Shocks: air suspension or standard?

Shocks: air suspension or standard?

Last weekend I went to test drive p85+. For me, Suspension is too hard. If u test both air suspension n standard, could u tell me which is more soft? There is no difference? Or change 21 to 19 will solve the problem? I'm totally fine with specs of S85 or P85 or P85+. I do care abt ride comfort only.

Tâm | 2 marzo 2014

If you want comfort, quietness, smoothness, then do 2 things:

1) 19" tire
2) Air suspension

It's a subjective thing. Not all could see the difference, but it bothers me enough to do the above 2 things.

J.T. | 3 marzo 2014

@Tam Your response here is perfect for my wiki.

Dnbigd | 3 marzo 2014

I chose standard suspension and 19" wheels for a little firmer and hopefully sportier ride. It's just a matter of the type of ride you like. Some say they can't tell much difference.

Brian H | 3 marzo 2014

For comfort, air and 19" is the best combo. The 19" also gives superior wear and the widest selection of tires, especially snow tires.

mallynb | 3 marzo 2014

Harsh ride on test drive in p-85 with air, wheels/tires unknown. Harsh ride on our 60 with 19's. No noticeable difference in ride. Both harsh! Glad I didn't spend the money for air. Great car otherwise.

Sleeper | 3 marzo 2014

I really like the air suspension for the height adjustment options.