Performance vs Standard 85 kwh

Performance vs Standard 85 kwh

Hi all. So I recently reserved a Model S and went for a test drive. I was sold on the car after just playing around with the interior on the demo floor. After the test drive I was pretty much all in. Here's my question. I had configured a standard 85kwh Model S but found out after the test drive that I was in a Performance model. (Kind of feel I got the bait and switch but my fault for not asking at the start of the drive). Anyways, what I didn't expect is when accelerating hard in the test car I got the roller coaster 'stomach drop' feeling...needless to say I had a ton of fun on the test drive. Will the standard non-performance version with it's 5.6 second 0-60 still be able to produce this sensation and smile on my face? If not I'm almost hesitant to buy the standard version, yet don't feel like spending $85k on a first gen car. Before experiencing the test drive I would certainly have bought the I'm actually debating it.

Has anyone ridden in both the standard 85kwh and the performance? How was it? Thanks.

lph | 5 dicembre 2012

This is copied from an old thread ... Performance comparason according to Motor Trend Magazine. Hope it helps.

"Has anyone noticed just how quick the standard S85 is? Sure it is not nearly as quick off the block as the performance version (behind by .6 second to 30), but after that things are different: 30-90 acceleration handily beats the Porsche Panamera GTS, almost keeps up with the BMW M5! and is only about .6 sec behind its big brother P85 (performance version).

Ref Motor Trend:
BMW M5 (dual clutch): 30-90 =6.3 sec, 45-65=1.8 sec @ $104,000
Porsche Panamera GTS: 30-90 =7.6 sec, 45-65=2.3 sec @ $146,000
Tesla Model S85 (std): 30-90 =6.6 sec, 45-65=1.9 sec @ $82,500+/-
Tesla Model S P85(performance): 30-90 =6 sec, 45-65=1.7 sec @ $96,000+/-

To put it another way .. If you can't afford the P85, you can still keep up with the big performance gas cars and save a bundle, if you don't mind not racing off the block. I don't know about you, I never race anyone, this is a real safety feature to have a car that can pass so quickly.
Compared to these, both of the Tesla model S's are actually relatively great value, even before savings in fuel to be realized later!" | 5 dicembre 2012

IMHOP both are wicked fast. Here is a video of my daughter & her friends on the "nonperformance" test drive.

I think that may help you in deciding :o)

lph | 5 dicembre 2012

Ohh ... and the std model S goes.0~60 in 5.0 also according to MT magazine.

Mark2131@CA-US | 5 dicembre 2012

I've got the NON performance 85Kw version, 21" rims.

I too ONLY test drove the PERFORMANCE version before I committed. However, I purposely chose that because I knew I wasn't going to get it and I wanted to at least feel what it was like. I can honestly tell you that the NON performance version satisfies me in every way! Smile permanently implanted on face. In fact, the dozens of people whom I've given rides to all have that same smile!

Don't worry. Unless you're into tracks and timing runs, the "Non" performance care will NOT disappoint.

sbern18 | 5 dicembre 2012

Driven both, and they are both awesome cars. The non-perf is plenty fast, get the perf if cost is not a factor, and you want the "over the top" fun.

noel.smyth | 5 dicembre 2012

i test drove both, same tesla smile for each one.. honestly I didn't notice much difference but then again I'm not used to this kind of performance in a car. if you have the extra cash and find value in the slight performance benefit, go for it.

ALSET | 5 dicembre 2012

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Again, it's not so much the 5.6 vs 4.4 seconds. It's about the feel, I too am not used to this kind of performance car. Aside from magnetic roller coasters I've never felt that weightless/stomach feeling from a car. Throw out the lap times for a second, if the standard 85kwh S can give me that sensation and exhilaration then I'll be happy. :)

Mocaptain | 5 dicembre 2012

Its personal preference and car experience in my opinion. If the standard version is already much faster than what your used to, its probably plenty fast enough for you. If you happen to own or have owned a fairly fast car or a car that performs well, you might be more likely to spend the marginal cost difference.


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MB3 | 5 dicembre 2012

I don't think the regular 85 kWh gives me the kind of thrill people say. Hoping the performance dose. The performance is about 0.7 Gs and the regular is closer to 0.5 Gs.
I think you need to reach 0-60 in about 2.7s to feel 1 G.

Brian H | 5 dicembre 2012

I think 2.7s at 1 G. would generate about 69 fps., which is about 47 mph. So you'd need a bit longer (3.4s?) to reach 60 mph. (88 fps).


STEVEZ | 5 dicembre 2012

Isn't 1g acceleration 32 ft/sec/sec? Multiply by 2.75 sec and you get 88 ft/sec.

Timo | 5 dicembre 2012

...which is ~60mph.

cmlaff | 5 dicembre 2012

I've had my Sig non-perf 85kWh for a bit over 2 wks and believe me it is plenty fast. If you need the roller coaster feel try Magic Mountain or 6 Flags, etc.
Of course, if $$ is of no concern get the Perf with the nice interior, 21" wheels, and free toaster. It is a very nice option.

Brian H | 6 dicembre 2012

Ya, I was getting bolloxed up with distance travelled, not instantaneous rate.

ALSET | 6 dicembre 2012

MB3, let me know what you think after you drive the Performance version. Like I said, prior to the test drive I was ready to buy the 85kwh configured at $76k after tax credit. After the test drive, I realized just how insane and fun the Performance was which is when I began having doubts.

ALSET | 6 dicembre 2012

Anyways, I test drove and reserved on my visit to NY, sometime before my number is called I plan on test driving the standard 85kwh S and making my decision.

MB3 | 6 dicembre 2012

rat8cheese. Just got that famous email so there is chance that could be this year even though I'm P8751!

ALSET | 6 dicembre 2012


Have you gotten out to drive the Performance version yet? I'm waiting for you to drive both the 85kwh and Performance so you can let me know how different the acceleration feels. I never wanted a car that felt like a roller coaster until I drove the Performance and now almost feel like it's a necessity. :)

MB3 | 6 dicembre 2012

No, I will let you know. I thought I needed the Performance based solely on the regular 85 kWh performance. I have said yes to Dec Delivery, but I'm going to be in Deutschland over the holidays and won't be here the last week of Dec. If they can get it to me before the 23rd I'll race it to LAX for my free parking spot:). Lovin' that Tesla Grin (it got to me faster than my car).

William13 | 7 dicembre 2012

I only use the performance aspect to show off the car to friends. The standard 85kWh acceleration is way more than any standard spirited driving demands. You are still blown away because of the scary silent acceleration which is better than a hand full of cars at 5.6 sec. The most addictive part is the immediate response without any hesitation. Buy it, you'll like it.

mwillmsn | 12 dicembre 2012

So I originally test drove the Performance and LOVED the acceleration. I test drove a non-performance 85kwh today and I am not sure what to do now. Don't get me wrong, the std 85kwh car has a lot of kick but didn't have the "wow" feeling of the performance. I am struggling with this one now. Not sure what to do.

I am 12,817 so I don't have much time before I expect to get the time to build email... any thoughts would be appreciated.

Volker.Berlin | 13 dicembre 2012
Michael23 | 13 dicembre 2012

Honestly I have perf, but the spoiler and cf interior and Alcantra headliner and seats seal the deal for me, so much nicer! Otherwise the perf of both cars is wicked fast.

appljd | 13 dicembre 2012

rat8cheese:I had the same dilemma. After seeing the MotorTrend report (and the fact that it's still faster then a Porsche Panamera GTS) the difference was so minimal that we ordered the non-performance. Delivery is early Feb. 85Kw (non-perf), Pearl white, Tech, black leather, pano roof, Obeche matt, Air, 19" wheels, rear facing seats, parcel shelf.

therealjasonRbourne | 13 dicembre 2012

Anyone have any thoughts on diff b/t the M85 and P85, as far as the suspension goes? Anyone test drive both, and feel the diff in the handling?