Tesla CPO price drops

Tesla CPO price drops

I just recently bought my MS 85 a few weeks ago and of course I get on the CPO site and see all the prices have dropped drastically and there are tons of them for sale. This is very disheartening to me as it appears my car could have lost $10k in value overnight. Is anyone else experiencing this? What is the reasoning? I must just have the worst possible timing buying electric vehicles because the same thing happened right after I bought my electric motorcycle. I understand the EV market is going to be more volatile than others but this is just seems drastic to me.

Mike83 | 22 dicembre 2015

Only 394 cars? not many.

whoosh1 | 22 dicembre 2015

The inventory vehicles tend to have many with the 21 inch wheels (usually for the price of the regular 19 inch wheel cars - i.e. around $4k savings). You may not be interested in the 21 inch wheels (reliability issues as they may need to be replaced more often, also not all weather - so cannot be taken in snow). So in those cases you get the 21 inch wheels upgrade for free - but you would not have wanted that 19->21 upgrade in the first place & may want to downgrade to 19 inch tires anyway.

Johnn_hardy | 22 dicembre 2015

I had been waiting for the Model 3, but checking CPO prices daily. I found a 2012 S85 with lots of options for $44K. Grabbed it. This is basically what I think the Model 3 will sell for (take the tax credit of $7500 off and you are close to $35K). But I get a Model S, 5 years of the unlimited mileage drivetrain/battery warranty, and a reset limited warranty. Hard to beat. Plus I get the car in a few weeks, not a few years.

Can't wait to get this puppy and drive it free (I have a home solar system that was installed with excess in preparation for a BEV).

bryan.whitton | 22 dicembre 2015

Can the CPO cars be leased? A co-worker was asking me this afternoon and I didn't know the answer.

mrbarnes | 23 dicembre 2015

@bryan.whitton -
CPO Cars cannot be leased. However, INVENTORY cars can be leased, as they are considered new. Inventory cars are also eligible for the Federal Tax deduction, where CPOs are not.

SilverP85plus2 | 23 dicembre 2015

I just purchased a 2013 p85+ with 23k miles, tech package, active suspension, pano, rear seats, carbon deco and spoiler, dark grey turbine 21", performance leather and supercharger (duh) for only $59,500. comes with the 4yr/50k cpo warrantee and remainder of the 8yr/unlimited mile warrantee.

they go through the car and update everything that needs updating, completely detail the car inside out like new again and fix all issues with the car. they also check the tires and make sure they measure 6/32 or new tires will be installed. dings wider than 10 mm will be repaired. any holes or damage in the interior will also be repaired.

you basically get a new car!

I doubt a private seller will every do any of that.

patrick40363 | 23 dicembre 2015

They posted a bunch on inventory cars on the CPO site that can be leased. Look up in the San Francisco Bay area on the site.

rxlawdude | 23 dicembre 2015

I had to laugh at this one:

A 70D with 1,000 miles on it for $85,650?

I thought there was a $1/mile reduction in price. This should be no more than $84,000.

Who in their right mind would do that when a brand new one outfitted with exactly the same options costs only $84,750?

Tarla's Driver | 23 dicembre 2015

If you buy an inventory car off the lot, you would save the $1200 delivery charge, right? So that one could be cheaper than a new one. More importantly, if it's exactly what you want, you don't have to wait two months for delivery.

rxlawdude | 23 dicembre 2015

I suppose, for the impetuous and impatient buyer, that you're right. :-)

(Note that I did say "in their right mind.)