Shorties, please wake up and accept the facts

Shorties, please wake up and accept the facts

Better quality and increasing prices in addition to strong reservationsnumbers means more profit and more brand value!

I think, the price increases will be in:
1. The basemodels will have something less
2. The top model s performance will get more range/top speed

The cross margin for the cheaper cars maybe can not be 25%.
What do You think?

Whity Whiteman | 23 novembre 2012

... actual reservations rate per day is around 90. That alone means more than 30000 reservations per Year... and this rate will increase dramatically in the near future!

Joshua Burstyn | 23 novembre 2012

Unfortunately for the rate of reservations to keep up Tesla must execute perfectly and have few if any recalls.

I believe in Tesla but there are still significant risks. Then again, not many people bet against Elon. :)

Volker.Berlin | 23 novembre 2012

Jewsh, still surprisingly many, I'd say. ;-)

jerry3 | 23 novembre 2012

Jewsh -- Then again, not many people bet against Elon

I think you mean "Not many people bet against Elon and get rich from doing so."

Brian H | 23 novembre 2012

The margin can be whatever people will pay. That depends crucially on the competition, or what is perceived to be a virtually equivalent choice. So far, that's a few German brands, mid to upper range.

It's going to be fascinating to see what the market treats as "equivalent".