Is there an adapter available for use of "paddle" type chargers for Tesla Model S?

Is there an adapter available for use of "paddle" type chargers for Tesla Model S?

On at least 3 occasions, we have gone to charging stations where the only unit available is the paddle type. If the station has a J charger & a paddle type, it seems the J is always in use.

shop | 16 aprile 2013

Had no idea those were still around. They are obsolete. No, there is no adapter. See:

Call the charge station company and ask them to convert to J1772!

Joel N. Weber II | 16 aprile 2013

The original RAV4 EV uses paddle chargers, and I was under the impression that some of the original RAV4 EVs were still on the road, so removing them may not really be ideal.

Earl and Nagin ... | 16 aprile 2013

If the paddle-type charger you're concerned about is in CA, there may be a program available to upgrade it to J-1772 that a Tesla Model S can use. Please let me know the location and I'll notify the appropriate people.

skulleyb | 16 aprile 2013

There is one at the Ralph's complex in Encino right behind the new CVS last spot before Havenhurst.

nora-te | 16 aprile 2013

Earl and Nagin,
Thanks; they are in California & I hope they can be converted! We found one at the Washington Square Parking Garage in Oakland, one (broken & I reported it)at the Rubio's near the Nut Tree in Vacaville and one near the Starbucks off Milk Farm Road in Dixon.

jukevargo | 16 aprile 2013

There's one on Montana Ave in Santa Monica, right next to a J-1772.

steadicamp | 16 aprile 2013

Someone please contact someone about that stupid paddle on Montana in Santa Monica! Never gets used and there are these 2 stupid Nissan Leafs Parked there all day long, hogging up the J-1772..

Mike C | 17 aprile 2013

At the LA County Arnboretum in Arcadia, CA

Mike C | 17 aprile 2013


clr4option | 17 aprile 2013

There is an entire block of them in P6 lot at LAX.

nora-te | 17 aprile 2013

I just sent an e-mail to the Port of Oakland, asking them to update the chargers in the garages at Jack London Square.

I hope other EV owners will be vocal about broken or outdated chargers.

JDPink | 17 aprile 2013

@skulleyB the security guard told me that the property owner disconnected the unit becuase no one used it. I'm at the Starbucks there almost daily (9am-10ish). (White 60kWh S)

@Earl and Nagin the Kaiser Permenante in Woodland Hills only has the paddle chargers. I wish they had a J1772 there since I'll be parking my S there overnight when my second son is born (mid-July).


shop | 17 aprile 2013

Hey maybe we can get tesla to talk to those charger operators about upgrading t o superchargers...

But that probably wouldn't work as tesla wants to put them on intercity freeways.

nora-te | 18 aprile 2013

Are you talking about the charger in Jack London Square as the one being disconnected?

skulleyb | 18 aprile 2013

JDPink I live just down the block.
email me at culley @ skulleyfx dot com if you want to meet up for coffee sometime.

JDPink | 19 aprile 2013

@nora-te I don't know where Jack London Square is. I was referring to the charger just north of Ventura Blvd, on Hayvenhurst in Encino CA.

@skulleyb sounds good and I'll email you next week.


Earl and Nagin ... | 19 aprile 2013

Hi folks,
Thanks for the suggestions. The ones that have J-1772 nearby will not be changed out. The plan is to try to leave small paddle chargers (AKA SPI) in place if there is a J-1772 nearby. The SPIs still work with the legacy RAV4EVs and S-10 Pickups from the '90's.
There is a lot of resistance to swapping out the SPIs since some of the legacy EV drivers still depend on them, including some city fleets such as Santa Monica, CA.
I'll forward the list of SPIs you have provided to the appropriate folks to see if they can upgrade them.
Here's the list of potential upgrades as I see them:
1) Ralph's complex in Encino right behind the new CVS last spot before Havenhust. (note: I've used the one at the Park&Ride at Havenhurst&I-405 when I o to Fleet Feet for running shoes)
2) Rubios near the Nut Tree in Vacaville (currently broken) [I'm assuming this is at 1651 E. Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville, CA 95688]
3) La County Arboretum in Arcadia, CA
4) Kaiser Permenante in Woodland Hills (particularly needed in mid-July for a maternity patient)

I can't locate the one that nora-te says is at the WAshington Square Parking Garage in Oakland (I can't locate a "Washington Square" in Oakland, can someone provide more info?)

The following stations appear to have a J-1772 charging station nearby:
a) Jack London Square
b) LAX
c) Starbucks off Milk Farm Road in Dixon (I'm assuming this is actually at 1440 Ary Lane, Dixon, CA 95620)

I think the best approach with these is to contact the site owner and tell them that you won't be patronizing their establishments unless they add enough charging sites.

Earl and Nagin ... | 19 aprile 2013

@JD Pink,
It looks like there is an old AVCON at Kaiser Permanente. If it is still working, I would be glad to loan you an AVCON -to- NEMA14-50 adapter box if they haven't put in a J-1772 by July. Contact me privately at earl-tesla at charter dot net.

djy | 20 aprile 2013

There are 3 paddle chargers at the outlet mall in Camarillo, CA off the 101.
One of them is a type I've never seen anywhere before:
To my knowledge there are no J1772's nearby.

Earl and Nagin ... | 20 aprile 2013

My understanding is that the Camarillo outlet mall is scheduled to be upgraded to J-1772 soon.
It is a nice stopover on the way between LA and points north.

JDPink | 30 aprile 2013

@Earl & Nagin,
Thank you so much and it's greatly appreciated. I'll email you about the loaner once mid-July approaches.

GLO | 30 aprile 2013

My coworker still has her 2002 Rav4 and I was under the imperssion that these will remain in place as long as thre are J1772's nearby and the Rav4's are in use and from what I understadn there is a guy in SoCal that is revamping their battereis to get more life out of them. Without the paddle chargers they would be crippled otherwise.

GettingOldFast | 30 aprile 2013

The costco in Carlsbad has two SPI's that seem to never be used, and the only J1772 is across the street at the Sheraton, but you have to pay for parking there because they're afraid Legoland patrons will use their lot for free.

Brian H | 1 maggio 2013

Suggest adding J1772s, if the paddles are still in use.

LALAMO | 1 maggio 2013

At the Courtyard by Marriott in Oxnard, 600 Esplanade Drive, there is a paddle charger next to a J1772. The paddle charger was literally covered in cobwebs. A Nissan was using the J1772, so I had to move on...

mlaiken | 1 maggio 2013

One more to add to the list... Westfield fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks has a paddle charger with no other chargers nearby. I was shocked that there are no other charging options at that mall. Given that every other mall in the LA area seems to have at least one or more chargers available.

Earl and Nagin ... | 1 maggio 2013

Unfortunately, that is a Small Paddle Inductive (SPI) charger. The program to upgrade old chargers won't remove them since they are still in use by 1st generation RAV4EVs. It will only upgrade Large Paddle Inductive chargers, Avcon conductive chargers, and SPIs if there will be one left at the site.
If you want to get that charger upgraded, you'll have to try to convince the mall management that it makes more sense to cater to the ~75,000 new EV drivers than the ~200 old RAV4EVs and see if you can get them to upgrade it.

Brian H | 2 maggio 2013

Or add a J1772.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2 maggio 2013

Here is a status on these:

Kaiser in Woodland Hills - Kaiser is apparently not interested in EV charging and is not cooperating with efforts to upgrade - even if it is free. Customer request might help. One point of contact at Kaiser is Robert Swan, Director of Plant Facilities Services. 818-719-462,

Ralph's in Encino - still investigating this one. Does anyone have a contact?

Nut Tree in Vacaville - in process of being replaced with J-1772

LA Arboretum in Arcadia - looking for Point of Contact. Does anyone have a contact?

Earl and Nagin ... | 4 maggio 2013

I was just informed by a RAV4EV driver that used the SPI at Kaiser, Woodland Hills today that the Avcon appears to be if full working order. He cautioned that it is ICEd a lot on weekdays though.
Kaiser is apparently sometimes reluctant to upgrade their chargers but at least the adapter should work for you in July.

JDPink | 6 maggio 2013

@Earl and Nagin,
You're awesome and I truely appreciate it. I'll be spending the nights with my wife and new baby there, so I'm not concerned about it being ICE'd. That being said, the Blink Network's website has some pretty funny signs you can print out and I've put them on a couple cars that ICE a charging stations.

askjason | 3 gennaio 2014

@Earl and Nagin,

There is an old style charger at the Studio City Public Library parking lot at the corner of Whitsett and Moorpark. It would be great if that could be upgraded.

12511 Moorpark St
Studio City, CA 91604-1355

Earl and Nagin ... | 3 gennaio 2014

I believe the program is over but I'll check.

askjason | 4 gennaio 2014

Earl and Nagin,

Thank you for checking.

Haeze | 5 gennaio 2014

Anyone still driving an EV equipped for paddle charging really should have it adapted to J1772 by now, or they are only limiting their choices in where to park. This is the equivalent of people driving cars that still require leaded gasoline.

For charging stations to waste space, maintenance, and hardware to maintain compatibility to a couple thousand cars in existence is not the best plan economically. They really should just regularly check to see the last time someone used their paddle charger. If it has been more then 3 months without a single use, it should be gotten rid of.

Earl and Nagin ... | 5 gennaio 2014

While I agree with your sentiment, unfortunately, it isn't realistic in reality. The RAV4EV is the main car left that uses the Small Paddle Inductive (SPI). There are about 300 of them still in on the road. They are doing great and many of their owners love them (some have upgraded to Teslas and other newer EVs with better infrastructure). Their inductive charging system, unfortunately, is quite complex and it really isn't very feasible to upgrade them to use J-1772.
This, however, is probably not the problem in most places that still have them. Apathy by the site owners, who probably differ from the ones who initially installed the chargers, generally is.
There was a program set up by the State of CA a few years ago to upgrade charging sites with the old style of chargers to J-1772 and that is what I'm going to inquire about.

Earl and Nagin ... | 6 gennaio 2014

@Haeze and others in CA,

The State funding to upgrade old legacy EV chargers has run out. Folks will have to find other funding to make any future upgrades.

rossasaurus | 5 gennaio 2016

Thanks for providing locations where there are SPI chargers.
I would pay shipping on any removed by their owners, so they will not be destroyed, and I would help re-deploy them in Rav4 EV 'hotbed' areas. I will de-install and pick-up any in the SF Bay Area/Sacto areas.

As a previous poster mentioned, the original Rav4 EV's continue to be awesome vehicles; many are still going strong, and indeed the 6.6kW SPI chargers are somewhat complicated, and it is neither simple nor inexpensive to convert the Rav's from the off-board SPI charger to an on-board conductive charger.

If a station is still being used by even one of the pioneering EV owners, it should remain, IMO, as they could well be stranded without them.
I also believe there are many more than 300 still in daily use in 2016.

N. Cal.