Police Interceptor

Police Interceptor

I recently heard from a reliable source that a handful of police departments are talking to Telsa about a specially prepared Police Interceptor Model S.
Makes perfect sense for a handful of reasons:
- a lot of time spent sitting around but doesn't waste fuel
- moves like stink when you want it to
- 3G and other smart technology built in
- huge reduction in service costs

The question is... can Telsa make a version of the car at a cost that these departments can afford?

I'm not too sure about how I feel about this as a future owner (although many sports cars and otherwise luxury makes have been used by police in the past), but I do know that I will be investing in more Tesla stock. At this rate by the time I get delivery of the car I might be able to pay it off with my profits ;)

How would you feel about Model S as a police car or possible limo / taxi in the future?

Joshua Burstyn | 10 dicembre 2012

After all of the mods made to the standard Dodge Chargers, Crown Vics, etc I wouldn't be surprised if the cost delta for the Tesla was within the realm of possibilities.

As you said, you pay a bit more now and hopefully a lot less over time for a Tesla Model S. Could make justifying the Tesla easier!

riceuguy | 10 dicembre 2012

Not to mention silence makes creeping up on suspicious activity pretty easy!

dstiavnicky | 10 dicembre 2012

Good one RICEUGUY !
I didn't think of that... I love it!

TikiMan | 10 dicembre 2012

Makes perfect sense! The performance P85 could catch anything, and drive circles around it.

ArieK | 10 dicembre 2012

Cop cars tend to be in an awfull lot of fender benders statistically. With the all-aluminium body this could prove to be a big cost on a returning basis.
Maybe fit a bunch of rubber pads all around the car?

Timo | 10 dicembre 2012

Proper bumpers that are actually made for hitting things. Many police cars are already fitted with those.

BYT | 10 dicembre 2012

They also like to bounce the perps heads off the hoods, or is that just in the movies and TV shows?

Pungoteague_Dave | 10 dicembre 2012

I am a big fan of the car and will take delivery next month, but a police interceptor S is probably impractical for several reasons:

1) Patrol officers burn a lot of energy keeping the car warm/cool while sitting,

2) Officers run a lot of extra electrical vampires, including video, radar/laser, two-way radios and cell phone systems, and virtually all departments now have online laptop systems that suck a lot of watts...

3) Most police cruisers do multiple shifts per day and are 'on' nearly all the time - when would they be charged? An S isn't good for more than 4-5 hours, even in stealth standby mode, when everything is plugged in, turned on and waiting to go,

4) In my neck of the world, police don't drive below 75-80 mph, so they would either have to slow down to legal speeds, or have limited range,

5) The S has great acceleration but top speed isn't enough for police cruiser requirements (140-150 mph)

I could see a few departments using an S as a PR mule, perhaps with some grant support, but general police cruiser usage would have to wait for proven durability (we THINK these cars will hold up well, but police departments don't put new technology into service until it is proven). This is why BMW gives police departments one or two new motorcycles to use free of charge for comparison against what they already use - now there's an idea for Tesla marketing to consider...

ghillair | 10 dicembre 2012

They just put a supercharger at the donut shop and they always have a full charge.

Timo | 10 dicembre 2012


1 and 2 are minuscule draws compared to actually moving the car. Those really don't matter much.

3 - you need SC at police station.

4 - limited range is relative term. ICE cars that could compete with Model S don't actually go much further with one tank than Model S with full charge. Many of them actually have much shorter range because "full tank" is more a exception than a rule with ICE cars. In chase filling in is out of the question no matter how fast you could do it.

When not in alarm, I don't see any problem forcing cops to obey speed limits ;-P

5 - That can be fixed with changing gearing a bit longer. Model S Performance top speed is already 130mph, so increasing that to 150mph when car low speed acceleration is limited by traction more than power doesn't really affect acceleration that much. In fact it might even increase its high speed acceleration.

cprenzl | 10 dicembre 2012

A Model S would make a sick police car. With police cars putting on about 30k a year and with the chevy caprice getting about 18 mpg in 7 years the Model S would save about 46k the caprice comes in at about 32k. The Caprice: 0-60 5.1 seconds, trunk space: 17.4, speed limiter: 130 mph,
Cost: $32,305
Tesla Model S performance: 0-60 4.4 seconds, truck and frunk space: 31.6, speed limiter: 130 mph
Cost: $84,900 Cost with expected options, No carbon fiber(-1,200), no black leather(-1,500), 19 inch wheels(-3,000).... Barrier between passengers(1,000), Window bars(750), Trunk/passenger barrier(750). This brings the cost to: 82,200

Over 8 years Cost:
Caprice: 52.5K in gas
Tesla: 9,200k in electric
Tesla: $89,200
Difference: $4,400 not including oil changes, spark plugs, fuel filters, etc., almost double cargo space, faster aceleration, built in customizable user interface.

All Option prices are just estimates, A Tesla Model S PPV would be epic, It would not need to be a Performence but most likely a 85kwh battery pack.

olanmills | 10 dicembre 2012

I thin kthis would make a lot more sense with larger battery capacity and a cheaper overall car, even with the expected fuel and maintenance savings.

I agree though. The amount of time cop cars sit idling does waste a lot of gas and money.

caolivieri | 10 dicembre 2012



Brian H | 10 dicembre 2012

With the MS' passing speed, imagine a patrol car just materializing in front of you! Spooky.

BYT | 11 dicembre 2012

Special Model S fleet with 5 minute swappable 85kW batteries would do the trick perfectly.

And now that you mention all those devices they power in their cruisers, and no doubt use while driving? Why the hell do they dare give me a ticket for picking up my cell phone while at a stop light?? HYPOCRITICAL MUCH???

electricblue0303 | 12 dicembre 2012

cprenzl - good analysis. Although the Caprice avg. mpg of 18 seems almost high too me, given the beating the cars take (quick acceleration all the time).

Brian H | 12 dicembre 2012

Continuous online connectivity for police is far different than surfing and video-phoning and porn watching. And most police cars have 2 officers, so it's really passenger use in that case.

BYT | 12 dicembre 2012

Not around here, each officer tends to drive alone and is talking and on their PC while driving way above the posted speed limit (and there was a local news report on the recent escalation of accidents by the PD's).

Like in the old days when all the band members would share one microphone, now they each have to have their own... germaphobes?? :)

rnwalker | 12 dicembre 2012

Perhaps they could work with Indianapolis on this ...

ArieK | 12 dicembre 2012

If anyone on this forum has some time to spare and some decent Photoshop skills I would love to see a white Model S turned into a police cruiser. :-)

redders | 12 dicembre 2012

The lack of center console and cup holders is going to be a problem for the cops. Where are they going to store their donuts and coffee?

BYT | 12 dicembre 2012

Softauthor will hook them up? :)

cprenzl | 12 dicembre 2012

I was going to photos shop, but I have no photoshopping skills. So I traced the model s down and I am going to draw on that. I'll post when done.

Anthony H | 12 dicembre 2012
cprenzl | 12 dicembre 2012

Just imagining how many more times the police could be effective is spooky. A new thought is the software they could put on the Model S's displays. They could auto-detect license plates, view ongoing cases, large nav. to crime scenes, use night vision, and maybe even have radio built in. All because Tesla selected the best processor, The NVDIA Tegra automotive. What other amazing features can you imagine it could have?

dborn | 12 dicembre 2012

rocket launchers front and rear?

electricblue0303 | 12 dicembre 2012

That image is frickin' awesome! What cop wouldn't want to cruise around in that Bad**s Model S?

Brian H | 13 dicembre 2012

Electric handcuff restraints in the rear seat? Wired to the Latch points ...

ArieK | 13 dicembre 2012

Anthony H: That is one cool looking car! Thanks for the effort.
(On TMC it was already mentioned that in Germany they call it Polizei, and in Italy they call it Polizia)
This thing is going to sell like crazy. Every Sheriff with a little bit of budget left over will order one.

Vawlkus | 13 dicembre 2012

Ya know, this would actually cut down on the extra stuff cops would need to retrofit in. Laptop? When you've got a 17" touchscreen? With software tweaks they could control all the dectors from the touchscreen as well. Radio as well. With the battery swap & supercharges, power wouldn't be an issue. Between the trunk and the frunk they can haul enough gear to equip a frickin' platoon.

Definetly something to think on for later...........

gregv64 | 13 dicembre 2012

I did a quick and dirty more traditional version in the thread linked above.