Prieto Battery

Prieto Battery

Any thoughts regarding future application of Prieto battery, from Colorado State U to Tesla?

Brian H | 5 febbraio 2013

Generally, an excellent alternative. Of course, talking about 5 min. vs 6 hr charging assumes a power feed of elephantine proportions. A MW charging cable, anyone?

shop | 5 febbraio 2013

Looks interesting, but the company is still in the research stage, trying to close their second funding round. If they are successful (looks like 3 years away for commercial prototype) it would definitely be applicable to electric cars.

shop | 5 febbraio 2013

This probably isn't the place for an in depth technical discussion of the battery technology, but one problem I see is how robust the battery is to external vibration and shocks. I know that even in conventional lead acid batteries, one way of increasing energy density is to increase surface area, but that results in easily breakable plates, so there is a limit to how fine the structures can be with lead acid. Now comes this battery with structures that are really really fine.

nickjhowe | 5 febbraio 2013

@Brian - yeah. Filling an 85kWh battery in 5 min needs about a 1 MW. Assuming a 400V DC supply, that's just over 2,500 A. Not for the faint of heart.

This is the same issue you face with super capacitors.

Timo | 6 febbraio 2013

Instead of battery swapping apply two heavy rods to underneath of the car, one for positive and one for negative potential for DC. Use SpaceX Falcon docking system to align car to right position for charging.

Much easier than battery swapping, and definitely doable.

jat | 6 febbraio 2013

Note that when A123's batteries were at a similar state of development at MIT, that was about 5 years before they were available commercially at all.

negarholger | 6 febbraio 2013

Interesting concept to make a 3D battery. Currently it doesn't work well at room temperature, needs higher temperatures. Probably another 10-15 years before any mature poduct can be expected.

ghillair | 7 febbraio 2013

Here is an article published last month on 13 new battery companies to watch in 2013.

So it is a horse race to see who can get to the finish line first, and when they reach the 7/8 pole they may find Panosonic at the finish line already drinking champenge.

It is all very interesting, but probably none of them will have production ready product in time for GenIII. It might be something Tesla can use in Model S version 4 or 5.