Supercharger location suggestions

Supercharger location suggestions

I'm not sure how often Elon or others look at the forums but I thought it would be interesting to post a thread with suggestions for supercharger locations. My guess is this has been researched at length already and is only a matter of time before we see the expansion of supercharger locations, but I thought it would be interesting nonetheless. For the record I am not a Tesla owner yet but plan to be in the very near future, it's not a matter of "if" but "when". While I will have another vehicle I could use for road trips if need be, I have a feeling as soon as I get the MS I won't want to leave it in the garage for a road trip (or any other time I leave the house).

Locations I would like to see:

I-45---Huntsville, TX or Madisonville, TX: Either location would be ideal for the drive from Dallas/FW to Houston or Galveston. Madisonville is a very small town but is close to the halfway point of the drive, and there is not much north of there all the way to Dallas. Madisonville makes more sense to me because it's almost exactly 1/2 way in either direction (from Galveston), and should be doable with either battery going in either direction.

I-35---Temple, TX or Waco, TX: Either would be a good stopping point between Dallas and Austin. You could probably drive the whole way on one battery charge, although with the 60 kwH battery you would be cutting it pretty darn close.

I-35---San Marcos, TX or New Braunfels, TX: Between Austin and San Antonio

Having one in the major cities is an obvious bonus, but being able to make road trips to locations that might not be doable on one charge would be awesome. I'm not sure how many Tesla owners are in TX just yet but we already have a service station here in Dallas and two galleries in the state....

ghillair | 4 aprile 2013
hamer | 6 maggio 2013

Never mind where I'd like to see one, I want to know where the 9th supercharger is. The map on Tesla's web page regarding superchargers

shows 8 dots. Eight superchargers. I have repeatedly read stories on various stock information sites that mention nine superchargers.

So where is the 9th supercharger? I could see one story getting it wrong, but I've seen repeated stories from many sources.

Brian H | 6 maggio 2013

They probably all stem from one article by a writer who can't count all his fingers.

William Jones | 6 maggio 2013


I had the same math dilemma a few months ago. The Connecticut one counts as two as it is two single entities, one on each side of the road.


William Jones | 6 maggio 2013

- and for my three cents, Madisonville is better than Huntsville, simply because McKinney (selfish reasons here) to Madisonville is ~175 miles. As you know, once you get south of Ennis, it is 75mph which is 82 mph which is accompanied by a siphoning sound of electrons whizzing out your imaginary tailpipe as you are on heading down the bell curve on the mph/rang chart. Throw the supercharger in Huntsville, and even the 85 packs are going to be cutting it close if they come from Plano/Allen/McKinney, etc.

BTW - Bucc'ees is devoid of anything that resembles any supercharger location construction as of this date.

ian | 6 maggio 2013

With the upcoming announcement we should be seeing construction going on somewhere!

Bubba2000 | 6 maggio 2013

Tesla needs to quit talking about Superchargers deployment. They just need to install then nationwide at the rate of 7-8/month in the highways to get at least 200 sites in a couple of years. Actually, they should do it faster. Heck, they built MacDonald's faster than that when they were expanding.

Meanwhile, taking a trip on a Model S in places like Texas can get you stuck in some hick town motel charging at 110V. Mule goes faster than that!

Benz | 6 maggio 2013

The 4th announcement is next week, then we will know much more than we do now. The news will be positive, that's for sure.

ian | 6 maggio 2013

Any news will be better than the current silent treatment we're getting! ;-)

negarholger | 6 maggio 2013

@ Bubba2000 : 4 m per hour * 24 hours = 96 miles... California mules don't make 96 miles in 24 hrs, your mules must be a special Texas breed.

davidcoleman81 | 7 maggio 2013

Looks like there's a Supercharger station going in Normal, IL (150 miles outside of Chicago on the way to St. Louis)

ian | 7 maggio 2013

Cool! Looks like a good spot at the confluence of a few major highways.

DutchNurse | 11 maggio 2013

Any news about supercharging in the Chicagoland area?

TimHuey | 12 maggio 2013

I would say in any large city where a large number of VERY HIGH END condo's exist. I live in South Florida and we have many multi-million dollar condos without car charging abilities. I would imagine to improve acceptance, the ability for an EV owner to actually charge his car might help.

NYC, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Boston

But I don't think Tesla is hurting for buyers right now so that could be a later on goal.

Brian H | 12 maggio 2013

I recall an article about a Singapore penthouse where the car had a dedicated elevator and room to itself.

TimHuey | 13 maggio 2013

Okay, umm, not that high-end then Brian.

Brian H | 13 maggio 2013

There's always a higher end.


Skotty | 17 maggio 2013

Drop one in or near Columbia, MO halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis on I-70 and I will buy a Model S. The distance between KC and St. Louis is about 250 miles and there is not a single public charger between the two; not even a J1772.

markapeterman | 17 maggio 2013


KOA NEMA 14-50 is always an option...

Skotty | 17 maggio 2013

markapeterman -- good suggestion. I forgot about that option. However, I checked KOA and the only one between KC and St. Louis is in Oak Grove, which is very close to KC. Far from ideally located given how close to KC it is (once you make it to KC, there are plenty of public chargers), but might help in a pinch.

On the plus side, I just noticed a new ChargePoint charger pop up on the map in Columbia, MO (wasn't there a couple of weeks ago). On the south side far from the interstate located in an Univ. of Missouri housing area and a long walk to the nearest food or entertainment, but it's better than nothing. I'll be checking it out next time I'm in Columbia (next week) to see if it is really there and available to the public, and not just to MU housing residents.

ghillair | 17 maggio 2013


Check all RV parks, not just KOA. I show one in Columbia north of I-70, one too the west, south of 70(along the river) and one east of Columbia and south of 70. All have 50 amp, those are just ones I found quickly within 10 miles of Columbia. There are many more all along I-70

Skotty | 18 maggio 2013

ghillair -- Thank you for your information. I'm fairly uneducated when it comes to RV parks. This is another example of how Tesla is superior to the rest of the industry. At the moment, I drive a Volt (looking at Tesla for my next car), and plugging in at an RV park is not possible (maybe someday if they come out with standard portable EVSEs). Not a problem for a Tesla. If I can use one of those RV parks for a reasonable price, it eliminates one of the two big barriers to getting a Tesla (the other being price, but I'm working on that one; it's not a show stopper).

Skotty | 31 maggio 2013

I spy a Supercharger dot on the new Supercharger map right where I wanted/needed one! That's really exciting for me. If it really gets built, it makes the difference for me on whether or not to buy a Tesla. Yeah, I thought about RV park charging, but that would really suck to try to do that on a regular basis with the slow charge rate. But if there is a Supercharger? That really sells it.

skamanawho | 5 giugno 2013

Got a 60W modell s and started researching charge point near Madisonville and found this place. Called them to find out they charge 15 bucks for a charge at 50 amps with WiFi and a eatery on site. I am prepared to wait for an 1 to 2 hrs to just give this a whirl to visit family in Dallas. Hope this helps anyone. Lady there hinted that the rv site has been used by other electric car owners.

JackB | 22 luglio 2013

I'm hoping the Winnemucca NV Supercharger is within a few blocks of the Pigs Restaurant. Those guys have some pretty good ribs!

Jack Bowers

theappdeveloper | 23 luglio 2013

A few suggestions..

East Hampton, NY - Very tourist filled, and lots of wealthy people with nice cars like the Tesla out there.

Wellington, FL - Another very wealthy area, where I am sure lots of Teslas are owned.

Danbury, CT - A town bordering very wealthy areas in CT.

GeekEV | 23 luglio 2013

A while back I sent a suggested site to the ownership email and got sent this official submission form link. I don't see it on this thread so here it is:

Brian H | 24 luglio 2013

Good stuff, but a lot more work than just rattling off a few general preferences!

Ocean Railroader | 27 luglio 2013

I would like to see one at the This is a large rest area service station on the West Virginia Turnpike with book stores and restaurants and a star bucks. I drive though this area several times every now and then and this would be a good place to fuel up a Electric Car at in that there are several things to do and it has it's own highway exit on Interstate 64. Also with in a 200 mile range around this place is the Virginia board, The heavy mountain driving of the West Virginia Turnpike and Ohio. Another few good assets for this place is that it's easy to find and get into and get out of vs going off of the main interstate to go look for a charger location.

jackhub | 28 luglio 2013

There seems top be a Tesla bias for North-South routes on the coasts and then East-West routes for superchargers. I live in the Midwest and most of the traffic is North-South, from cold climes to warm ones.

Sevenfeet | 29 luglio 2013

I was looking at the map and noticed that it looks like Tennessee is one of the last places due to get supercharger stations, despite the fact that Nashville is intersected by three major interstate highways and is a popular driving destination. But I think I understand the thinking. First, Nashville is home to Nissan's US headquarters and therefore is home to the Leaf. So we have an unusual number of charging stations already for a non coastal city. And second, Cracker Barrel restaurants has built their own EV charging network at about 20 stores from Nashville to Knoxville, Nashville to Chattanooga and Chattanooga to Knoxville.

So despite the fact that none of these charging stations will charge as fast as a supercharging station, you will have easy access to charging options throughout the state anyway, which probably makes it less of a priority to Tesla.

Brian H | 29 luglio 2013

SCs are not at destinations. They are between them. 75 mi N or S of Nashville is no longer Tennessee. A SC is coming to western Tenn, AFAIK.

Nic727 | 25 settembre 2015

Locations I would like to see :

- Ottawa or Gatineau (it's almost the same place) in Canada.

- Near Atlantic beach in North Carolina

EpiChicken | 26 settembre 2015

What about Iceland? Just on two sides of the island. They certainly care about the environment, and would likely jump on the opportunity. In addition, why not add a store in Reykjavik?

Dahelmut | 12 ottobre 2015

I would like to see along I40 from Nashville to Memphis
And Nashville to St. Louis.

I40 needs some attention in general. It's an important interstate for travelers in the south east if you want to go west. I can only stop so often at a Cracker Barrel.

DTsea | 13 ottobre 2015

Epichicken there are only 300000 people in iceland. How many teslas do you think will sell there?