A thoughtful review of the NYT twitter war

A thoughtful review of the NYT twitter war

Brian H | 21 febbraio 2013

Basically sez Musk blew it by opening his big yap. Thoughtful?

Here was my comment on the site:

All in all, a misconceived article. You are about to see, in action, the adage, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”
Beyond that, the factor you overlook is the one-taste-addictive properties of the car itself. Hardened gearheads have been known, after one drive, to say, “Well, the putt-putt car was nice while it lasted.” The car is a game- and life-changer. Before, you drive to live. After, you live to drive.

jat | 21 febbraio 2013

Yeah, I think the end result was the best possible -- NYT brought lots of interest to the story, and other reporters making the trip without a problem highlighted there was no issue with the car (and brought their own viewers with them). I don't see how it could have turned out any better -- if the original report was the same as CNN/etc's, then it would have attracted no attention.

tvntesla | 21 febbraio 2013

This article is not accurate. The problem on one of the cars driven by owners to reproduce the trip was a hardware problem and not a software glitch. What Tesla engineers did was uploading a software version that bypassed the faulty hardware so that the owner could continue to complete the trip. After the trip the car was supposed to be serviced to have the faulty hardware replaced. This information was provided by the people who took the trip and posted on TMC forum. I have no respect for the journalists who use false facts to reach conclusions that has wide effects on the public. I am already determined to get the Model X when my reservation # is called. In the mean time every ride in my Model S is still like a dream comes true, although I've already put 5,000miles on it.