Rumored supercharger locations

Rumored supercharger locations

Hey just wanted to make a clear forum one where some rumored superchargers are being set up!
Please add source!

drp | 3 marzo 2013


No not at all why? Did I accidentally flagged your post as inappropriate or something? Sorry if that happened. Sometimes when I scroll the page I hit that spot twice and it accidentally does that. I have never flagged anything inappropriate intentionally. Or was there something else that I said?

djm12 | 3 marzo 2013 good rumors lately? We need some good scouts out there!

kenliles | 3 marzo 2013

Here's what Elon just said on
"We're also establishing superchargers in the Seattle area, the Dallas-Houston corridor, Chicago, Florida"

Page 3

Crow | 3 marzo 2013

Vail, CO. The scout team took the demo car from the Denver store up to scout a certain location in Vail.

prints-r | 3 marzo 2013

I would like to drive from New Mexico to Maine.. any chance I can do it in fewer than 10 days ??? WHERE are there superchargers ?? driving 300 miles a day is not exactly a reasonable cross country trip.. with a dog in the car..
Is there a solution ??

Brian H | 3 marzo 2013

"no announced stations?" Kingston is a station. It is announced. So "no" is false. QED.

drp | 3 marzo 2013

Sorry about that. I missed the post.

EJH | 4 marzo 2013

Brian H

Thank you.

Pungoteague_Dave | 4 marzo 2013

The last station opened on December 21, so nothing in 2.5 months. TM has nine open since September, nearly six months in process, and needs to open that many every month this year, including March, in order to meet its 2013 target. Want to start an over/under pool?

Brian H | 4 marzo 2013

Silly assumption, that the openings will be spread evenly throughout the period. Obviously the preparatory approval-application work will take up most of the time, up front. The construction cycle is relatively short and painless, and hence openings will cluster at the end of the period.

Elon listed a number of areas where many openings were imminent, though. Patience, grasshoppers.

Electron | 4 marzo 2013

@Brian - exactly. One should assume the time between proposal and approval is fixed and several months long and they probably started the process on their first wave all at the same time. I would expect a big burst of installations toward the end of the year.

Tesla303 | 4 marzo 2013

@Crow...Did the scout team make it to Vail and back on one charge?

aliljet | 8 marzo 2013

Any news on new superchargers along the eastern seaboard? I'm especially interested in locations that might make travel between the Reserach Triangle in NC and Washington, DC convenient.

Jr4488 | 20 marzo 2013

I was at Harris Ranch last weekend. They are currently installing six additional SCs. The manager there said they will be operational in a couple of weeks...


docdac | 21 marzo 2013

A supercharger near Madison, WI would allow travel between Mps/StPaul/Rochester and Chicago and/or Milwaukee!

riceuguy | 21 marzo 2013

Just a reminder that this thread is not intended for where there should be superchargers or where we hope they'll be; there are other threads for that. This is for rumored locations...

gregv64 | 21 marzo 2013

Well, not a rumor, but from the latest George B blog entry:

We will be adding Supercharger coverage in many areas over the next three to four months, installing our first Superchargers in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Illinois, and Florida with additional coverage in the Northeast and California.

DTsea | 21 marzo 2013

Note 'Pacific Northwest' not 'Seattle.' Since there are Roadster chargers in Centralia and Ellensburg those seem like obvious, easy locations.

Of course if we had a CHADEMO adapter, in WA state the superchargers would be less relevant as the State has put CHADEMO stations all along the main routes for Leaf owners. 'Green Highway.' They are free too, at least for now. Bellingham, Mt Vernon, etc.

dortor | 21 marzo 2013

Question on CHADEMO - are they as fast as Superchargers?

DTsea | 21 marzo 2013

ChaDemo is 50 kW. So not nearly as fast. But for a 60 kWh car arriving with 1/4 charge left (150 mile drive) that is still less than an hour. Tolerable dinner stop. More realistically, if you want to top off (like a Leaf) every couple hours (100 miles) then it would take half an hour. Not as good as a Supercharger.... but there are more of them. It's still about 7 times as fast as a J1772.

Brian H | 21 marzo 2013

A GB letter that uses real numbers! (3-4 months). Is that a first? ;)

SamO | 21 marzo 2013

@Brian H,

Yes. If you recall in the Norway video, George is the one trying to get Elon to stop promising things. If George says 3-4 months, this seems promising.

Brian H | 21 marzo 2013

He also points out the new Tesla Service page content:
"our new Tesla Service webpage that went live last week. This new page provides a more in-depth look at what’s included in Tesla Service, our prepaid Model S service plans, and a new tire and wheel road hazard program."

bsimoes | 7 aprile 2013

I wonder if, when the announcement comes, we will be told actual locations or even city/town locations. I hope that there is a plan that is released: in three months, six months, etc., this is where and how many Superchargers we expect to build.

negarholger | 7 aprile 2013

@bsimoes - the plan was published Sep 25, 2012. Next announcement is a status update.

Brian H | 7 aprile 2013

I doubt specific locations will be revealed before opening day(s).

BTW, seems the Harris upgrade is now operational; all units "go".

Earl and Nagin ... | 7 aprile 2013

I can't blame Tesla for not publishing expected dates. They can put the stations in but it is impossible to estimate how long the red tape will take to cut through.
I've been driving EVs for 10 years now, wishing there were superchargers. A few more months to a couple of years is nothing.

JDPink | 8 aprile 2013

When I picked up my S on 3/30 they told me that one was being installed in Oxnard, CA and that it should be open by mid June. It's in between LA & Santa Barbara as well as being on/near PCH. My DS didn't give me the exact location but I assume it's going to be at the outlet mall on Rose Ave.

bsimoes | 8 aprile 2013

I've seen the map with the "thought bubble" around it, but I thought that Elon had said that it was just a mock-up of the artist who made it and not where actual Superchargers were going.

drp | 8 aprile 2013

I have a feeeeeeeeling there is something in the wind in time for fireworks....

negarholger | 8 aprile 2013

@bsimoes - this was a plan only and for sure doesn't show you the exact final locations... TM is finding the actual locations now. But it gives you a good idea what TM is planning and a rough time frame.
Also they said that the SC will deployed according to the actual car density. So expect both coasts to see most activity this year and going inland next year.

Eman | 8 aprile 2013

I actually spoke with the man in charge of the Milford CT location while I was charging up there.
I forget his name, but he manages and supervises that entire rest stop and mentioned that Tesla is going to put another station up in Greenwich, CT near route 15 or 95.

riceuguy | 8 aprile 2013

@kleist...don't forget Texas, which is both high density and already announced!

lph | 8 aprile 2013

Why does not Tesla just give maps of where they are proposed, under design permit review and another under construction but not open yet, along with the current open supercharger stations. This will be good advertising but won't commit Tesla to dates. | 8 aprile 2013

While it might be nice to have some advance notice, I suspect Tesla is concerned about damage/theft while the installation is going on, and/or avoiding making expectations of quick activations that could get hung up for many reasons outside their control. A few issues I can think of include permits, signage, lane markings, final approvals, and electric company issues. Lots of bureaucracy at many levels all have to come together to make these work.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 aprile 2013

In the real estate business (the key to the SC network - location, location, location) you NEVER telegraph intended locations - the minute TM announces "we expect to install a SC in X location," guess what happens to land rents/values in X location? They double. mNo way will or can TM preannounce SC locations.

diegoPasadena | 8 aprile 2013

I don't know if this is old news, but it was new to me:
Yesterday I stopped at the Hawthorne Supercharger and a friendly Tesla employee happened to be there with his family. The showroom was closed - it was Sunday after all -, but he opened the door for some of us Model S drivers, who were charging at the time, to look at the Model X prototype, and he showed us a map that had Supercharger locations drawn in, some of which I hadn't heard about: Along with the red dots of the existing ones, there were about six or seven grey dots on the California map. I'm sorry not to have registered the ones in Northern California - there were three, I think, and perhaps one in the direction of Lake Tahoe, don't quote me - but I did note a grey dot in San Diego and one that looked to be just on the Nevada side of the California/Nevada border on the I15 to Las Vegas, pretty much the locations those of us in the South have been clamoring for.
One more time, Tesla proves that they listen.

shop | 8 aprile 2013

Great stuff, but do tell, what did you learn about the model x prototype?

Brian H | 8 aprile 2013



Flex | 8 aprile 2013

Just came back from Vegas this morning and stopped in Barstow. Only one charger was available since they were breaking ground for two more supercharges per the people working on site.

djm12 | 9 aprile 2013

List so far - more scouting needed:

Primm/Jean, NV (appears likely - multiple reports)
San Deigo, CA (Rumor based on an Internal Tesla map)
Lake Tahoe, CA (Rumor based on an internal Tesla map)
Greenwhich, CT (Word of mouth, reststop employee)
Oxnard, CA (Work of mouth, Tesla DS)
Vail, CO (Word of mouth from a Tesla site survey team)
Bloomington, IL (Word of mouth, non-employee)
Kingman, AZ (Word of mouth, Tesla employee)
Blythe, AZ (Word of mouth, Tesla employee)
Yuma, AZ (Word of mouth, Tesla employee)
Kingston, CN (Physcial sighting)
Centralia, WA (Rumor - current Roadster site)
Ellensburg, WA (Rumor - current Roadster site)
Dallas-Houston, TX (Elon)
Chicago, IL (Elon)
Somewhere in Florida (Elon)

shop | 9 aprile 2013

I'll bet you we could narrow down possibilities - let's see, near a major freeway, where there is enough space to add 10 parking spaces, very close to food/bathrooms...

David M. | 9 aprile 2013

I can't believe that nobody has any info on Florida SC locations. Florida was announced as being in the 3 - 4 month timeframe. We know where the first few need to be, but that's not the purpose of this thread. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

djm12 | 9 aprile 2013

Need secret agent man to ask around at the Dania store.

shop | 24 aprile 2013

Well, this article:
says there is a supercharger 40 miles from Encinitas, CA.

Right now, there isn't - the closest is in Los Angeles at the SpaceX facility.

So might this refer to a yet unannounced location? 40 miles from Encinitas would put it pretty much at Camp Pendleton (ie. in the middle of nowhere - no pitstop close by), or in downtown San Diego.

surfside | 24 aprile 2013

i was at the barstow supercharger location this weekend (they were turning on outlets three and four while i was there); the tesla representative indicated that there are supposed to be 15-20 new supercharger locations in completed in the next three months.

i asked if he had any sense for where they would be (including probing specifically about a charger between los angeles and san diego, as that is the primary one i'm hoping/waiting for), but he didn't know any details aside from what elon has already announced.


shop | 24 aprile 2013

Based on what I've heard, I'm pretty confident that LA <-> San Diego will be handled, but it probably won't be in the next couple of months, but hopefully by end of year.

mpottinger | 25 aprile 2013

I live in Denver. If they build out Vail, I will immediately send my money in to activate SCing on my car. Build out the drive to Santa Fe and my car charging life will be complete.

cprenzl | 6 maggio 2013

confirmed by town of Normal, that their will be 10 superchargers in BLoomington/Normal IL

Brian H | 6 maggio 2013

Normally I'd believe you, but ...