San Diego Tesla Club?

San Diego Tesla Club?

Hi, is there a Tesla owners club in San Diego? Does anyone know of a reputable auto tinting in San Diego, Miramar, Mira Mesa region? Living Socials is running a deal for Oasis Auto Tinting for 5 windows for $130. There are mixed reviews about this place. The deal was to get you in and they try to sell you upgrades. I appreciate any recommendations.

vincesla | 1 agosto 2013

Send a message to David Guggenheim and he'll add you to the club! We've recently done tinting our car windows. I'm sure David will send you the information.

SVOrchid | 1 agosto 2013

Thanks vincesla. How do I send a message to David? How do I also create user name instead of having my email address showing here? Thanks.

Tâm | 1 agosto 2013


1) I drive to UCSD several times but I live near live Little Saigon in Orange County but for you, I googled and found David Guggenheim's e-mail address:

2) How about go to your Profile page and create a user name (where it says "Username"

Good luck and keep us posted.

SVOrchid | 1 agosto 2013

Tam, Thank you so much for the information!

Brian H | 2 agosto 2013

Have a look; all your old posts should now be updated with the new username, too.

KOL2000 | 2 agosto 2013

sdtint in Sorrento valley did mine a few months ago. Amazing job and they had done 20+ teslas before mine so they know what they are doing.

highly recommended!