Police investigate how a Porsche burst into flames

Police investigate how a Porsche burst into flames

Captain_Zap | 19 ottobre 2013

Now THAT is a fire!

shop | 19 ottobre 2013

Yeah I know - my nephew's hockey team bus caught on fire last week. Luckily no one was hurt. ICE fires happen all the time. Those engines run really hot, and they have all that flammable oil and gas around, sometimes leaking here and there...

carlk | 19 ottobre 2013

Will Porsche stock price drop 5% tomorrow?

July10Models | 20 ottobre 2013

"Spring Cycle" slow news day in the southern front.

Bikezion | 20 ottobre 2013

OTCMKTS: POAHF - Oct 18 11:57 AM ET
87.71+0.26 (0.30%)

Open 87.35
High 87.77
Low 87.35
Volume 45,758
Avg Vol 3,000
Mkt Cap 13.39B

Bikezion | 20 ottobre 2013
carlk | 20 ottobre 2013

@Bikezion Thanks for the info but you know I was posting sarcasm don't you? :O)

772 | 20 ottobre 2013

rolling gas bombs i tell ya :tinfoilhat:

Brian H | 20 ottobre 2013

That was an Audi R8; I guess it's as "hot" as a Porsche.

Bikezion | 20 ottobre 2013

Carlk yes, I just marked the price.
772 I have a natural gas car, if you want to see rolling gas bomb, look up what happens if one of those explode!
BrainH, yes that's what I was saying, it's not exclusive to Porsche. Or Ferrari.

When I was a kid I was in the back of our 1968 bug, I'm all "Mom the cars on fire!" She pulls over gets me and my brother out, gets back in and drives down the block to the GAS station to find a water hose.?.?.?.I thinking that's not good. I'm pretty sure after she hosed it out she come back over, picked us up, and we went about the day.

mortgagebruce | 20 ottobre 2013

I had a VW Bug in high school and it caught on fire under the back seat which is where the battery was a few different times. My best friend was driving it once while I was in the back pre-occupied with my girlfriend. He said, "hey, something is wrong with your car" and I looked up and noticed the headlights were dimming and then getting brighter. As I sat up I saw flames under us. That led to some great jokes and a story that's never died.

Bikezion | 20 ottobre 2013

Haha you really light her fire!
Ours was in the engine coming up over the rear window.

DonS | 21 ottobre 2013

A coworker was driving his 911 in city traffic. He kept smelling gas so he pulled over to check it out. A cracked fuel line was dumping fuel all over the engine. Luckily, it didn't hit anything hot enough to ignite, but it could have been very exciting.