Tesla Car in Evrope ?

Tesla Car in Evrope ?


I am from the Czech Republic - Central Europe.
For several years I hear about Tesla CAR, but not here.
I'd like Tesla Car.
When will Tesla Motors in Europe?
I electrotechnics mechanic and engineer, I might do service here :-)

Tesla Car is great, but I have one complaint.

Vehicle control touch screen is crap.

driver must follow and observe the road ahead.
If the car controls, then peripheral vision, and touch of your finger. Press or rotate the selected action.
Touchscreen dispay in the car is uncomfortable and dangerous.
But I have not driven car, I can not judge, not a practice. :-(


Roadster | 16 aprile 2013

There are already Tesla stores in Europe, none in Czech Republic though. The closest one for you is in Munich.

You should not criticize something you have never experienced. Drive a car with a vehicle control touch screen before saying it is "crap".

havrla | 16 aprile 2013

experienced driver of your car can handle the car without eyes. Touch screen requires your eyes.

You're right, I have not driven it. However, I fear that it is the same nonsense as the "touch screen" smartphone (He is handsome, has a majority of people, but not ideal). Toy. Fashionable. Inability to operate without eyes from memory.
The brake pedal is also not looking, I know where he is and I can touch on it without braking.

I would like to in the near future to go with tesla car, and tested the "touch screen" control.

Can Tesla "touch screen" wet hand? gloves? I'm curious, a lot of unknowns.

Anyway, Car super super ... and I want to buy it in the future.


Brian H | 16 aprile 2013

The difference is that it is very large, very responsive, and excellently designed. As some reviewer said, "Tesla got it right."

ChristianG | 17 aprile 2013

yes the touchscreen houldn't be too much while driving. I do agree as the screen doesn't have tha habtic feedback as a nob you'll need to glance down wich isn't good.

Most of the functions you need most you can put on the steering wheel buttons so it's not as bad as it sounds first.

The really good thing about the touchscreen is that all the Interface is just software. So it's easy add new features and so on.

negarholger | 18 aprile 2013

@hvarla - I had the same concern before I test drove the MS. However the touch screen is not distracting during driving, because you don't need it - everything is on the instrument panel. MS is the most easiest to operate vehicle I have ever driven in 43 years.