Sig Sold out, last 50 reservations check in here.

Sig Sold out, last 50 reservations check in here.

Just got my number. Its 1015. I am in USA. Anyone higher??

gagliardilou | 6 gennaio 2012

Just got off the phone with a representative from Tesla. They decided to not collapse the list and just add to it. In other words, I am number 1015 meaning that at least 15 people have dropped their sig reservation or have changed it to P. The gentleman said the highest number he saw was 1019 but there may be some higher. I just slipped in and got the sig reservation by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

larsso | 6 gennaio 2012

OK, I am 1017. I would happily trade for 17!

Brian H | 6 gennaio 2012

Yeah, I can see why. There could end up being dozens of people who shared the later #s if the list was collapsed with every cancellation, switch, etc. You'd need to be a computer, with a very conscientious data entry clerk, to keep up!

andrewmfallon | 6 gennaio 2012

I'm 998 and got in late January 4th.

phb | 6 gennaio 2012

If 1019 is the highest does it mean that only 19 Signature reservation holders have either dropped or downgraded? If so, that's a remarkable retention rate. I do expect that more will drop as Tesla starts calling people and offering to begin building their car (meaning the deposit is no longer refundable and more will be owed on top). I guess my 949 is really a 930 (assuming that all 19 drops are numerically lower than 949).

Congrats to all you guys who snuck in at the last minute.

ckessel | 6 gennaio 2012

I suspect there are more to downgrade. I've asked to downgrade just before Christmas and it hasn't gone through yet.

gagliardilou | 6 gennaio 2012


Did you pay over the internet? I upgraded dec 31st and paid the additional monies by mail and got my number of 1015 today friday the 6th(a week later). If thats the case, 17 purchased sig in a week.


Yes, thats what it means.

Timo | 7 gennaio 2012

I suspect that there is equal number of production model owners wanting to upgrade, so even that some S-series drop there will be full 1000 sigs from now on. Numbers are just a bit blurry until it is time to actually get your car.

gagliardilou | 7 gennaio 2012


You're right. Bottom line- they are sold out.

Robert.Boston | 7 gennaio 2012

They're definitely sold out, but it's still unclear to me whether the SSL list is additive with the S list. If it *is* additive and the sum needs to equal 1,000, then there were a lot of drops. I'm not sure which is less plausible: only 19 drops, or as many as ~240 drops.

gagliardilou | 7 gennaio 2012

Yes, 1.9% drop compared to 24% drop. I was under the impression that it was a 1000 total sigs - not 1000 plus SSL. 1.9% drop seems incredibly low to me. I guess I could call the rep again.

Mycroft | 7 gennaio 2012

RB, they could easily have been using Sig# in conjunction with SSL numbers all along. So SSL reservation holders, (behind the scenes), have two numbers.

The SSL number is their place in line and the S# will be the number on their car and when the car is sold, the numbers will end up being the same after compressing the Sig list.

That's just me using logic.

brianman | 7 gennaio 2012

That's what I was suggesting in the other thread.

The Froq | 7 gennaio 2012

"The first 1,000 Model S vehicles delivered in the United States and the first 200 in Canada will be Signatures. Model S Signature will come with the 85 kWh battery." (website TM)

The first 1000 vehicles delivered.......who is saying there are only 1000 Signatures for the US? and 200 for Canada and 500 for Europe and 200 for the SSL.

I think there are a lot of details still unknown....and I'm trusting the words of Elon: "Only positive surprises".

Tesla: please asap start up the production!

fdismuke | 7 gennaio 2012

I upgraded December 24th on the internet, then mailed my check shortly after Christmas. I got number 1012 on the 6th.

brianman | 7 gennaio 2012

Limited edition - First 1,000

brianman | 7 gennaio 2012

Also on the Facts page...
The first 1,000 Model S vehicles delivered in the United States and the first 200 in Canada will be Signatures.

andrewmfallon | 7 gennaio 2012


I wired the funds. Didn't want to risk a check getting lost, etc. I am really thrilled to have made the list.

phb | 7 gennaio 2012

George Blankenship posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum that they are going to make 1000 Signatures. They are going to make a wait list for folks who still want one. Those on the wait list will get one if someone drops their reservation.

The Froq | 7 gennaio 2012

You,re all right.

But there are 1000 signatures for US, 200 for Canada and 500 for Europe and a special list.
To me that is total more then 1000. Like I said, I don't know the details but expect some surprises.
(positive ones)

The Froq | 7 gennaio 2012

Surprises like special options for the Signatures, not communicated before. And only the first 1000 in US and 200 in Canada has the first ordering posibility. (just an idea)

Limited only means there is a limit! (in time or, cost or options, numbers, ect)

The people at TM are a working in a startup compangny, but still they are working on a way no other compagny can copy. The car is unique and so is the marketingstrategy till now.

Mycroft | 7 gennaio 2012

Not mentioned very often is the "Founder's" series. These are cars, most likely signatures models, that will be sold to company officers, investors, and family prior to the 1,000 US signatures. The people getting these cars have to buy them, they're not "free", but we don't know how many there are going to be.