Reverse not possible with my conventional ergonomic

Reverse not possible with my conventional ergonomic

When I go reverse, I always look back, I mean WAAAY back so that I can see more (right ,left, back, and DOWN the road...)

I need to overturn my body around which means my buttocks are no longer touching the seat any more, but my foot is still pressing on the accelerator or the brake.

However, the Model S would immediately "park" each and every time I do reverse my way because it wants to sense my buttocks all the time.

I thought this is perverse!

I propose that as long as there's pressure on either pedal (brake or accelerator), Model S should let me continue to reverse without sensing my buttocks.

Klaus | 12 gennaio 2013

I propose you learn new driving techniques since I seriously doubt Tesla is going to make that change. | 12 gennaio 2013

Yoga? :o)

jbunn | 12 gennaio 2013

The car was designed here for our much larger than average buttocks. Sorry about the fit problems.

Joyrider | 13 gennaio 2013

You should be able to accomplish nearly the same view with properly adjusted mirrors and the rear view camera. Though habits, even good ones, can be hard to break.

Brian H | 13 gennaio 2013

Pull/loosen the seat belt, but don't unbuckle. This prevents the "Park" response.

holidayday | 13 gennaio 2013

Wow, it's a very smart car!!

Now, you should glance backwards, but use the camera to view things behind you. It can see items *directly* behind the car that you sitting in the driver's seat cannot see.

Sure, if you're backing out of a parking space and need to see around a car, turn your head, but for items directly behind you, this is what that huge screen is for.

You have a 21st Century car! Use the 21st Century tools that it gives you!

prash.saka | 13 gennaio 2013

@Tam, even I do that, get almost off my seat to look back. The rear view mirrors and the camera compliment my vision. For me, they are in no way a substitute for not looking back. The camera has no peripheral vision and hence, can't show what's happening just outside its view. It is important to look back, especially when backing into a street or out of a closed garage.

By the way, I was able to reverse the car without any issue when I took the test drive. I might have not completely gotten off the seat though. Are you sure it is because of you being not seated? Or is there something else, like your seat belt is unbuckled?

~ Prash.

cpetrush | 13 gennaio 2013

I really hope the fastened seatbelt prevents this going into park problem. Sometimes while driving on the freeway my husband will need to get wallet from pocket, thus fully removing his butt from the seat. What happens when you're doing 70 and the car goes into park???

tork | 13 gennaio 2013

Sine this has been brought up a couple of times already, its already been confirmed that that does not happen

Brian H | 13 gennaio 2013


cpetrush | 13 gennaio 2013

Got it. Thanks. Must reprogram spouse.

Sudre_ | 13 gennaio 2013

I am surprised the car will go without the seat belt on considering it is law in most states and the five start crash test rating.

Brian H | 13 gennaio 2013

?? You misunderstand. It will NOT go without the seatbelt on. It PARKs. That's the issue here.

nickjhowe | 13 gennaio 2013

Might be misunderstanding here, but you CAN drive the car without the seat belts buckled. Did it yesterday. Was driving around my neighborhood testing something.

Brian H | 13 gennaio 2013

Yeah, I guess it's one or the other. If you lift your butt from the seat while unbuckled and driving at speed, be prepared for a sudden, damaging STOP/PARK response.

cpetrush | 13 gennaio 2013

Ohhhh, not good.not good at all. Must remain buckled at all times lest butt become unintentionally lifted. Correct?

nickjhowe | 13 gennaio 2013

So I just went and tested this. At 10, 20, and 30 mph forward, and at 15mph backwards, buckled and unbuckled the car does NOT do anything when you lift your butt from the seat.

Sudre_ | 13 gennaio 2013

I guess it's now a matter of which software update Tam has versus nickjhowe.
Seems like to conflicting stories.

nickjhowe | 13 gennaio 2013

I'm on 4.0

jjaeger | 13 gennaio 2013

nickjhowe - so you're saying all this forum fear was for not - and here I thought the car would o cart wheels and flip me down the road when I lifted my tookus out of the seat to get my wallet. So disappointed...

David Trushin | 13 gennaio 2013

I know that we are not to believe the reps at the store, but when I asked about this, I was told that if you either have your foot on the brake or on the accelerator, the car will not stop during butt lifts. If you have creep on, it is reasonable to have foot on neither. However, When I'm backing, I usually have my foot on the brake.

Timo | 13 gennaio 2013

@nickjhowe, how fast is the threshold where car goes on park in reverse? 15mph is quite fast if you are navigating yourself out of the mall parking space or similar. If 15mph is minimum where it doesn't go to park, then that would be consistent with OP description.

BTW, is the reverse camera view a mirror image? If not I would have really tough time adjusting my brains to it.

nickjhowe | 13 gennaio 2013

I could not get the car to go into park while driving under any condition.

Timo | 13 gennaio 2013

How about starting from stop (you turn to look, and then start backing up)?

jat | 13 gennaio 2013

@Timo - yes, the rear-view camera is mirrored.

AaronX | 13 gennaio 2013

Maybe you should not drive at all. For the sake of all that is Model S and holy, please don't drive your car. I'm actually worried for your safety in any vehicle.

Robert22 | 13 gennaio 2013

Radar trap ticket evasion strategy:

1. Listen for alert tone on radar detector.
2. Immediately remove foot from accelerator and lift a** from seat.
3. Parking brake engages reducing speed from 75 to 55 "promptly".
4. Note actuation of seatbelt pre-tensioners.
5. Reapply foot to accelerator.
6. Tracking history blown or "I'll get the next one".

Tâm | 13 gennaio 2013

Robert22: Very nice buttock-equipped Speed Ticket Evasion system :)

jbunn: Good news that I don't have to go for Butt Implants any more :)

Brian H: What a genius solution! I've been taken the seat belt off for my acrobatic maneuver so it would "park" immediately if it cannot sense a derrière. Now that I keep my seat belt on all the time, no derrière needed! I could do reverse Gangnam style if I want!

Cpetrush: As mentioned above, I tested with seat belt on and buttockless is no longer a problem for both "drive" and "reverse."

Thanks every one. With this great looking and sexy Tesla Model S, may I bring this buttock obsession to a close :)

nickjhowe | 19 gennaio 2013

BTW - tested tonight - the car will not go more than 15 mph in reverse. v4.2 software

Tâm | 19 gennaio 2013

Thanks for sharing Nick. I was just wondering how come there's no Guinness World Records on Tesla Model S reverse speed so far.

Anyway, Congratulations! Sounds like you are the first Model S driver who drives reverse at a highest speed recorded so far!

Wayne3 | 19 gennaio 2013

Managed to locate this video of nickjhowe in action.

nickjhowe | 19 gennaio 2013

Thx @Tam! There's a 'Tesla Firsts' thread somewhere. Maybe I should be on it. :-)

Brian H | 19 gennaio 2013

Backwards To The Future!