Is there a better discussion group?

Is there a better discussion group?

Is there at better discussion group somewhere about the Model S, where Tesla staff actually visit and questions get answered?

Seems like there are too few people here, and no proper way to search.

ChristianG | 25 luglio 2013

nope, but has the better forum software.

TS | 25 luglio 2013

Search :
They do step by from time to time ..

Mathew98 | 25 luglio 2013

@Spirous - TM does monitor the threads in this forum. They've responded to certain service issues. I've been in contact with a service manager recently based on one of these threads.

MS owners would actually be able to respond to most questions on this board based on their own experience. If you can't get the answer for your questions, you can always call your local service center.

User to search for past discussion topics.

jonesxander | 25 luglio 2013

Haha two of these threads. Ok I'll copy and paste my answer here too.

The forum isn't the place to garner a response. I think GB replied directly on here about a year ago. I'm 99% sure SOMEONE is reading the posts, but this is for us enthusiasts.

Your best bet is to call Tesla directly with any concerns/questions. Although remember that you have a fan cult here ready to answer every question you'd like. Also you can check out, it's pretty active over there.

What is your question btw?

For search go to

One thing I will say, is that these forums need a major upgrade. Can't upvote anything, only flag. There should be sticky FAQ threads that are locked such as, "Where can I search the forum?", etc.

That's a rally I can get behind, UPGRADE YOUR DERNED FORUMS! :)

Brian H | 25 luglio 2013

One thing we despise is posters who litter the forum with duplicates to try and get more attention.

Spirous | 27 luglio 2013

Sorry guys if I double posted. This is not exactly the next generation message board software.... I posted and couldn't see my post so I tried to write it again. Suddenly both showed up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you forgive me?

mcx-sea | 27 luglio 2013

" try and get more attention" ??

should be "to try to get more attention"

michael1800 | 27 luglio 2013

...and clown up a correction with capitalization issues and horri-bad punctuation on both lines. As they say where I work, "I'm literally crying right now."

Brian H | 27 luglio 2013

troo. Mia Mala.