Superchargers Now Open in Washington

Superchargers Now Open in Washington

I never expect to use them, but still I'm so excited!

E-mail from Tesla this morning:
The planet’s fastest charging station is now just a road trip away! We are excited to announce the newest additions to the Tesla Supercharger network in Burlington and Centralia, Washington. These supercharging stations allow customers to travel easily from Vancouver, BC through Bellingham, Seattle and Olympia to Portland for free, for life. We are one step closer to connecting the entire West Coast. Enjoy your zero emissions road trip through the beautiful Pacific Northwest today

ian | 18 luglio 2013

Why wouldn't you come to use them? You really should. It's quite beautiful here. ;-)

First ones on the West coast outside of the Rebublik of Kalifornia! Woohoo! Of course, there are only 2 states on the West coast that AREN'T California! Ha!


ppape | 18 luglio 2013

That is great news! Congratulations WA.

I just checked the Tesla Supercharger page and it says 14 stations. Yesterday it said 12 stations.

Tesla is on the ball.

J. :-))

ian | 18 luglio 2013

On the map now baby! Woohoo!


DC@Tesla | 18 luglio 2013

Superchargers = ticket to success for TM.
Looking forward to driving from CA to WA soon!!

Jamon | 18 luglio 2013

@goneskiian - you bring up a good point. Why wouldn't I?? Now that I think about it, I'm struggling to find a reason not to :)

Once they build out through norcal and oregon, maybe we'll have to do a long road trip!

dirkhh | 18 luglio 2013

If we are to believe their map, by "Fall 2013" (so that's November, I guess) we should have the coast covered from Vancouver to San Diego. Plus connections to Las Vegas and Phoenix.

I'm beginning to regret my decision not to pay for SuperCharger access :-)

sharpe222 | 18 luglio 2013

only 500 more if done later ---not the way anyone heard an update on San Jaun Capistrano? Will make my So Cal beach trips alot easier!

jbunn | 18 luglio 2013

You can still add Supercharger access. It's already in your can, and just needs to be enabled.

dirkhh | 18 luglio 2013

Yeah, I just talked to ownership@ Tesla. It's an over the air update. You approve the charge, they turn it on. Someone over at Teslamotorsclub even said it could be done while you are parked at a Supercharger site :-)

Brian H | 18 luglio 2013

Which can? \9-{

dirkhh | 18 luglio 2013

It's now enabled in my can^Hr :-)

(and yes, you all get to tease me for how dumb I was not to buy it to begin with)

Brian H | 19 luglio 2013

Fascinating that such a major upgrade doesn't even require a visit to or from a Service Center. I'm surprised and impressed.

PatT | 20 luglio 2013

I suspect that the "upgrade" is really just a permission to charge given for that car to the computer that controls the super charger network.

renadp | 21 luglio 2013

Used the Centralia supercharger this weekend on a road trip from the Seattle area to the Oregon coast. What a pleasure! Charging at almost 300 mi/hr seemed miraculous!!! :)

Docrob | 21 luglio 2013

Yep, seems that do few people opted for no SC access that it would have been more expensive to tool the lines for multiple configurations then it is just to install the upgraded charging hardware in every car and let some people choose not to pay for it or use it. With the hardware in place its simply a software toggle to enable or disable access.

Captain_Zap | 21 luglio 2013

I Supercharged in Centralia twice this weekend. It was amazing. I got there Saturday morning and plugged in. By the time we grabbed a bite at McD's we were topped off.

We drove all over the countryside. I was on meandering roads where we wouldn't see anything but trees for miles on end. I'd see another car every 5 miles or so. I saw more dirt bikes on the road than cars for one segment and I got a thumbs up from one of them!

I dropped in at the "24 Hours of LeMons" race at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton. It was a kick to watch them do an enduro race with $500 cars and really funky race rules. The racers and crews appreciated the Model S too with waves and snapshots.
Watching them wrenching on those ICE engines made me marvel at the beautiful simplicity of the Model S.

We got back to Centralia and plugged in again at about 10pm. By the time we grabbed a cup of coffee for the road we had twice as many miles as we needed to make it home.

The Superchargers made for a weekend worth remembering. If we had our old ICE car that amount of fun cruising would have cost us at least $80. As a matter of fact, we probably wouldn't have bothered to go for the drive.

skymaster | 21 luglio 2013

It is fantastic to be 16 all over again, and go "Joy riding".

Captain_Zap | 21 luglio 2013


ORWA | 21 luglio 2013

I drove 100 miles today just to take pictures of the rumored construction in Woodburn, OR. Posted the pics on TMC. Had a blast driving with the Pano open and Slacker playing commercial free music. It does feel like the time just after getting my drivers license...

Captain_Zap | 21 luglio 2013

It was a bit unnerving when we lost our cellular signal and our maps went down while we were exploring. We were out in the boonies.

I think I'll have some paper maps as a back-up on board next time. The nav system needs a scenic route option. It desperately wanted us to get back to a main highway.

ian | 21 luglio 2013

Hopefully they'll get that cached maps feature implemented sooner rather than later for you Captain!

dirkhh | 22 luglio 2013

Well that's one that we learned at Teslive is already being tested. So there is indeed hope for that.

wcalvin | 22 luglio 2013

Here is Burlington last weekend:

The burger joint, Bob's, looks good.

negarholger | 22 luglio 2013

Big cheers from the Rebublik of Kalifornia...
... SC free paradise is over - welcome to the Gilroy agony. Next to loose the paradise is Florida.
( just kidding... actually I was in Gilroy this Sunday and it worked like advertised )

attar | 22 luglio 2013

What would happen if your car S 60 did not have supercharge software and you plug into supercharge. Will it not charge on super speed or will cause any problem. I want to try because I ask for supercharge option and they did not include in the price. I also read some blog in the forum some people got grant father claue. My vin is 8826.

negarholger | 22 luglio 2013

Super Chargers are not powered up when not connected ( unlike your 110 V or 14-50 outlet ). Once connected the SC will communicate with the battery/car and only power up if conditions are correct. So if your car has SC not enabled then the SC will not power up... maybe you'll get an error message on the screen.

Grandfathered depends when you ordered the car, the VIN is not relevant here.

ppape | 22 luglio 2013

My understanding is you can add it anytime. Call Tesla, pay for SC access, and they can turn it on right away. No need to go to service center.....

Can anyone confirm?


ian | 22 luglio 2013

That's the way I understand it works too Jackie. Hardware is already on board just a software switch to turn it on. I believe dirkh has already had this done and all it took was a phone call to Tesla. Oh yeah, and $2000. ;-)


Jolinar | 23 luglio 2013

enabling after delivery is for $2,500.