Timer for Charging

Timer for Charging

Sorry if this has been posted but there's no search for the 200 pages of threads.

To take advantage of lower residential electric rates ( which kick in after midnight ) there ought to be a software "alarm clock" which will allow you to plug the car in but also determine at what time the charging will start.

mdtaylor69 | 30 aprile 2013

This is included in V4.3 of the firmware and higher. I set mine to start charging at midnight. You can also lower your current so the car is fully charged close to when you leave in the morning if you drive the same amount everyday.

Epley | 30 aprile 2013

Search here:

Software update 4.3 or above have location-enabled scheduled charging to allow you to do just that.

PaceyWhitter | 30 aprile 2013

Yes there have been may posts wanting timed charging. Not many recently though, as Tesla implemented it months ago.

rdalcanto | 30 aprile 2013

What is the advantage of lowering the charging rate so it finishes closer to when you leave in the morning?

David Trushin | 30 aprile 2013

The car gets better mileage when the battery is warmed up. Not so sure how important this is when the ambient temperature is high. However, in cold weather, it makes a big difference.

mdtaylor69 | 30 aprile 2013

Also search on for vampire drain. Since sleep mode was removed in an earlier FW rollout, you will lose about 1 mile per hour of range while the car sits even when plugged in. The range on a 85KW will drop from 242 to 230, then it will wake up and recharge to 242. If charging ends close to when you will be leaving, range will still be near 242. Otherwise, it could be 238 or 235 etc.

GettingOldFast | 30 aprile 2013

Even though I don't live in a cold climate area, I like to play a game where I see if I can stop charging around 7:30am. Basically, I just approximate a charging rate of 25 miles per hour, so if I need 100 miles, I set the timer to start at 3:30; 125 miles, 2:30.