Supercharger Status page request

Supercharger Status page request

Tesla has a supercharger webpage

The page is a little sparse on details. It would be nice if the web page contained more information about each charger:
- How many charging stations are there
- Histogram of times where there is an empty supercharger spot based at that location based on time of day for each day of the week.
- Alerts if any of the stations are out of commission
- For each supercharger, what are the closest superchargers to this one and what rated range is required to ensure you'll make it between them (yes, speed and temp play a big part, so be conservative, I think they already post this information at some of the superchargers, but having it online would make route planning easier).

Showing up at Harris Ranch to recharge at 6:30PM on a Friday might not be a good plan. A histogram could help us plan our route to avoid peak times at oversubscribed charging stations.

bsimoes | 1 marzo 2013

...and how about if they posted ones that are soon to be or are being built?!

Captain_Zap | 1 marzo 2013

+1 bsimoes

Brian H | 1 marzo 2013

-1 bsimoes;
You know the workers would be pestered to death and take twice as long to finish. ;)

drp | 1 marzo 2013

I think this is all a really great idea. The superchargers are the heart of this entire system working out successfully. There are supercharges in California and a couple on the East Coast leaving the fast square mileage of the country vacant.

drp | 1 marzo 2013

2×0 = 0 so it won't really take the workers twice as long to finish anything. There does need to be a focus and a push to get the supercharger set up. I think this is the most critical part of the success of this company at this point. Even the most pedestrian charging stations have the criteria that you suggest and I think you are right on target with this recommendation.

jgraessley | 3 marzo 2013

I'm not sure I'd argue the superchargers are the most important thing for the company at this point. My Model S gets me everywhere I need to go most of the time.

Between my wife and I, we still have a few ICE cars in the garage (Corvette Z06 for weekends at the track and longer trips for 2, BMW M-coupe for wife at track weekends, BMW M3 (4-door) for my wifes commute and used for longer trips for 3+).

If I could make long distance trips with the Model S, I could replace the M3 with a second Model S. If the next Tesla sports car can be used as a track car, I could consider an ICE free life. It will happen eventually and the super chargers are key, but for the time being, I suspect Tesla will continue to sell lots of cars to those of us that can afford to have an ICE for long distance travel and a Tesla for everything else.

Doctor-Pat | 15 aprile 2015

I would love to drive to California from Houston but the west texas and south texas dearth is really daunting. Would be nice to have a "supercharger request" page.

dlake | 15 aprile 2015


I agree. There's lots of west Texas and southern NM that could use 6 or 8 superchargers. I guess Tesla will eventually get there. But Tesla can't do everything at once. And if they try, they will burn through even more money. Then they'll get roasted by wall street.

mclary | 15 aprile 2015

Specutlation idiots at work again.

NKYTA | 15 aprile 2015

Has nobody been to ?

Or seen PBEndo's thread on supercharger info on this very forum?

Check the FAQ by JT, I'll go make sure it is on the first page...

@dlake, talk to your congress critters and senators...don't blame Tesla.

donandrews508 | 15 aprile 2015

To suggest a location, go to and click on "Suggest a Supercharger Location" or go to --and tell them why.
I did. Got a nice message back that even asked me if I knew of suitable property in the area I was suggesting that might be available! Somebody just might be counting requests.