Is Romney anti-Tesla?

Is Romney anti-Tesla?

In tonight's debate (10/22/23) Romney said the Government investing in Tesla, amongst a few other companies, is not a good way to create American jobs. Is he anti-Tesla? And should we worry about losing the EV tax credit for 2013 and beyond if he is elected? I am not trying to flame or campaign, just trying to get a clear understanding on what a Romney administration might mean to Tesla.

mrspaghetti | 28 ottobre 2012


You must be really old if you can remember prohibition.

But seriously, if you define "dependent"as broadly as you are in your post, then everyone and everything is dependent on govt.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 28 ottobre 2012

Romney is against Tesla. After years of getting his pockets greased by big oil, he has no like for an Electric car that is a game-changer and eleminates a huge portion of his back room income.

Brant | 28 ottobre 2012

Oh no! Another lefty conspiracy theory for mrs phaget to ridicule without providing evidence to the contrary

m67tesla | 28 ottobre 2012

It's Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors in 2010 all over again.
Tesla is way worse receiving riddance than Chrysler, Ford, and GM. Tesla has a lot of potential, don't do a bad thing like that to a potent company.
Let's just hope he doesn't do that, or doesn't become president. Remember watching "L.A. to Vegas in One Charge? Tesla Model S Road Trip! - Wide Open Throttle Episode 31", Frank Marcus said that the fortune cookie said, "If your desires are not extravagant it will be granted" getting rid of a company that makes cars that go on the web, that can be updated, that doesn't use a key to start nor a button, a sedan with 7-seats, and a car that get's to 60 in 4.4 seconds while weighing more than 4,600 pounds is more than extravagant.

mrspaghetti | 29 ottobre 2012


"mrs phaget"? Maybe you need sensitivity training. Do you have an irrational fear of gay people that leads you to want to ridicule them?

And counter-evidence is not needed to ridicule wacky conspiracy theories as far as I'm concerned, since they are themselves based on tenuous evidence at best. That goes for right- or left-wing types, by the way.

Brian H | 29 ottobre 2012

Tesla is more or less 'safe', since it has a contract and is meeting the milestones and check points, maybe even surpassing them. That says nothing about the purchase incentives, of course.

As Elon has often said, stripping away all supports and environmental considerations, the Model S is/must be a good enough value and product to not just make it, but make a game-changing and brain-changing impression on the market.

People are going to buy hundreds of thousands and millions of Tesla products because they're better.

Brian H | 29 ottobre 2012
Tâm | 29 ottobre 2012

Interesting! For those who deny that Romney is Anti-Tesla, the article suggests that “the earnings move is the result of Romney's attacks.”

I am not sure how Tesla could dodge further attacks with this move.

Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal by Cromwell Schubarth, Senior Technology Reporter- Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal
Date: Monday, October 29, 2012, 11:46am PDT - Last Modified: Monday, October 29, 2012, 1:40pm PDT

Tesla CEO Elon Musk moved up his company's earnings report to the beginning of the day on Nov. 5 instead of the end of the day. The company said the move is being made due to the U.S. election the next day.

Tesla Motors, which has been the focus of presidential politics in recent weeks, rescheduled its earnings announcement on Monday to give it a full news cycle before U.S. voting begins on Nov. 6.
Instead of reporting results and hosting a Q&A session with analysts after markets close on Nov. 5, the Palo Alto electric car company will now post before the market opens that day.
Republican candidate Mitt Romney has lumped Tesla in with Fremont's failed solar power company Solyndra in attacks on Pres. Barack Obama's alternative energy strategy.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has objected to those attacks, saying his company got a low interest loan guarantee from the government that it is on schedule to repay early.

Tesla spokesman Jeff Evanson acknowledged that the earnings move is the result of Romney's attacks, but added, "There isn't any news that will be relevant to the election in the earnings announcement."

He said that pushing the earnings up to the beginning of the day from the end was as much distance from the start of voting as the company could manage.

Analysts project that Tesla will post an increased loss of 90 cents a share for the quarter that ended Sept. 30, compared to a loss of 55 cents a share a year ago. That is attributed to its continued shift away from selling its original Roadsters to selling a new line of electric sedans that it is assembling in a the former New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant in Fremont that was once operated by Toyota and General Motors.

Revenue is expected to be down to $47.5 million from $57.7 million a year ago.

Brian H | 30 ottobre 2012

That cartoon is really retarded.
Global warming stopped long ago (late 20th century).
Fossil fuel and CO2 had nothing to do with it.
Such warming as there has been has been a gentle and benign 0.6°C/century rebound from the low point of the Little Ice Age (to which you do NOT want to return, believe me!)

Pray that warming resumes. The alternative will be miserable and expensive.

evanstumpges | 30 ottobre 2012
Volker.Berlin | 30 ottobre 2012

evanstumpges, don't even try. A long discussion will entail that entirely hijacks this thread and will not get anybody anywhere. I warned you.

Steve841 | 30 ottobre 2012

If you have more than 1 child, you are the cause of global warming.

MB3 | 30 ottobre 2012

Let's just get back to deciding whether the earth is flat. | 30 ottobre 2012

@Volker +1

Captain_Zap | 30 ottobre 2012

...And that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana-shaped.

murraypetera | 1 novembre 2012

May the LDS lord help us if he gets into office.

Ignorance may be bliss but some people are just misguided.

Timo | 1 novembre 2012

Ignorance is bliss to one being ignorant, to everybody else that is major pain in the *ss.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 14 dicembre 2013

Anyone who would quote an article with quotes from Lyan Ryan, certainly doesn't live in Lyan Ryan's home-town where averyone knows that Lyan Ryan has lived on the DOLE his entire life, even while at the university. Lyan Ryan knows nothing about work, the economy, or finances other than how to get "his" from your tax dollars.

lolachampcar | 15 dicembre 2013

Romney who?????

I got an idea. Let's hire an investment banker to run the country :)

stevenmaifert | 15 dicembre 2013

Nah! Let's stick with the community organizer currently running it... Period!

lolachampcar | 15 dicembre 2013

I really wish we could upgrade the image and pay scale for professional bureaucrats such that we could attract and keep talent. Let the winners of the popularity contest set the tone but let professionals run a functional show.

shop | 15 dicembre 2013

@lola - we have that system, its called the private market economy. Interestingly, people tend to complain about the payscales required to keep top talent in the private market. Also, politicians keep on taking over more and more of the economy away from the private sector.

jbunn | 16 dicembre 2013


I think you missed the point. A not-for-profit runs an effort at a much lower price than a for-profit enterprise. The reason should be apparent in the terms.

And if you look at private vs public sector growth since the recovery these last few years, public sector employment is declining, not growing.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16 dicembre 2013

+1 Shop

We don't need smarter bureaucrats we need fewer bureaucrats.

Profit is the measure of success. Everything good in my life comes from profit motivated people. Can't think of anything useful in my life that comes from a nonprofit. Everything that comes from government beyond basic safety services is painfully ineffective.

I challenge you to look around the space you are in right now and find something to touch that came from government or a non profit. People are so naive about how much of their world only exists because someone busted their butt to create something you wanted so they could make a profit.

Two Tesla's sitting in my garage are wonderful because the company had to make them perfect so I would buy them and they could make a profit.

I love people trying to make a profit. They bust their tail to make me happy. Government just confiscates my money and craps it away in a way that makes them happy and buys loyal sheep for the next election.

carlk | 16 dicembre 2013

@shop I'll just use one of the most popular topics now, medical insurance, to show you government can be as efficient if not more so than private "free market" enterprises. Average overhead of all US insurance companies is about 20%. Medicare overhead is 6% and some argue the cost for government portion is only 1%. The CEO's who are not responsible to the voters may not be as nice to you as you might think.

jai9001 | 16 dicembre 2013
jai9001 | 16 dicembre 2013

US government employment as a percentage of US population is shown in the graph above.

The accusation that the public sector is growing the number of bureaucrats overtaking the private economy is not supported by the data.

jbunn | 16 dicembre 2013


The two Teslas in your garage are there in part because of a government loan, and made more affordable by tax incentives. You power them on an electrical grid, and drive them on roads created by the government. The navigation system your cars use get data from satellites put into orbit by the government, basic research funded by NASA. Same with your weather forecast. The fact that we can have this conversation right now is due to the government's pioneering work to fund the internet backbone.

Lots of things come from people collectively coming together and working toward a more perfect union. If you can't find them on your own, pointing them out won't help you.

jbunn | 16 dicembre 2013

On another thread, some folks were chatting about interest rates from credit unions. A couple of us have 1.49% loans from PenFed and Alliant.

What by the way was the lowest interest rate anyone got from a commercial bank? Just curious about how the "for profit" thing has been working out....

Mel. | 16 ottobre 2014

Since the forum went into a time warp, a look at these threads is looking at a time when we were a little more.

Captain_Zap | 16 ottobre 2014

...More like a small community in our own little corner of the Internet universe. Just hidden away...

Mike83 | 16 ottobre 2014

Who is Romney? ;-)

sbeggs | 16 ottobre 2014

I guess it didn't mean anything to Tesla.

renwo S alset | 16 ottobre 2014

I'm a member of the 47%!

Pilot_51 @US-MI | 16 ottobre 2014

I'm in the 1%! (voted third party)

I was an occasional lurker back then and didn't actually post until ordering my car in April. This brings back some... uh... somewhat vague memories of the threads I stumbled into.

Mel. | 17 ottobre 2014


You might be in the majority of Tesla owners . Many on this forum sound like third party voters.

Julian Hakes | 17 ottobre 2014

55 million views - say no more:)

sbeggs | 17 ottobre 2014

55,000,001 and counting. Hysterical!

FREE ENERGY | 17 ottobre 2014

From the start, he's always hated Tesla

lolachampcar | 17 ottobre 2014

Not him again.
If he is back then Mr. 1, 2, oh, I forget is going to re-appear.

renwo S alset | 17 ottobre 2014

My motto is vote early and vote often. Republicans hate me.

Pungoteague_Dave | 19 ottobre 2014

Mitt is not anti Tesla at all. He just prefers the market to support products, not government. Even there he has a nuanced view. His San Diego based (LaJolla) son owns a MS and Mitt loves to drive it. As Tesla owners, have we learned nothing about media stereotypes?

Bighorn | 19 ottobre 2014

I think him lumping in Tesla as a "loser" probably didn't help those perceptions.

Bighorn | 19 ottobre 2014

Rick Perry on the other hand...

And why is this on the Model S board?!