Tesla Mega-Factory

Tesla Mega-Factory

I found this video and wanted to know your thoughts. Personally, I was pretty interesting. It is a little old, but it is about how the car is made. Here is the link:
Let me know what you think!

grega | 4 novembre 2013

I watched it yesterday, I've seen it pop up on YouTube a few times. Yes it's a good doco :) I'd be interested in knowing what's progressed since then - quantity wise, but also the challenges they've had and how they've been overcome. Never get that in a show like this though!

Interesting the multitasking of the robots. Is that something commonly done or has Tesla done things differently? There's an implication that once you've programmed the robots, you could bring in another line and load them with the same programming... to a degree.

Brian H | 4 novembre 2013

To the best of anyone's knowledge, NatGeo never actually broadcast it.

Timo | 5 novembre 2013

It did air here in Finland, though I missed it.

ArieK | 6 novembre 2013

It was broadcast in The Netherlands on november 22nd 2012.