Is there an ideal height to install NEMA plug?

Is there an ideal height to install NEMA plug?

My install is an outdoor post mount. Does it make any difference how high the plug is located?

jat | 11 settembre 2013

There is a minimum height per code, but mostly just make it convenient for you (which will be above that). I assume you have a waterproof enclosure for it?

Thomas N. | 11 settembre 2013

Mine is 48" above the ground.

holstein13 | 11 settembre 2013

I'd put the outlet at exactly the same height as the charge port. It will make it easy to plug in.

nickjhowe | 11 settembre 2013

Items A and B in the picture below take up the first two feet of the UMC, so take this into account when installing the plug. Do you want it hanging down? Lying on the floor? etc.

ir | 11 settembre 2013

Check your building code, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has guidelines for the height. Imagine a future owner in a wheelchair needing to unplug / re-plug the UMC.

howsbayou2 | 11 settembre 2013

Sorry. Don't have the car yet. What is the height of the charge port?

village33 | 12 settembre 2013

My wall outlet is inside and about 48" off the floor with cool cast aluminum cord hanger brackets and works well (keeps little kids away too) but all of the above should be considered and add if you're in a solid snow area (like we are) you can easily get three feet of snow plus drifting on the ground and you wouldn't want part B above in the snow (does Tesla warranty outdoor charging?). Also, I believe there is a commercial and residential orientation for NEMA 14-50, one with ground up and one with ground down, you want the orientation such that elbow hangs down (it's not obvious unless you point it out and it may be the commercial application even though residential).

jai9001 | 12 settembre 2013

I had mine installed 18 inches from the ground and it is clearly too low!

Would go at least a foot higher, maybe more.

mpottinger | 12 settembre 2013

I put mine a little above elbow height.

bryceha | 12 settembre 2013

Due to tight quarters in our carport, and the round post and beam construction, our best option was to install the plug (with metal box) on a beam near the ceiling at about 6'5" off the ground, and about where the front wheels of the car would be (horizontally). It's out of the way (so as not to not bump into with bags, head etc. We then use the cable organizer to hang the cord and plug at about 3' 6" height near the rear wheel; works great. The 3' - 4' feet in vertical distance is not a significant consideration for the 20' cord. In other words, as long as the plug is within 10' or so of your charging port, height considerations should just be made based on convenience. Agree with other poster that near the ground would be very inconvenient.

hnashif | 12 settembre 2013

Since I had water flooding in my garage a few years ago, I keep the UMC "body", for lack of a better word, on a shelf above the floor.

DonS | 12 settembre 2013

Counter/workbench height seems ideal. It is about the same as all the light switches in my house.

chrismarcellino | 13 settembre 2013

There is actually no electrical code or building code requirement for this type of receptacle. You could literally put it on or in the floor if you wanted. (One poster must have confused this with switches). The ADA does recommend putting some outlets between 15" and 48" for handicap accessibility, which is not a bad idea. 3-4" is a nice height for outlets in a garage since it keeps them off the ground in the event of water inundation, protects them from physical damage but if you want, and lets you mount something below it to hang the charger on for easy access. Note that Tesla says to install it at least 18" above the ground, which sounds like they are referring to the requirements for non-residental garages (hazardous environments.) Not bad advice to follow.

Also, put the ground pin on top so the cord hangs properly. Old school electricians may want to wire it upside, which will be annoying.

Provide this to your electrician:

cfOH | 13 settembre 2013

My 14-50 outlet is installed 8' above my garage floor on one of the ceiling rafters. That helps me keep the UMC cord out of the way and I rarely plan to have to unplug it to take it somewhere. But that works best for me, not necessarily for you.

wcalvin | 14 settembre 2013

You want something to take the weight of the UMC "body" off the outlet especially for 120V. Even if you fix the outlet top to be at the bottom, and so allow the adapter curve to point downward.

I'd think in terms of hanging the "noozle" end from the ceiling, adapted to intake height on the car, so you can just swing it sideways by two feet (and thus a little up) to refill. Then arrange the rest of the UMC to suit. That's what I will do if the building ever gets around to installing my 14-50.

madbuns | 14 settembre 2013

Agree with all - balance code and make it convenient. Ours is 5 feet tall - and I am in the process of building a shelf for the main connector unit so it does not dangle (though, when I picked up the car, the service center had all of their connector units dangling, but...).

We are in a minor flood zone, so, the outlet is higher than code requires.