Paris motor show - Tesla is absent

Paris motor show - Tesla is absent

How come Tesla is absent from the Paris Motor show? I can't see any other automaker being absent from this event. It almost feels as if they are too good to be there :)

Or does anyone have a good explanation?

Volker.Berlin | 26 settembre 2012

Tesla has a track record of cherry-picking their presence on trade fairs/motor shows. If you start counting, you find there is an endless number of them around the globe and at the point where Tesla currently is as a company, it makes perfect sense to restrict their presence to, e.g., one show in America, Europe and Asia once a year each.

Remember: They are not demand-restricted, not even cash-restricted (the recent secondary offering notwithstanding), they are currently production-restricted. Trade fairs don't help with the latter.

sergiyz | 26 settembre 2012

they've missed the autoshow in NYC earlier this year as well.
Fisker was there, but I don't think they need advertising right now, since demand is higher than they can handle already.

ar | 27 settembre 2012

You guys are absolutly right, it doesn't bring any more value to there business as of today.

I just thought it would have been nice to see a bit more of them in Europe... Tesla has a huge fanclub over here as well :)

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Volker.Berlin | 27 settembre 2012

ar, absolutely! Which is why I went to the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. :-) I guess that event accumulates to their entire 2013 trade fair presence in Europe.