A Tesla Sports Car

A Tesla Sports Car

First of all, let me start by saying, Tesla is my absolute favorite company and I really want one. I completely support them and love how innovative they are! It's time for me to get a new car and I have a few choices, I want the Model S, but I can't see myself not getting a sports car. I like the Cayman and the Audi TTS, but I just love Teslas. Still, I don't think it fits me. Is there any chance they they will kinda just update the roadster to their new standards and put it back into production. Think about how cool that would be! Just a little re-design put some new technology in and they have a great car. A sporty car, yet a hard top convertible. It would be amazing. If anything like this is made, I would be the first in line. What are your thoughts on this?

Timo | 17 settembre 2013

There will be new Roadster build in GenIII platform. Probably far better than current Roadster. Probably also pure sedan sport car too.

Reviving current Roadster is out of the question. It was build on Lotus frame, and as such is a like old horseless carriage: an ICE car without ICE. To upgrade that to their modern modular design would require complete redesign.

Wait couple of years. I hope Tesla announces something about GenIII soon, I too want that.

Jewsh | 18 settembre 2013

The 'S isn't a sports car? :-)

Haeze | 18 settembre 2013

The "S" in Model S stands for "Sedan".

ChetB | 18 settembre 2013

I think it almost certain that within five years Tesla will offer a "Model R" (for Roadster, my guess as to the name) that will be a 2-seater sports car that will offer incredible performance and long range. But compared to a 4-door sedan or the Gen III "E" model, a small sports car is a niche product without as much mass market appeal, so it's not coming any time soon.

The current Model S offers "sports car" performance and handling in a comfortable sedan package, but it isn't a compact "sporty" looking type car. I believe the "Model R" will fit that market need.

And yes, I want one!


filsmyth | 20 settembre 2013

Some are saying the new Roadster will be a 2+2 -- but if a car has more than 2 seats, it does not fit the definition of a roadster.

I've been working on a design for a sports car based on the Gen3 platform. Tired of trying to guess which letter should be used for which model, I call this concept "Jalapeño":

The roof panel slides back over the rear window.

As it would be based on a production platform, it would not be nearly as expensive as the original Roadster. Using aluminum for the body instead of carbon fiber would keep costs down and help bring it to production more quickly.

akw | 29 agosto 2016

Love my S85D. But my Merc 350SL suddenly feels last century. I brought it for the fresh air 'tin-top' which is great but the whole car is suddenly ancient and agricultura as well as weirdly slowl. Any chance of increasing the Tesla/Mercedes existing links to get a car to market- an SL with Tesla drive train. I'm getting old, please do it soon.

fgaliegue | 29 agosto 2016

@akw an electric drivetrain can yield pretty impressive performance, Tesla has amply proven it. Now, when it comes to handling, weight is everything.

And while the technology behind batteries is constantly improving, we are not quite yet to a level where, for instance, you can do the electric equivalent of an Ariel Atom 3.5R: 320 bhp and 550 kg.

The day when we can do that with a pure electric drivetrain, with a usable range... Then ICE will truly be dead, including for racing purposes.

carlk | 29 agosto 2016

I've been driving sports/sporty cars all my life and own a Cayman S when I bought my Model S two and half years ago. Rarely wanted to drive it again soon as I got the S. Finally traded it in this year when we got a Model X too. In the two years I owned both S and Cayman S I have put only a few hundred miles on the Cayman. Not really much fun to drive it anymore. I'd be the first one to buy the Roadster II if it comes out but I have absolutely no interest in any ICE cars sports or otherwise.