Siri integration? Any chance this is coming soon

Siri integration? Any chance this is coming soon

The original thread for this was over a year old. Any word on Siri integration, I would love to be able to access the phonebook thru Siri etc.

ajamison | 7 luglio 2013

If they implement some form of this I would like to think they would do so in a much better way then Siri. In my Experience Siri does not understand me half the time, though i do have kind of a bastardized half southern half northern American accent.

Mark E | 7 luglio 2013

I'd be interested to know from owners with their cars what happens currently when you select the phone from the screen or steering wheel.

With my current bluetooth setup (a parrot aftermarket one that feeds into the car stereo), pressing the dial button quickly activates SIRI every time. Holding the dial button redials the last number. The level of integration needed was minuscule, and worked as soon as SIRI came out - without any firmware upgrades.

I suspect that the integration to get the Tesla to work the same way would be minimal - but I may be wrong.

Brian H | 7 luglio 2013


Which half doesn't SIRI understand?