Pleasanton to Tejon Ranch

Pleasanton to Tejon Ranch

It's about 266 miles from where I live to the Tejon Ranch superchargers. Am wondering if i could range charge to 300 and make it by skipping Harris Ranch while still traveling around 70 mph without having to worry about drafting another vehicle.

anybody have experience or thoughts?

Roblab | 21 marzo 2013

Yeah, I have experience AND thoughts. I have driven 60K miles in a RAV4EV and 14K miles in my S. I know range driving requires smooooth, relaxed driving at slower speeds. If you can't do that, don't try for range.

Driving your scenario, you won't make it. You will get less than 265 EPA miles at 70 mph. You might make it at 65, but also might come up short. Try setting cruise at 60 and driving when not needing heat or cool.
Otherwise, stop for 20 minutes at Harris Ranch. Get another 60 -80 miles and drive faster.

Why would you choose to draft another vehicle? It is dangerous. Why not instead JUST SLOW DOWN, get more range, drive relaxed in the slow lane, and enjoy knowing you'll make it? You'll get farther than drafting, and be safer.

I don't understand how people feel that driving at 70 is a requirement, yet don't understand that it eats up range. if you are EVER going for range, SLOW DOWN! Why can't people get that?

Otherwise, for just running around, drive like a crazy person.

EVTripPlanner | 21 marzo 2013

it would be an exercise in restraint and a test of nerves. And you'd better hope that nothing goes awry...that said, it could be done (even if you had to drive 35 mph!)

See what my "route energy calculator" says it will be - you can tweak speed/HVAC a little. It seems to estimate a little conservatively (high) on longer trips, but it'll give you a good idea.

TeslaModelSOwner | 21 marzo 2013

ill stop by at harris ranch for 20 minutes just to be on the safe side

Hills | 21 marzo 2013

I don't think you will come close given the parameters.

BTW the 300mile you quote is ideal miles, not rated miles, not realistic miles.

DJay | 21 marzo 2013

Why would you want to sit for 4 hours even if you could make it. Harris Ranch is a nice break, the charge is quick, and by the end of this week they are suppose to have the new chargers so there is a much less chance you will not find a charger open. The benefit of the charge is you can drive 75, not 60. Also, keep in mind the last 20 miles or so to Tejon are slightly uphill, so you would need to slow down even more to make the range.

dortor | 21 marzo 2013

having just driving from Tejon to Gilroy on a range charge - I don't think you could make it - stop at Harris put some electrons in the battery, take a break, and then leave knowing you'll be able to make it.