Sloppy New Car Prep

Sloppy New Car Prep

Is there anyone else out there experiencing some shoddy prep of their new car? I've had my S Performance for about a week and there were a couple of head scratching problems that should have been taken care of pre-delivery.

First, the car felt way too stiff on the freeway, and then a warning light came on saying 'tire pressure too high'; when I checked the tire pressure (rated at 42 lbs cold) it was just short of 70(!). Now, after deflating the tires to the correct pressure it rides much better (and no sign of the warning light), but how could tires get that over-inflated?

Second, the brakes were squealing pretty bad. Since I've worked on a few cars in my life I thought they might need 'seating'. By taking the car up to highway speeds late at night when no one is around then quickly decelerating 3 or 4 times they settle in. Now the brakes are quiet.

I love everything else about the car (except that there's nowhere to hang a coat); but for a 100K car, this is a little too much DIY.

D Mclay

robert | 1 marzo 2013

My body armor was not really installed very cleanly, some bubbles and peeling on the first day but Tesla told me they would address it.

froggytown | 1 marzo 2013

I have the liner in the trunk pulled away as if someone took it apart and never put it back. I have rear child seats which I think they took apart the trunk area to install them, and put the car together half assed. There are screws under the liner area not screwed in and exposed.

I had black fingerprints on the headliner and driver side pillars. The interior of the car had little gray gluey balls on the leather.

The back trunk isn't aligned properly so when I drive on the highway, it has this horrible sound as if you've opened a single window in the car. When I called, they said they are aware of this and directed me to two screws that 'you should be able to find and adjust yourself to see if that fixes it'. Really? I paid $103,000 just a week ago for this car. The quality of fit and finish and the lax attitude of the teams handling of it, is absurd.

It's as if they'll assume you'll be captivated with the 17in touchscreen and forget that screws are missing, the interior has rattles, creaking sounds at one time, then the next time I drive, there's nothing. I was a Signature reservation holder and supported the amazing things that Tesla has achieved, but at this point, it seems that the reaching 20,000 cars a year capacity has taken a front seat while the workmanship\quality has taken a back seat. Customer service seems to be taking a similar trend. I don't know how many wrong answers I've been given.

I even went to the local Tesla store to charge my car since I don't have a high power connector yet and when I got there, they said their high power adapter for the roadster charger has been broken for a couple months and so I could use the other lesser charger that would take 6-7 hours. The point, is simply that everything seems like there's no sense of urgency in anything related to customer interaction.

I need to end with the fact that I love my car - my wife doesn't. I'm also quite frustrated. I was told that in stock wheels which I ordered would be in after 5-7 days. It's day 8, and I asked if they were in - they said it was ordered but they are three days behind so it will take an additional 10-14 days. Huh? That math doesn't add up. 7 + 3 = 10, not 22. I expect to have the other issues handled at the same time I bring in the car to have wheels swapped.

Electron | 1 marzo 2013

J_K Just curious, you were a sig reservation but just got your car? Did you defer?
Sorry to hear about your problems, honestly they sound annoying but minor.
I have similar issues with my car, but I am bring patient and giving Tesla the benefit of the
doubt on making it right. I figure a new company gets a few chances. We all knew
when we ordered the car that Tesla would be learning along with owners for a while.
We all took some risk and should accept that it will take time for them to ramp up the company.

Derek- my tires were also at 60+ psi. Evidently my concern didn't make it back to the factory.
Was your car delivered or did you pick it up in Fremont?

rkang | 2 marzo 2013

I had streaks down the inside of my windshield as if condensation had accumulated and water drops dribbled down.
Very poor "detailing," in my opinion.

skymaster | 2 marzo 2013

Thanks nickniketown. That makes sense. You do have some good info for this forum.