Supercharger installed?

Supercharger installed?

I just received delivery of my S60 with the supercharger option. Since I haven't used the supercharger yet, how do I know / independently verify that it was installed?

cprenzl | 19 febbraio 2013

I don't think you would know unless you go there. I would just assume that it is

Brian H | 19 febbraio 2013


Robert22 | 19 febbraio 2013

TIE...... Trust in Elon

EVTripPlanner | 19 febbraio 2013

No way - and I had a recent problem that really makes me wish there were a way to verify supercharge circuit is working BEFORE taking a road trip! I used supercharger in Barstow mid-December and it worked great...but on trip last weekend, Tejon Pass wouldn't work. Charger seemed fine, but car wouldn't ramp the current. Seemed like a contactor/relay problem, but phone support and even engineers at the charger couldn't figure it out or help. I had to abandon the MS at the rental car agency and drive ICE to Norcal to salvage my weekend :-(

jat | 19 febbraio 2013

@cliff - Sure, all you need is a Supercharger at your house.

It isn't clear that doing what @rockyb asked, which is to see if it is present, would help you since you already knew it was there.

dahtye | 19 febbraio 2013

Cliff, did you have your MS checked out once you got back? It seems odd that the SC just wouldn't work. I had issues with an SC where it was just slowly charging - perhaps 55A or so. Then I jumped to the SC in the next space and that was very fast (in the 225A range). So, it's possible that one SC may have issues while the other one may not.

Robert22 | 19 febbraio 2013

TbvIE.....Trust (but verify) in Elon

EVTripPlanner | 19 febbraio 2013

@dahtye - waiting to bring it to service center until due bill items are ready...not so convenient at 40 miles away and don't have another road trip planned. SC plugged in and port blinked green. Dash showed 380V and 255A available, but would not ramp charge current. Other MS there charged OK. Tried 3 different stations (of the 6). Seemed pretty sure to be something in car. Phone support did the reboot thing...felt like I was talking to Microsoft! Anyway, they didn't have any remote diagnostics for this, it seemed.

Brian H | 20 febbraio 2013

IOW, calling ahead or knowing the state of the SC station would have made no difference whatsoever. | 20 febbraio 2013

When I first got the car I made a test drive to Gilroy (about 45 miles away) to test out the Supercharger and get a safe road trip under my belt. If the Supercharger/car didn't work, I had plenty of range to return home. It worked fine, and made for a nice day's outing. Might be smart if convenient to do something similar as a good first test if you live with a round trip range of a Supercharger.

On a much longer trip last weekend, I did have a problem with one Supercharger. The Gilroy station closest to Sony (an older model) connected fine, and the dash said "Waiting for charge". It stayed that way for about 5 minutes. I gave up on it and pulled into the adjacent stall (a newer version) and it started charging in 10-15 seconds. On my return trip through Gilroy I used yet another stall without a problem. All stalls were in use on this return trip and someone else was using the stall without a problem that I had a problem with previously. Perhaps if I waited longer it might have worked?

Anyway, one lesson is if a stall doesn't work, try another. I've used a mix of old and new Superchargers otherwise without any problems.

The older Superchargers have a very short cable, and you have to be within a few inches of the cable for it to reach. Newer ones have a longer cable that is easier to use.

prash.saka | 20 febbraio 2013

I think rockyb is talking about the supercharging hardware on his vehicle and not any supercharging station.

The only way is to actually go to a station and test it out.