Tejon to Gilroy it can be done!

Tejon to Gilroy it can be done!

just a real world update for all my fellow Tesla owners. This past sunday I managed to get from Tejon Super Charger to Gilroy on a single charge, but it took some doing.

2 adults - 3 kids - load of crap (front and rear trunks full) - I conservatively estimate 800 lbs of "cargo" maybe more

Follow steps below to repeat
1. Start with a full range charge @ Tejon Supercharger - left the SC with 274 rated miles of range, fully charged (~75-90 min charge cycle in my case)
2. Set cruise control on 63 mph
3. occasionally pass trucks and such - but never go over 70 mph - settle back to 63 mph when you can safely
4. Pull off at Harris Ranch and see that the super charger & roadster charger is "in use" - decide not to wait
5. read the sign posted at Harris that you need 130 miles of rated range to get to Gilroy SC
6. Check your rated range display - note that you have 144 miles of rated range - figure the Tesla people are not compensating for the added weight and take a wild ass guess that 144 is ok
7. Leave Harris ranch and wonder what you're doing
8. configure car for maximum ECO mode, unplug phones, ipads, set the HVAC, turn off un-necessary lights
9. set Cruise Control to 63 mph until you reach 152
10. on 152 set Cruise control to 58 mph to go over the 152 pass
11. Crest the pass with 35 miles of rated range and ~21 miles to reach the SC
12. Notice a new feature of the P85 model S - a yellow line on the power meter that shows the limits of KW's of power you can apply
13. Be amused and distressed while you watch this new yellow-dashed line work it's way down from above 160 KW to below 90 KW - learn something new every day about this car.
14. Arrive at the Gilroy SC with 14 miles of rated range left
15. be smug and impressed with your new car - it did good!

I'll post a picture of the trip computer - if memory serves I averaged ~333'ish Wh/mile for the entire run - I think the cargo/load contributed significantly to limit the overall range - if we'd left with the recommended Tesla 130 miles of rated range rather than the 144 we actually had we would've been at or below zero upon arriving at the Gilroy SC…

I'll be much happier when we have more than one SC @ Harris - but it's nice to know the car can do it - and do it well with a full load.

dortor | 18 marzo 2013

picture posted of the trip computer at the end of the trip - Rate range was 14 miles even though it's not showing in this picture.

dortor | 18 marzo 2013
dortor | 18 marzo 2013

NOTE: the cargo estimate provided in the original description is people+luggage, not load beyond the people…

NKYTA | 18 marzo 2013

+1 dortor

EVTripPlanner | 18 marzo 2013

Nice! We've been working on a "Route Energy Planner" (my savvy kids and I) and it comes pretty close to your scenario - I think if we added cargo it would be even closer. Here is the estimate for your route:

Feel free to try other routes and let me know if it is close - we're still tuning it and will integrate with weather soon. http://EVTripPlanner/planner

Mike C | 18 marzo 2013

Good info - and glad you didn't broder.

dqb | 18 marzo 2013

Nice work!

Do you have 4.3? Your display doesn't look familiar.

dortor | 18 marzo 2013

SW Version is 4.2

negarholger | 18 marzo 2013

@dortor +1. Thanks for the trip report.

Hughlenny | 18 marzo 2013

thanks for the post!

craig.tesla | 18 marzo 2013

Cliff, that looks awesome! Now all you need is to integrate it with, integrate knowledge of supercharger and other public charging stations and their recharge speeds, and then auto-calculate optimized charging locations and times for a long multi-hop trip!

DouglasR | 19 marzo 2013

@cliff - are you planning to add a weight/passenger parameter?

ThomasK | 20 marzo 2013

Question for everyone. Do you find that cruise control adds or detracts from overall mileage? My experience is that it detracts from it, especially in hilly areas where it "fights" to maintain the speed you set (versus just going slower)... Welcome your experience

Lanber | 21 marzo 2013

There is 5-6% hidden below 0 miles left.
Remember that infamous NYT journalist who claimed he ran out, yet car never stopped.

JackB | 26 marzo 2013

The car shuts down to protect the battery with a certain level of charge, so don't assume 5-6% of the range is still available when "Charge Now" is showing. It's more like 5-10 miles.


djm12 | 30 marzo 2013

Hmm. Now we just need a brave soul to try this in a 60. ;)