Roadster Sports For Sale

Roadster Sports For Sale

Does anyone know of any Sports Models for sale or where I can go to look for one?

Brian H | 22 luglio 2012

Here are a 2010 and 2011: Roadster Sports.

deborahreich | 7 dicembre 2012

I have a 2009 black Tesla roadster for sale in NY with only 489 miles, has received all updates, garaged and covered. Have faster charger

brujay1 | 26 dicembre 2012


Did you sell it?

Christina04 | 31 dicembre 2012

Wow.........what a vehicle? Amazing model.It's a awesome for sports.This forum is only for sale Roadster.

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Christina04 | 31 dicembre 2012

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mitchel.kramer | 20 gennaio 2013

Did Deborah sell it? I am interested in a black black roadster to buy with one speed transmission.

mdediu | 4 febbraio 2013

I have for sale a 2008 Tesla Roadster 2dr Conv.
Exterior Color:silver
Interior Color:black

Please let me know if anyone interested.

Benz | 4 febbraio 2013

Could you contact me by e-mail?

Brian H | 4 febbraio 2013

All Roadsters have one-speed gearboxes; the ones previously made with two were recalled and updated (they had been limited to running in 2nd gear in any case).

teddyg | 5 febbraio 2013

Anyone selling a RHD Roadster Sport close to Australia/New Zealand if possible? How much?

Brian H | 5 febbraio 2013

How many wrong-hand drive Roadsters were ever made? I don't recall every seeing a number.

teddyg | 5 febbraio 2013

Hmm your right...forget it...I'll also take a "non-sport" if any available...I guess it will have to be from Australia as I don't think Japan runs on the same grid type nor does the UK.

SuperVettura | 13 aprile 2013

Not sure if your still looking but we have a very nice Roadster Signature Sport - Right Hand Drive for sale...



jordanthompson | 7 maggio 2013

I have a brilliant yellow 2010 Sport with the hard-top backup camera and HID headlights in excellent condition with 14,000 miles that I am thinking about selling. Its in Melbourne, Florida.

StuartK | 9 settembre 2013

I have a 2008 I am thinking about selling. Radiant Red with black leather interior and premium electronics package, adjustable suspension, sound kit, 220v and 120v cable, hardtop. 77,000 miles. Battery and PEM have been replaced. 230 miles of ideal range compared to new spec of 236. Has been garage kept both at home and work. Located in Cincinnati Ohio. If interested contact me through this forum.

JanM | 9 settembre 2013

I have a 2008 Red Roadster for sale, with beige upholstery. Production number 382. It has the original gear stick shift. Premium sound kit, 220 and 120 volt cable, soft top, about 25K miles.
Located in the Los Angeles area. Excellent condition.
If interested then contact me on