Tesla P85 For Sale

Tesla P85 For Sale

Tesla Performance S model P85, delivered on March-2013, now at 5K miles:
- Black solid paint
- Tan performance interior
- All glass panoramic roof
- Carbon fiber spoiler
- 21" gray wheels
- Carbon fiber decor
- 85 kwh battery, 286 miles full charge
- Tech package
- Sound studio package
- Active air suspension,
- Parcel shelf
- Paint armor
- Twin chargers
- High power wall connector, superCharger hardware

Purchase price $121K, sale for $115K, perfect condition. We bought 2 Tesla S and planned to share 1 charger, but it turns out that each Tesla S should have its own charger. So we will keep one, and you can have the other. We live around Pasadena. Contact us at for a test drive. You will love it. Available now, no need to wait.

Bighorn | 13 luglio 2013

I just spec'ed out your car and it runs about $110,670 brand new and that doesn't account for the fact that the price of wheels have gone up $1000 since you bought it or that you got to take $7500+ in tax credits that the purchaser won't. How on earth did you come up with a purchase price of $121K--are you wanting your CA sales tax factored in as well?

NomoDinos | 13 luglio 2013

Bighorn - looks like it includes both sales tax and title, these would make it exactly 121k in Pasadena

Bighorn | 13 luglio 2013

That's straight up delusional. WWTD?

pimp-boy | 13 luglio 2013

Once purchased, you would still have to pay sales tax for whatever state you register. Same price as buying new.

richard_lawson | 13 luglio 2013

Its taking about 6 weeks to get a new one. The most your car should get is $85,000. Sorry

NomoDinos | 13 luglio 2013

Yeah, especially with the additional $2500 Cali tax credit which was funded again, and the "orphan cars" available, don't think you're going to get near that price, @p85wr.

@ bighorn - does wwtd = what would Tyler Durden do?

Bighorn | 13 luglio 2013


Tesla, of course--they sell used cars, too!

The first rule of Tesla club is...

justineet | 13 luglio 2013

Thought we could use one charger for both cars?? Uhhhhh??

Brian H | 13 luglio 2013

Selling a car because you can't connect both (to a HPWC??)? Sounds goofy. If you want to plug in 2 Teslas at once, you need 2 plugs. Teslas don't use "chargers".

ramtaz | 13 luglio 2013

You can use the same charger for both cars , at different times!

NomoDinos | 13 luglio 2013

@Bighorn - haha! Oh yeah, I suppose that makes sense. Sorry, worked overnight and am running super slow right now.

mdemetri | 13 luglio 2013

yes, unless they are driving >100 miles per day, simply alternating charging every other night on a single outlet between the two cars should be more than sufficient.

But if they have a single charger, why are they selling their single HPWC? Confusing.

Also, if they got the car in March, they would likely have had 2012 pricing and the 21inch wheels would have been included in the performance package.

S4WRXTTCS | 14 luglio 2013

Apparently using a car for 3 months for free by taking advantage of the $7500 tax credit is frowned upon in these here forums. Or perhaps not frowned upon, but definitely caught pretty fast.

I also think its funny how someone has the financial means to buy two >$100K cars, but they mention sharing chargers. But, the chargers are internal inside the Tesla. The HPWC is not a high power wall charger, but a high power wall connector. So why wouldn't they just have both HPWC hooked up in their garage?

arobichaud | 19 agosto 2013

Looks like whoever wrote this add is a fake... or incredibly stupid!

jbunn | 19 agosto 2013


AmpedRealtor | 19 agosto 2013

Wouldn't a better solution for OP have been to simply add another $1,200 HPWC? Problem solved! Somehow I doubt that having only one HPWC is the real reason for selling the car...

Joe H. | 19 agosto 2013

If you are keeping one car because you only have one HPWC (A $1200 + installation - tax credits fix btw) why would you list the HPWC as being sold with the car. Wouldn't you need that to charge your other car?

AmpedRealtor | 19 agosto 2013

@ Joe H - Good catch!

Two Teslas, one HPWC, so is selling 2nd Tesla because they have more Teslas than HPWCs... yet is including HPWC with purchase of vehicle. Fishy? Nah... lol!

phil | 10 dicembre 2013

This guy is a trip. He buys the car for $121K and then enjoys the incentives (possible $7.5K). Then he drives for the best miles a new car has ($5K miles) and then thinks someone is dumb enough to pay $115K for a used car with no incentives. :)

If the Tesla S only depreciates 5% after 9 months then why doesn't Tesla Motors lease the car ... because it would have the best residual of any car ever!

Well, you know what they say, "There is an a** for every seat" and someone will step up and fall for this line of nonsense. :)

Electricfun | 10 dicembre 2013

The car is currently worth maybe 98k retail and he might get 93 on trade from dealer.

Jennifersarah | 24 febbraio 2014

So, off the topic of this fellas funny ad.
As a lover and admirer of the beautiful Tesla Model S, I'm trying to get a job with Tesla Motors. I'm a believer in this vehicle and I feel the Tesla will be the equivalent of the Ford Model A, back in the day, with this technology and the lovely structure of the design. Anybody with any connections?

Out4aDuck | 24 febbraio 2014

I recently read that used Teslas often sell for more than new ones.

jbunn | 24 febbraio 2014


You're right about the transformative nature of the company and car. I applaud your desire to work for Tesla. I feel the same way. What would you like to do for them?

Webcrawler | 24 febbraio 2014

Once charged, a 110V outlet will keep it toped off...

amitb00 | 24 febbraio 2014

Assuming this is a fake advertisement. These scamsters are dumb to post at this forum. It will not pass smell test.

jajabor | 24 febbraio 2014

@p85wr, please post some photos of your tesla...

mike | 24 febbraio 2014

Caveat Emptor

MassX1317 | 24 febbraio 2014

Is this car still for sale?

Iowa92x | 24 febbraio 2014

Ignore and Bucky will go away.