Performance vs Performance Plus ride harshness

Performance vs Performance Plus ride harshness

Is the ride significantly harsher with the performance Plus vs the Performance options?

NKYTA | 16 luglio 2013

@lolachamper should be able to give us the full story in 3 days. He understands performance (down to camber and toe-in) and is soon to get his P85+. Looking forward to his comparisons.

brandtlings | 16 luglio 2013

Not harsher, very similar. The tires are a little more connected. Noisier than the Conti. Ride is still amazing! (I have one of each P and P+) In normal driving the differences are subtle, but when you start tossing it around, boy can you tell the difference! I drove the P to Seattle and back yesterday and noticed the noise difference. I don't have a problem with the + having more road noise, it's not bad.

Kunal | 17 luglio 2013

I agree with brandtlings, having driven both (I have a P85) but have driven the P85+ recently, I would have opted for the P85+ if it had been available when I ordered my P85. The ride is a bit stiffer as one would expect the handling package to make it, but not considerably so. The handling is improved significantly, and what I can say is it makes the big sedan feel lighter and more nimble and connected. If you are a driving and handling enthusiast, this is the version you should get, you can certainly live with it daily and enjoy the driving/handling experience as well. Well done Tesla. If someone is unhappy (not likely) with their P85+ we can trade!

christurbeville | 17 luglio 2013

@Kunal +1 on the P85 for P85+ trade;)

cfOH | 17 luglio 2013

There was someone on here complaining about his P+'s ride being too unforgiving and saying he'd get a plain P if he had it to do over again. You may want to search, @Kunal.

rainman50 | 15 settembre 2013

I'm going to finalize an order in 2 weeks. I'm more interested in straight line performance (instant pickup and acceleration) more than the curves. I would assume from what people say and the purpose of the "+" package, that I would not miss anything going with the P85 (non +), correct? Same 0 to 60. I'd get the 19's.

Captain_Zap | 15 settembre 2013

I have a Performance and I had a Performance Plus for the weekend as a loaner. I noticed no difference in the ride because I have 21" wheels on my Performance.

There is a noticable difference in the ride if you compare 19" wheels and 21" wheels on the Performance model.

Captain_Zap | 15 settembre 2013


Yes, P+ is more about steering and cornering.

T3SLA | 15 settembre 2013

@captain_zap +1

Because of peoples opinions I've read in the forum, before placing my order I decided to test drive all p85 with 19", p85 with 21", and p85+ with 21".
I've done this test 3 times. Kept thinking I might miss something because of what I was reading in the forums.

I'll summarize with similar conclusion as captain_zap:

Noise @70mph for all tests:
p85 19": fan audible on freeway at level 4
p85 21": fan audible on freeway at level 5
p85+ 21": fan audible on freeway at level 5 (same perceivable noise as p85 21")

Cornering and changing lanes (based on my test drive; I don't drive the freeway like on a race track, but I do drive with purpose):
p85 19": Relative to others, feels floaty when changing lanes. More body roll. Still awesome ride.
p85 21": No "floaty" feeling changing lanes. Slight body roll when cornering hard. Stiff, responsive, perception of being connected with pavement.
p85+ 21": No float. No body roll. Feels like being on rails.

Straight away:
All felt pretty much the same. I wasn't drag racing and clocking millisecond times. All were equally enjoyable. Some say they perceive a pitch with non plus. I didn't perceive a difference.

I went with a p85 non-plus with 21". Feels confident in corners, feels connected to the pavement. I prefer the responsiveness for when I do want the extra handling.

I chose no plus because it wasn't worth the extra money to me. I would pick p85+ if I were a high-speed windy road or race track guy, or if I didn't know what to do with the $6500. That $6500 is working for me in the stock market.

Test drive all 3 configurations, if you're considering them. Only you know what feels best and whether or not it's worth it to you to part with the $6500 or $11000 (plus increased tire replacement).

cfOH | 15 settembre 2013

@loefvinc: I test drove a P85 before I ordered my P+. I was unhappy with the lack of connectedness between the car and the road that I experienced with the non-Plus P85. I have had sports cars for as long as I've been buying my own vehicles, so handling is really important to me. If it's not that important to you, the non-Plus P85 will probably be totally satisfying to you.

RedShift | 15 settembre 2013

I test drove one today at the Fremont delivery center, and I have owned my 60kwh for 6 months now. Ride quality is awesome. I am comparing this to not only my 60 but an M5 which I have driven extensively. I have to say, on the ride side, no complaints.

I made the front tires break traction 2-3 times on the test drive though, and those limits came earlier than my admittedly high expectations. (I broke traction right in front of the main gate entrance to Tesla as I took the turn very very hard)

Overall I like the P85+, but there was something missing from that test drive. It just wasn't as fun as I expected. Alas.

cfOH | 15 settembre 2013

@RedShift IMO, the P+ needs wider tires front and back. I'd probably go with something like 265 front and 305 rear if I wanted maximum performance and didn't care about range.

carlk | 15 settembre 2013

I agree. As of now the P+ tire size is exactly the same as my much smaller Cayman S. I think TM should make the tire size bigger. People who buy P+ most likely don't have range as top prioeity same as people who buy AMG or M don't have miliage as top priority.

RedShift | 15 settembre 2013

I think it's overwhelmingly the weight hats the culprit. I have to say, I did feel the slightly nimbler feel of my 60 soon after the test drive.

It's a beast, alright, and the acceleration is awesome. Even though, my 60 feels awesome enough for me. I am just not that much into raw acceleration. The drive was kinda inert. Car wasn't talking to me, man, like some other cars do. ( my old 325i with sport pack, my bother in law's old E60 545i, even).

lph | 16 settembre 2013

The P85+ is amazing. The other day I test drove one and let it rip in acceleration through a curve let off in the middle of the curve then back on again. This exercise makes even a corvette (the model before the current one) weave all over the place. With the P85+ the car had no reaction at all ... Just kept its line with no adjustments to steering needed while accelerating even faster than did in the corvette. In general there is a planted feeling that the other MS models did not have as much, this could be felt even when not pushing it hard in corners.
The ride was a suprise to me in that there was really little difference between this and the P85 and only slightly less smooth than the MS with 19" wheels, however you could feel much more info (mostly through the steering wheel) about the road. Very reassuring.
I am a bit hard of hearing (although an audiophile and can pick apart most home systems costing $50k) I did think it was a bit more noisy than the MS w/19". I find that that the sound spectrum with all the MS's in general a bit annoying (more like white noise than other cars I have driven) even though the sound pressure levels are lower than most cars. Maybe an active noise canceling system could make the spectrum more pleasant and the sound pressure levels even lower? That would make this car perfect. Personal perception / opinion here, as almost everything audio is subjective.