Parking sensors

Parking sensors

Does anyone know if there are there plans to add parking sensors?

Jolinar | 8 dicembre 2012

don't know, but would be great for such a large car.

appljd | 8 dicembre 2012

no sensors but I was pretty amazed by the quality of the HD camera when you do need it to park.

tvntesla | 8 dicembre 2012

The only wish I have about the camera is to have an option to set it not to mirror (for example to read the license number of the car behind). Right now it shows the image mirrored.

jjaeger | 8 dicembre 2012

tvntesla - should add that to R&B's software enhancement list if it's not already on there.

nickjhowe | 9 dicembre 2012

I was told by TM that the wiring harness is ready for sensors - at least on the beta cars.

Folks on the forum have talked about getting PDI aftermarket sensors installed.

Volker.Berlin | 10 dicembre 2012
("private" thread, i.e., owners and reservation holders only)

dborn | 10 dicembre 2012

Front sensors needed too. Camera not sufficient.

aaronw2 | 10 dicembre 2012

I agree about the front sensors. I'm always scraping the bottom of my bumper in my Prius.