Time To Build Europe

Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

angel | 13 agosto 2013

@Jackie425: Same here, after sourcing parts for almost a month, Tesla are finally building my EU Sig #410. Hope the long wait means it will come with all the options I ordered...

krissu | 14 agosto 2013

Now came out news that Tilburg factory will be opened on 22nd of August and first EU cars will be delivered in September. That would mean 2 months delay versus July, suspect eveybody will get their EU cars at least that much later. I would imagine that they can allocate at Freemont more cars to Europe , but will Tilburg factory have capacity ? I doubt. It also does not make sense for Tesla to have that capacity only to clear backlog. I remember Dutch laws changing with the calendar year, hopefully they do get the cars by that time. At least when Tilburg factory will be running we should get more precise data about delivery dates.

Jackie425 | 16 agosto 2013

Anyone going to Tilburg on the 22nd ?
Please give us your feedback on the forum and/or TMC.
Pictures and details of actual delivery specs would be great to see.

GG-NL | 16 agosto 2013

I was on a factory tour on Wednesday, which was impressive and many European cars were on the line. Also many ready for Drammen, Zurich and Tilburg.

For the Tilburg cars the wheels, motor and battery are removed, which is an easy job according to the guide and is also not much work for Tilburg to get it back together. So not so much to worry on Tilburg capacity.

Cars are not build by exact VIN number sequence.

Yacht floor is a nice option.

Benz | 16 agosto 2013

Tomorrow there will be a few Model S deliveries in Zurich.

GeirT | 16 agosto 2013

Then it is confirmed that Tilburg cars also go to Norway? Interesting...

Benz | 16 agosto 2013

The number of weekly delivered Model Ses in Europe needs to go up soon now, as there are only 19 weeks are left in 2013. If they deliver 106 Model Ses per week (as from next week), they can reach a total of 2,000 Model Ses delivered in Europe in 2013.

Fred O | 18 agosto 2013

On the August 22nd first deliveries are expected in Tilburg. I may want to go there and see what it looks like in Tilburg and see the Tesla grin on the happy few. Does anyone know what time deliveries start?

I still hope to get my S85 in October, but it looks like there is some delay (at least with the Sigs). I wonder how Tesla is going to make up for this delay, because I read today any car ordered before August 15th will be delivered this year (used to be if ordered before end of June). It appears there was some slack in production capacity.

oro | 18 agosto 2013

Fred O
Where did you read that orders before 15th of August will be delivered this year?

Jackie425 | 19 agosto 2013

Anyone invited to Tilburg this week ? Please post pictures and any feedback. Same goes for any Dutch or Belgian deliveries.

My car was in production (Dutch EU Sig) and now has gone back to sourcing parts so I guess it failed its tests or something and now they have to make a new one. Very sad day for me as I suppose I will have to wait more weeks or even months :-(

Or was it someone who got the "change status" wrong - I can always find a positive side but not sure for how much longer...

Jackie425 | 20 agosto 2013

Update: It is back in production.
I must learn to switch off and not look at the status every day then one day some very nice DS will call and my wait will be nearly over...

GeirT | 20 agosto 2013

Lucky you! The message is that the keep on sourcing parts for my car, for more than 6 weeks now.
Must be hard to find...

Brian H | 20 agosto 2013

The computer gets very confused about status. There are those who already have their cars who show "Sourcing parts". Ignore it.

Benz | 20 agosto 2013

Is there something going on this week in Tilburg? On what date?

Benz | 20 agosto 2013

It seems that on Thursday 22nd August the first deliveries of Model Ses in Tilburg are taking place.

johnbastiaan | 20 agosto 2013

Yes, there is an event to open the factory officially but it is for invitees only as I understand.

Fred O | 20 agosto 2013

Oro, the 15th of august is mentioned on several ev news sites.

It is in Dutch. Because it is on different sites it was either copied or in some press release from Tesla. Mind you, maybe this message was targeted specificaly at a Dutch audience because the 2014 deadline is so impprtant (if delivery is after 2013 taxes will bite between 2500 and 4000 euros per annum out of the employees pocket).

Tesla zegt dat alle bestelde auto’s dit jaar nog worden geleverd als er wordt besteld voor 15 augustus.

Tesla says that all ordered cars will be delivered if order was placed before 15th of August.

Fred O | 20 agosto 2013

I just got an invite to test drive model s in Tilburg this Thursday. Seems like they have 2 different email accounts for me in their database. I was planning to go there anyway so an extra 15 minutes of driving time. Nice. Hopefully there will also be a MCRed because I ordered that colour but still have not seen it with my own eyes.

Jackie425 | 20 agosto 2013

@Brian H - thanks - I will try to remember ;-)

Anyone going to Tilburg on Thursday be sure to post afterwards. Really interested in whether in the Netherlands will get the 16amp 3 phase IEC 60309 red plug for the UMC with delivery or have to what for "soon". Also if the headlights can be adjusted to the left so that when I visit the UK I don't have to stick on those fiddly little plastic stickers over the headlights.

Jackie425 | 20 agosto 2013

Should have been "have to wait" and not "have to what" - but who cares;-)

@GeirT: It will happen one day - just never soon enough ;-)

Jolanda | 21 agosto 2013

In the interview with "Eenvandaag" Elon stated that he expects that the time to build will grow from now on. After the first deliveries in Europe he expects the same demand as in the US. That will also add waiting time for the US.

Navi | 21 agosto 2013

I got a note with my Tesla saying dutch ones will be delivered with 400v 16a 3phase red adapter plug.

ChristianG | 21 agosto 2013


yep that's what rumors said for a long time. This means that you need an Adapter for the red 400v 32A wich reduces to flow to 16A and a type 2 kable too.

If you want to use the twin charger with the red CCe 32A plug too you also need a portable wallbox.

Benz | 21 agosto 2013

Studens from the University of Eindhoven have driven the Tesla Model S a total distance of 625 km in 16 hours total driving. It's less than the 681 km record in the US, but still they did very well.

Benz | 21 agosto 2013

The average speed was 39 km/hour.

Benz | 21 agosto 2013

They could have gotten more km's, if they would have used the 19" inch wheels, I think.

Benz | 22 agosto 2013

This record will be broken in the future, that's for sure.

Benz | 22 agosto 2013

With the right circumstances it's even possible to break the US record of 681 km in Europe.

Benz | 22 agosto 2013

Maybe that could even take place sometime next year.

Brian H | 22 agosto 2013

Start at the top of the Alps ...

Benz | 22 agosto 2013

Somewhere high in the mountains where there still are some good roads to drive on. Yeah, that would be a good start, I guess.

dirk.saenen | 23 agosto 2013

no, don't start at the top - can't regen then.

start half-way up, drive up the mountain, and then regen to get a full battery arriving in the valley.

Brian H | 23 agosto 2013

true; I forgot about the max fill! Even halfway up might be too high. Arrange to run out at the top, then regen to the valley.

Benz | 26 agosto 2013

It should be possible to look fur such a route somewhere in Europe.

ChristianG | 26 agosto 2013

there is no such thing as a free lunch.. driving up will cost more than you'll get back. So most likely you'll get less miles than starting on top. Sure regen isn't much use.. but all the miles down are free miles...

Benz | 26 agosto 2013

In the media there is speculation of talks between the Vlamish government and Tesla Motors spokepersons about future possible takeover of the car plant in Genk (currently Ford) for the production of Tesla EV's. Anybody who knows more about this topic?

Benz | 27 agosto 2013


Benz | 27 agosto 2013

Maybe it's in a too early stage yet.

Jackie425 | 27 agosto 2013

@Benz: I remember a forum discussion last year speculating about a number of the old car plants in Europe before Tesla announced their use of the site at Tilburg.

Benz | 27 agosto 2013

I don't think that we will be hearing news about it anytime soon.

Benz | 28 agosto 2013

At least not until the GEN 3 will have been introduced.

Benz | 28 agosto 2013

In Norway they expect that 1,800 Model Ses will be delivered in 2013.

dirk.saenen | 28 agosto 2013

IMHO, a plant is Europe is still very unlikely to happen.

Kris Peeters (PrimeMinister of Flanders) may be dreaming; but that's just what it is : a dream.

NilsG | 28 agosto 2013

On the Norwegian side there is now a map over the SC's opening this friday. No showing of future SC' as of yet, but there are rumours of some sort of statement when they open on friday. Hopefully further plans for future SC's? Haven't checked under the other Eurpoean regions, but it does show up under the US page. Exciting times!

Benz | 30 agosto 2013

At the Autoshow in Frankfurt we will have more information regarding the Supercharger locations in Europe.

Benz | 3 settembre 2013

In Norway there were 185 registrations of Model Ses in August 2013.

NilsG | 3 settembre 2013

And apparently 6% of all new cars in August were EV's.... :-)

The first few weeks of delivery are now over and Tesla will probably be able to deliver cars out from 5 showrooms/servicecenters. At the time there are 3 showrooms up and running, but the next two will open soon. Then we will see how fast they can push them out. It will also be interresting to see how many cars they will be delivering when they have shiped out their backlog.

Brian H | 3 settembre 2013


What's your guesstimate of the backlog?

jkirkebo | 3 settembre 2013

My guess is about 2000 cars, maybe a little more. I'm expecting 400-500 deliveries in september.
Leaf sales were close to 700 cars in august here. If Nissan sold the same volume per capita in the US they would have sold over 40,000 Leafs in august...

Benz | 3 settembre 2013

If we look at EV sales, than we could say that Norway is (or soon will be) the California of Europe.