Tesla Event in Japan this weekend (3/16/2013)

Tesla Event in Japan this weekend (3/16/2013)

olanmills | 13 marzo 2013

Cool I guess. Anyone know the details? Anything interesting? I'm assuming it's just going to be the basic showing of the car and the company.

Brian H | 14 marzo 2013

From what I can tell from the hash Google Translate made of the Japanese-English conversion, that sounds about right.

TikiMan | 14 marzo 2013

I just recently had a client come out from Japan, and gave him a ride in my MS. He told me (via his interpreter) that it made the Nissan GTR and Porsche 911 look like crap.

jason_freedman | 14 marzo 2013

Hmm.. I'm going to ask some of my former Japanese colleagues if they want to go - and now that I see the Tokyo Tesla store is in Aoyama and another around Kabayacho I'll ask folks to stop by. Of course you would want right-hand drive.