Suggestion for Threads for the Oct 1st / 2nd Event

Suggestion for Threads for the Oct 1st / 2nd Event

Many of us can’t attend the October 1st / 2nd event in Fremont because of prior commitments or travel distances. We’re relying on those of you who attend to fill us in – please!

I’d like to make a modest proposal for the manner in which attendees post comments that contain descriptions, analysis, pictures, and/or video about the event. Rather than lots of random threads (new forum topics), it might be a reasonable idea to establish threads with topic headings that are categorized -- something like the following:

Oct1Event–General (e.g., overall impressions, hints on delivery)
Oct1Event–The “Ride-Along” Test Drive (e.g., handling, acceleration)
Oct1Event–Model S Exterior (e.g., design features, fit and finish)
Oct1Event–Model S Interior (e.g., display, controls, seating, interior space)
Oct1Event–Technical issues (e.g., factory-related, Model S-related)
Oct1Event–Comments on the “Formal Tesla Presentation”

That way, we can all get a somewhat cohesive set of information and attendee impressions on a particular topic.

I’d be happy to create the individual forum topics along the lines noted as the event gets closer, but it would be presumptuous to do so unless folks participating in this Forum and those who will attend the event agree that it’s a good idea. Obviously, this in no way precludes a specialized thread of your own, if you think it’s appropriate. Comments/suggestions/objections?

Brad Holt | 15 settembre 2011

Sounds like a great idea. :)

VolkerP | 15 settembre 2011

you have my go. proceed as suggested. Wait, first let Brian check the thread titles for typos!

Leofingal | 15 settembre 2011

Sounds great to me. I'm dying for details on all these parts. Wish I could make it to the bay area for the event.

Volker.Berlin | 16 settembre 2011

I have to say, I don't care. I will read all posts, anyway... :-)

You may well proceed as suggested, I am not against it, but I doubt that it will work. Experience in forums like this shows that it is impossible to predict which threads will take off in an inspiring discussion with many participants, which will lead to a nerve-racking debate between two forum members, and which will die and be forgotten before they really ever started. IMO, you could as well let people create threads as they feel appropriate and simply watch how things evolve.

Maestrokneer | 17 settembre 2011

Make it so.

Soflauthor | 20 settembre 2011

It looks like there is encouragement and no hard objections to doing this, so I’ll post the six Oct1Event event threads on the morning of October 1st. I’ll suggest a few recommended subtopics for each of the threads, just to get the ball rolling.

If you’re attending the event in Fremont, I encourage you to post your impressions on the appropriate Oct1Event thread(s). That way, those of us who, regrettably, can't attend will get a cohesive set of information.

Thanks in advance.

Brad Holt | 20 settembre 2011

Will do! I plan to share, and overshare. :)

jfeister | 21 settembre 2011

I'm guessing most will want to know about all these aspects, and there might be a lot of things that come out of the event that don't fit neatly into one of these categories.

I'd suggest 2 categories. 3 at the most. Otherwise it will be annoying having to dig through a bunch of threads. When dealing with people it's best to keep things simple.

Instead of "“Test Drive, Model S Exterior, Model S Interior" how about "OCT 1 EVENT MODEL S IMPRESSIONS"

The other could be "OCT 1 EVENT GENERAL IMPRESSIONS" with a line in the first post about it being for non car discussion.

Volker.Berlin | 21 settembre 2011

jfeister +1

Soflauthor | 21 settembre 2011

@jfeister and by extension @Volker.Berlin: You make a good point about simplification, although I think the threads you propose are a bit too vague. After giving it some thought, I think we can reduce the threads to four:

Oct1Event–General Impressions this would include overall impressions of the event; impressions of the factory, along with a few other things
Oct1Event–The “Ride-Along” Test Drivethis would include comments on the Model S in motion, handling characteristics, ride, etc.
Oct1Event–Model S Exterior and Interiorthis would include comments on the exterior and interior of the car, design features that were a surprise, technical issues, along with more specific subtopics.
Oct1Event–Comments on the “Formal Tesla Presentation"this would include reaction to any Tesla announcements and comments on any "hints" extracted from reading between the lines of the presentation

For each of the above forum topics, I'll provide a bulleted list of example subtopics in the initial post.

This level of simplification should address your concerns and still provide a cohesive set of information and attendee impressions on a particular topic. I'll post the new 4 on the morning of 1 Oct 2011.

As an aside, for some of us, at least, it's equally "annoying" to wade through one or two long, rambling threads with little coherence in subject matter. For example, if I want to better understand attendees' impressions of the exterior and interior design, where better to look or to post than in a thread that addresses those topics directly? Just sayin'

the bonnie | 21 settembre 2011

I'm with jfeister &

I'm happy to write a post about things from the event -- but please don't make me go to different threads to post different bits of information! I'll write one. Not break it apart like that.

So maybe you need one more thread for the rebels among us who don't want to follow the rules :).

Seriously, I appreciate your desire to help get this organized. But we're people. We're messy.

Ron5 | 22 settembre 2011

Maybe there should be one just for pictures?

There should be one for "announcements", as in, "Tesla just told us that the list of available colors will be:"

It would be nice if there was some sort of simulcast at the dealerships that exist...

Vawlkus | 23 settembre 2011

Images should be linked into the general thread IMHO.

gjunky | 23 settembre 2011

Any ideas what would be the easiest way to post from the event. I will have my phone and camera and might bring my (WiFi) iPad but this forum is not the friendliest board to post too and it will get much worse during the event I am sure with people trying to post a bunch of pictures. I hope WiFi at the factory is going to provide good bandwidth but even so.

Anyone find an app to make posting to this board easier?

I would love to share but not if it is going to take all my time away from actually looking around at the event!

MTriantafelow | 23 settembre 2011

I think we should create a Facebook group. Like @gjunky said, this forum is not the best for mobile uploads/updates.

EdG | 23 settembre 2011

I saw the Alpha at a store in Connecticut. While waiting to talk to a salesperson, I checked to see if the store had WiFi. The store didn't, but the car did.

I don't know if the Beta version will be broadcasting its name, but, if so, you might ask the Tesla staff if you can use the car's internet connection!

mwu | 24 settembre 2011

If anyone expects doing long reviews or many posts with lots of media, I definitely wouldn't want to do all that work into this forum or even Facebook. Instead, I'd probably set up or sign up for a blog, log it all there, and then post a link here at these forums. Just a thought.

Soflauthor | 24 settembre 2011

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. If anyone does a lengthy blog, tweets, or establishes a unique Facebook account (all good ideas) please post appropriate link(s) in one of the Oct1Event threads.

I recognize that some folks like organization and others like to be “messy.” No prob.

No one is making anyone post in a particular thread. For those folks who like “messy,” post as you see fit. For those who want a bit more coherence in subject matter, you might try the Oct1Event threads. I’ll post them on the morning of Oct. 1st—one week from today.

Either way—post—so that those of us who can’t attend can learn from your experience. Thanks.

mcornwell | 25 settembre 2011

I created a Facebook Event a few weeks ago. I believe if you RSVP for it, that you'll then be able to post pictures to it. Link:

Brad Holt | 25 settembre 2011


Brian H | 27 settembre 2011

Oct 2 to accommodate the overflow ...

BYT | 28 settembre 2011

I'm going and I guess I'm a part of the overflow as I am confirmed for October 2nd... I've been missing a lot of Pro Football this year with all these Sunday obligations!