Press Conference tomorrow Friday, 07/17/2015 at 11:00 AM PT

Press Conference tomorrow Friday, 07/17/2015 at 11:00 AM PT

Tesla does not say what it is about.

Are you going?

ronmerkord | 16 luglio 2015

I'd bet that this is just about their "Next Billion Miles" tour, which starts touring on July 17th. Don't get your hopes up for anything on the X.

See for more info on the tour.

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Juggernaut | 16 luglio 2015

Well, I do hope they at least say 'Anything' about the Model X. Would be cruel and unusual not to..

markphchorg | 16 luglio 2015

My vote is that it's the X - but I'll happily take any new wonder-tech product that betters our world! (and the stock :) )

sra | 16 luglio 2015

I hope it is about the X!! here is another confirmation of the press Conference:

vandacca | 17 luglio 2015

De ja vu? This sounds like the P85D announcement all over again...

clublon | 17 luglio 2015

According to Investor's Business Daily this is going to be a phone conference. Nothing to attend. Hopefully something about the X. There is certainly movement in the wind. Tesla is making calls to some on the waiting list for signature models. They are firming up their signature list and they would only be doing that when they are close to the launch. (I am on the wait list but have not received my call.)

dmital001 | 17 luglio 2015

Model x delay?

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aljjr2 | 17 luglio 2015

The Mashable article is speculative in so many ways. They have the Model X available in early 2016 -- speculating a reveal. We know that is incorrect. They indicate the possible release of the Model 3 prototype -- also incorrect. Since it's a conference call, it seems more likely The Second Billion Event kick-off. I would only suspect that Tesla will mention the X will become part of the Second Billion. Nothing more. The good news is on the TMC site there is another reservation holder upgraded to Sig X on July 14th. Things are on the move. :)

raffael s. | 17 luglio 2015

Not that I don't like a healthy pessimism, but I really don't think it needs a press conference to kick-off the Second Billion Mile event. What will Elon say? "Our customers drove 1 Billion Miles! Now they will start the second billion mile!" [electronic music] "Now? Any questions?"

grant10k | 17 luglio 2015

Yeah, I'd hate to be scooped by publicly available information.

If they wanted to disseminate more information about the event, they'd probably just release a press...release.

rpc8169 | 17 luglio 2015

Elon tweeted that it was related to Model S.

grant10k | 17 luglio 2015

Well, I suppose it's possible that he hit S instead of X on the keyboard, but I'm starting to lose hope that they are announcing Model X production has already started, and they've decided to give me a free one.

grant10k | 17 luglio 2015

Model S product call at 11 today. Rocket discussion at noon on Monday.

Thanks, rpc8169

Ankit Mishra | 17 luglio 2015

What about Model S? That was a very dry tweet from Elon. Rocket mishap effect? Maybe autopilot.

carlk | 17 luglio 2015

Model X performance will have the ludicrous mode with around 3s 0-60. Can you imagine the driver of a Ferrari shaken when sitting next to an SUV?

vperl | 17 luglio 2015

Larger battery pak... 90

aljjr2 | 17 luglio 2015

Well, it is after 11 AM west coast. Any "news"?

Gwgan | 17 luglio 2015

Halo car is faster but cooling and handling are the same.
Problematic contractors are improved.
Battery tech is improved and prepped for more improvement.
MX is on time, deliveries in September.
M3 timeline remains imprecise, deliveries late 2017
RWD is still a thing.

Tâm | 17 luglio 2015

Update according to:

1) "The ludicrous mode on the Model X hasn’t been set yet but will be around 3 seconds, Musk says."

2) "The 90 kWh is important for the Model X SUV, Musk says"

3) Model X is on track for deliveries starting in two months. "Our focus right now is the X, and getting that done.”

aljjr2 | 17 luglio 2015

The announcement: 90KW Battery. Ludicrous Mode (Insane too tame). 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Launch is faster than falling off a building.