased ceiling height especially in the back seat. It gives you a couple more inches in both the front and rear seat. I didn't use my sunroofs in my other cars but in the Model S it's really about the headroom.

nickjhowe | 23 luglio 2013

Have you tried YouTube? I just did a quick search of "Tesla Panoramic Roof" and got 602 hits.

tobi_ger | 23 luglio 2013

Did you go to the Design Studio? On My Tesla page click the Order button (no worries, no instant payment required :) ), which will let you start designing your car and its options.
The interior details are pretty clear to see and detailed, imo.

Spirous | 23 luglio 2013

It does not give me a good impression of the size of the panoramic roof. Why is there no good images of this??

Spirous | 23 luglio 2013

Most of the videos only show the 17 inch screen menu for managing it....

Spirous | 24 luglio 2013
J.T. | 24 luglio 2013

After you make a design in design studio go to the last image to the right. It's a view of the car from above with the roof completely open.

Spirous | 24 luglio 2013

That image is simulating the whole roof removed only to show the interior, so it is not a real view of the panoramic roof.

blaquito | 24 luglio 2013

@blis your comment about needing extra ceiling hieght caught my eye. How tall are you, i'm getting ready to order my MS 60. I wasnt planning on getting the roof but i am pretty tall ( 6'3'')

herkimer | 24 luglio 2013

Get to a Tesla store and see for yourself (or find an owner who has one and can show you) how the Pano roof looks, in person. I got the Pano roof, after a lot of back and forth, and I am really glad I did. It is just beautiful, really makes the interior of the car feel open and spacious, and has worked perfectly without any issues now 4500 miles.

ChristianG | 24 luglio 2013

@blaquito, you don't need it as a driver, but in the 2nd row is quiet low. I coulnd't sit in a model S without the pano-roof yet. but when I sit normaly my body is a bit forward and I can sit ok. If I lean back with my head I hit the roof where the pano roof stops and the normal roof starts again. this is also a concern for crash safety for some people.

tobi_ger | 24 luglio 2013

Some people recently described that roof transition as being a safety feature, built into the design. I can't judge that, though. | 24 luglio 2013

My son is 6'3" and the pano roof was key in making sure he fits in the back.

Omar | 24 luglio 2013

(OK, first try at posting images)

Assuming my embedding worked OK, here area couple of pics of the pano open to 100% from above and from the backseat.


blisSfullee | 24 luglio 2013

Blaquito: I am 6'. I wasn't going to get the pano roof either but not only does it give more back head room it allows you as driver to raise the seat higher. I enjoy that because I like to see the hood and fins when I'm driving.

blaquito | 24 luglio 2013

Question: Does the Pano Roof have covers for each section? I've had a lot of car with sunroofs and i like the covers for them just as much as i like the roofs themselves the sun gets hot here in STL

mvannah | 24 luglio 2013

@blaquito There are no covers, but you definitely don't need them. They did an excellent job with whatever tinting they did. I live in Las Vegas and would notice it if it were ever a problem. I just wish they could have done something similar for the hatchback window.

I have been extremely impressed with the Pano. We took it for a ride on the CA 101 a couple of weeks ago, completely open. There was no buffeting at all, which I usually get with my other cars' sunroofs, so we didn't even have to set it at 80% There is a cloth-like windscreen that slightly comes up when the roof is open. I imagine that is what prevents the buffeting. I'm taking the car to Sequoia and Kings Canyon this weekend and can't wait to use the Pano roof. I'm 6'1" and I have plenty of head room in the front and the back. This is the only option I didn't agonize over.

ChristianG | 24 luglio 2013


I don't doubt that they tried to build in safety features in the roof as there is quiet a step from the pano roof to the normal one. But I think that more prewents you to split your skull open by the lightes impact than to replace something like a proper head rest. but then they are not adjustable anyway.

but back to the pano roof. another thing is that some report that more outside noise is heard with the pano roof, so that might be something else to consider.