Petition - From the General forum

Petition - From the General forum

Just wanted to repost this in the Model S forum so people will see it and go sign it.

chriztrax | 22 giugno 2013

Signed. 7/5/13 is the deadline? Seems tight.

Jolanda | 22 giugno 2013

Signed from The Netherlands...

TFMethane | 22 giugno 2013

They limit the time as a way to weed out issues that don't really have that much support. This is the same petition system that got overwhelmed initially by people wanting the US to build a Death Star... like in Star Wars.

It's a really good democratic idea, but then the crazies and intellectual lightweights come out of the woodwork and make it harder on the rest of us.

Such is life and such is democracy.

tgo | 22 giugno 2013

Signed! Thanks for posting the link

AmpedRealtor | 22 giugno 2013

I'd vote for a Death Star!

tgo | 22 giugno 2013

Would the Death Star be electric? Just joking

Wayne3 | 22 giugno 2013

that's Blue Star...

agiangone | 22 giugno 2013

At 3122 bump..

portia | 22 giugno 2013

don't forget to share it on facebook or wherever you hang out.

skymaster | 22 giugno 2013

3311 bump!

Paul1839 | 23 giugno 2013


Eleonor2002 | 23 giugno 2013

I signed, but I don't believe will pass. We need big organisations to lobby for it. Fist that is coming to my mind will be AAA. May be Siera club...

jcadman22 | 23 giugno 2013

I signed the petition, but I'm afraid I have to agree with others that this is unlikely to gain the required 100K signatures by the 7/5 deadline. I signed a petition several months ago to overturn franchise laws that limit auto manufacturers from selling directly to consumers and that was archived with only 6754 signatures. The powers that be are very close to shutting down Tesla's ability to sell in New York as well as preventing registering new vehicles purchased out of state from being registered. This is absolutely ridiculous - people should be outraged by what the lobbyists are perpetuating. Sign the petition, promote it on Twitter and Facebook, and contact your Congress-monster to preserve your power to choose.

jk2014 | 23 giugno 2013

Signed and passed on to friends and family.