Tesla Hiring - Includes Swing Shift

Tesla Hiring - Includes Swing Shift

Tesla Motors is hiring, including swing shift:,-CA-jobs.html

GeekEV | 12 giugno 2013
Joshua Burstyn | 13 giugno 2013

Hmmm... lookin' for a Information Security Engineer, eh? :-)

Tempting to apply.

Bubba2000 | 13 giugno 2013

Tesla has a large hiring program in engineering, production, manufacturing, IT for their plant. They are also hiring for their European operation. Looking at the job descriptions, looks like they are installing new equipment, starting and expanding production lines. Big time. Take a look at the Tesla website and do the job searches.

This kind of hiring points out to Model X production as well increase of Model S production. I think the 21,000 Model S estimate is way low balled. Model X is coming out sooner than later. Elon is going to stand still and just produce 21,000 Model S.

Big hiring for Europe, mostly Holland.