Sports version confirmed!

Sports version confirmed!

Elon almost forgot during his speach but he confirmed a sport version to be available going in 4.5 sec to 60.
In fact after talkin to some engineers and sales reps they said:
- current S builds, test drive cars, are going in 5.1sec, so faster than spec
- sport would cost about 10k more and will add other bodywork
- sport has exact same engine, it's more a change in cooling to get the heat out. Additionally the pack would need to be the 300 mile pack. They are talking about 1200 amps instead of 900 for the normal version. They can manage that for a short time as you get fast to top speed and don't need that much power once everything is in motion.
- top speed would become limited as roadster speed
- it would normally be available as from start, certainly for European models
- it has exact same peak power, only it will reach max torc/power even faster

Brian H | 2 ottobre 2011

I can see it now: Sport S owners lurching along the freeways, just to experience a few seconds of max torque, over and over and over ...


Volker.Berlin | 2 ottobre 2011

"There's one more thing!" Elon Musk announces the sports version at the Beta Release party:

EdG | 2 ottobre 2011

@Brian H:

At least the batteries will recharge somewhat on the deceleration part of the lurching. Can't say that for the ICEs out there.

Brian H | 2 ottobre 2011

Here's a 5-min home vid clip of the presentation, with a mention of the Sport at about 2:50. Audio is echo-y, but he says, "320 miles per charge, maybe 330".