Tesla in Milan

Tesla in Milan

I finally sent through my order for a brown 85 yesterday night, after convincing my wife that the Model S has indeed more cargo volume than our current Q7 (her initial reply was: "yes, but part of it is in the front"...).

There are still a couple of open issues. My 18 year old son won't be able to sit in the back because he is too tall; no superchargers in Italy; what is the REAL energy consumption when you drive on the motorways at 140-150 km/h (90-95 m/h, which is common here in Italy, even if the maximum speed limit is 130 km/h); a very steep price-tag compared to that of Tesla in the US and to other more "normal" cars.

But I simply couldn't wait any longer.

PS - I get a call this morning from the anti-fraud division of my credit card company, saying that someone has spent €2,000 on Friday night with my card on a web-site called Tesla. My answer "That was me" is followed by a long and uncomprehending silence.

david.baird | 7 dicembre 2013

Well done @Titalic! A bit of a leap of faith on your side, but I guess it's the same for all of us :-)

Here in Belgium I have a final test-drive scheduled next week and the financing already approved. So almost ready to go. On the positive side at least we do have a few Superchargers within striking distance.

I might delay my order until mid January though as we have the Brussels motor show and traditionally car manufacturers give special offers...

I'm also very interested to know the European consumption on motorways. I did hear somewhere on this forum that Tesla were planning the Superchargers closer together than in the USA to take account of the higher speeds and shorter range.

So probably around 300 - 250 kms at a pure guess...


Cindy I II III | 7 dicembre 2013

Thank you for entertaining posting. Good luck!

Cattledog | 7 dicembre 2013

This might help a bit, though it doesn't go past 80 MPH, or close to 130 KPH.

You can see in it that at 80 MPH, you can expect 200 miles range, all other conditions being normal (no headwind, average temperatures, normal road surface, etc.) At that speed, the car draws about 400 WH/M. So that's about 320 kilometers of range traveling 130 KPH. Given the exponential effect of vehicle speed on the car's drag, the dominant range factor when driving at high speeds, you are probably looking at 250K for a realistic range at speeds of 145 KPH on a fully charged battery.

But it's really fun! (so I hear, not saying I ever speed)

Roamer@AZ USA | 7 dicembre 2013

Get a pano roof. More headroom for taller people.

Captain_Zap | 7 dicembre 2013

Awesome! I loved my stay in Milan. What wonderful and generous people we encountered!

One memory I have was an exotic car parked at the Duomo di Milano square. The car had a small attractive link fence around it and an attendant standing by. It was an impressive site sitting in the square on a quiet winter afternoon.

Maybe your Tesla should be there soon. The admirers and tourists could come to look at your new beautiful exotic car! Congratulations!

Now you have me thinking. I want a photo of the Model S in Monaco and a few other prime locations that are in Northern Italy....

Titanic | 7 dicembre 2013

Thank you!

Will for sure do a photo shoot as soon as I get it (not before the end of April, though).

I will also try and be the first in Sardinia with a Tesla this coming summer. I am sure its white sandy beaches and emerald sea will provide a stunning back-drop for the car!

I just come back from Duomo square and La Scala theatre: I am happy to report that the economic crisis we have been burdened with over the last 4 years here in Italy will be shortly over, notwithstanding all the efforts of our numerous governments to the contrary...

Captain_Zap | 7 dicembre 2013

(oops.. did I really type "site" instead of "sight"?
Need more espresso!

Brian H | 7 dicembre 2013

Your chances of getting a special offer/discount at an auto show from Tesla range between miniscule and none. Waiting will be pointless.

Velo1 | 7 dicembre 2013

Since Janauary I use our Model S for all our local driving, even several 200-mile round trips, and have never needed a charge while out in the wild. So you really do not need a Super Duper Charger, unless you routinely take longer trips above and beyond the Model S range. For those very long trips I still use our ICE car (once since January).

What I am trying to say is the Super Chargers are not essential to everyday driving.

RandomizeMe | 7 dicembre 2013

Welcome to the club!

Rheumboy | 7 dicembre 2013

Can we stay at your villa?

bradslee | 7 dicembre 2013

Wow, Tesla MS comes to the land of the exotic cars. Impressive indeed. When I was in Milan last summer, my Italian friends always proudly said to me that Italian produces the finest exotic autos in the world. I thought that Italian always thinks that Toyota or Fiat or even BMW are just a tool for transportation but only Ferrari or Lamborghini or Maserati are truly fine products that represents human genius in automobiles. Now if Italians accept American made Tesla MS in the same way that they accept Maserati or Ferrari, the tidal wave of Tesla's revolution in automobile seems really to hit everywhere.

wolfpet | 7 dicembre 2013

I've driven a rental car in Milano and it was a little bit of a challenge I must say. The driving style in the city is quite aggressive: the cars race from the red light trying to compete for the space with various two-wheeled forms of transportation. I think Tesla must be great for this kind of traffic pace with its instant torque and superior acceleration. It might be a bit too big for the city streets, but switching from Q7 should be straight-forward.

Nicoletta | 7 dicembre 2013

Tesla employees in Milan(both of them) at the Tesla store on the day I went for the test drive:

ThorensP | 7 dicembre 2013

My wife and I have the brown P85. We love it. Have fun.

PapaSmurf | 7 dicembre 2013

Titanic, by the time you get your car, there will likely be a Supercharger in Italy. If they have a store there already, I am sure they are planning Superchargers in 2014.

PapaSmurf | 7 dicembre 2013

I think the Superchargers will have an even more powerful effect in Europe than in the USA. With gasoline prices usually between $8 to $10 per gallon, I would think that the Model S benefit of free Supercharging will be quite a powerful selling point.

Any comments from anyone in Europe? What do you think the reaction from your country will be when this becomes more widely known? Is it a big deal or not?

Nicoletta | 7 dicembre 2013

@PapaSmurf, I agree the high gas prices in Europe are a great boost for EVs. I spoke to the employees at the store here in Milan. They told me that it's a real upward battle here in Italy as Italians really do love their own cars. However, they are already selling cars here and they are working on Superchargers. It looks like Autogrill, the major restaurant chain for highways here in Italy, is already working with Tesla, they have already put superchargers at two of their franchises in Holland. I am most definitely doing my part to advertise Tesla here in Italy.

Titanic | 8 dicembre 2013


who told you about my 10-bedroom villa in Porto Cervo?

amitb00 | 8 dicembre 2013

congrats!!! I have ordered on the same day at Dania Beach, FL

Titanic | 8 dicembre 2013


you are absolutely right. Traffic and small streets (and limited parking alternatives I must add) are the reasons why I never drive the Q7 in Milan. I prefer my bicycle (a truly zero emission vehicle), which brings me anywhere I need in 15-20 minutes (the city is really small, even more so by US standards).

Titanic | 8 dicembre 2013


I did get a pano roof. I tried it at the test drive, but I must admit that when I sit normally I touch a bit (I am the same height as my son, 1.85 meter (6ft08)

david.baird | 8 dicembre 2013

@PapaSmurf: I hardly drive my Volvo XC90 as I don't won't to pollute the environment. Nevertheless, with Saturday shopping, driving the kids around to events and the like I still easily spend €200 per month on diesel - and if we drive to Denark or Provençe (living in Brussels) then the cost is in the order of €300, just to get there, drive around a bit and get back.

So indeed, fuel cost is a major factor in the choice, or perhaps more correctly it helps justify the decision to the wife ;-)

@ThorensP: Love the brown, but still doubting between that and silver on account of it getting dirty very quickly and showing scratches too easily...

Titanic | 8 dicembre 2013

A TRUE story on financing a MS in Milan.

I speak to my bank (whose main office is by the way based in the Emilia Romagna region, home of Ferrari and Lamborghini), asking for a leasing on my future purchase.

No problem, they say, it's a plain vanilla structure, we do it all the time.

Good, I need to finance a €91,000 electric car.


A €91,000 electric car.

Ah... what brand?



Tesla. It's a large (at least by market cap) company in California.

In California? Didn't know they built cars in California. Thought they were only in iPods. I don't know, we don't have a rating of this company and for sure we never financed one of their cars. Can you send me some information?

I send the required information. After a couple of days I receive an email from the employee of the bank with the following subject: WATCH OUT FOR TESLAS - THEY EXPLODE! The employee had done what he thought was his homework and googled Tesla Model S...

I never heard from him again.

david.baird | 8 dicembre 2013

So you didn't get your financing then...?

Here in Benelux a lease company, Athlon, bought a number of cars for operational leasing and one of their daughter companies do financial leasing.

However, as I already have a loan for my current Volvo with ING Bank I asked them for a quote. The guy I spoke to said he knew Telsa and that he's done another quote the previous day to another client.

Even better, they approved my €103k lease (4 years, 16% residual purchase option)

Marco Sigma | 8 dicembre 2013


Ask the guys at Tesla Milan for suggestions if you need a leasing company to finance your car. There are leasing brokers that bought a Model S for themselves, so they know what this is all about!

2050project | 8 dicembre 2013

Check out the unofficial Tesla fan site in Italy too:

agiangone | 8 dicembre 2013


How do you plan on charging the MS given that the standard power feed in Italy is only 3KW?
I have a friend who lives in Milan but he went for a hybrid as he could not charge where he lives.

thranx | 8 dicembre 2013

In re intracity commuting in Italia (and in other older cities in Europe):

A good bicycle will fit very nicely in the back of your Model S. Park somewhere accessible, bike the rest of the way.

Titanic | 8 dicembre 2013

Yes, I did get an offer from the leasing brokers. I just wanted to double check it with something from my bank, but that was impossible.

And yes, the standard power feed is only 3kW, but it is just an issue of having a different contract with the company which provides the electricity (the power is available in the grid). I now have a few months to sort things out...

Captain_Zap | 8 dicembre 2013

When the Tesla was new here we had a hard time getting some banks to look at financing it because the car was not in their computer system yet. We went to a local credit union and helped them get in contact with Tesla. They ended up getting a lot of new car loan business by being one of the first to finance Teslas at a good rate.

Maybe you should go back to the same bank, and tell them that you are having second thoughts and that you looking into buying a Ferrari. Then ask them to "Google" Ferrari fires for you. ;-)