Power folding mirrors do not open?

Power folding mirrors do not open?

On two occasions I've driven off in my Model S and discovered that the passenger-side power folding mirror did not "open" (return to the normal driving position.) I had to pull over, get out and lock the car and then unlock it. Then the mirror would open. I tried locking/unlocking using the display but that didn't work. Anyone else seen this?


DallasTxModelS | 26 gennaio 2014

Usually just pushing the center mirror control button will make them start working. No need to stop and get out. You will have to push it twice one to fold the driver mirror in and the second should open both out.

Joshua Burstyn | 26 gennaio 2014

Wish I had the power folding mirrors on my 'S.

Glad to hear they added the feature though.

wenright321 | 27 gennaio 2014

I've had this happen with the mirror on both sides (separate occasions). My solution has been the same - just push the centre mirror control button on the door - twice.

Hopefully Tesla will be able to download a fix for this problem so we don't need to push the door button but it doesn't happen real often (I've been driving my car 4 weeks and it happened twice).

JstACarGuy | 27 gennaio 2014

Same here. Happened only during extreme cold weather. Perhaps the mechanism froze?

g8orbob | 27 gennaio 2014

Same here - happened twice so far, including yesterday. Just pushed the control button twice and they opened.

ChopinBlues | 27 gennaio 2014

me too -- twice, once on each side in the first week, and not at all since then

chrisdl | 27 gennaio 2014

Power UN-folding mirrors will be available winter 2014 ;-) ... Baby steps, you know.

Tanchico | 27 gennaio 2014

Same; 3 times in 4 weeks, only the driver's side. Doesn't seem to be cold related, above freezing and in garage on one occassion and worked without issue even when iced up.

Gizmotoy | 27 gennaio 2014

That latest firmware that started pushing out Thursday has a fix for mirrors misbehaving. I was pushed a test fix by engineering a little over a month ago, and haven't had a single problem since. Watch for the update notification!

dlake | 27 gennaio 2014

I don't have my car yet, but it seems like one should need to manually unfold mirrors after folding them. When I pull into the garage, I want to fold the mirrors and not unfold them until I pull out of the garage.

wenright321 | 28 gennaio 2014

I just received the firmware update too. Tesla ownership team contacted my service centre who then emailed me to let me know they had heard about my mirror problem (they must have seen my post yesterday). I now have the firmware update downloading to my P85. Very cool that Tesla can fix minor problems remotely and that they are checking this board to see if there are problems that need solving. Excellent service.

Tiebreaker | 28 gennaio 2014

Any word about air suspension lowering in the latest firmware?

ausdma | 28 gennaio 2014

I had an issue where my passenger side mirror would not fold in even when I pressed the button in the door and also randomly lost it's setting while I was driving, which was not only annoying but also a safety issue. Tesla Service went in to high gear after I labeled it a safety issue and replaced the mirror and all seems well.

I have seen the issue where the mirror did not fold in (passenger side, never on the driver side), but now I can't remember if I've seen it since it was replaced.

Haven't seen the update yet.

carriekisker | 2 febbraio 2014

I got mine in late December and this has happened 4 or 5 times too. When can we expect software update?

Barbara | 21 maggio 2019

It's happened twice to me on my Model 3. Not fun.