Tire Pressure System - Help Please!

Tire Pressure System - Help Please!

My husband and I took our first road trip to Napa this past weekend and we were pleasantly surprised that we could get from Tejon to our home in SD.

We did have one problem. An error saying "Check Tire Pressure System" kept appearing on the dash along with the tire pressure light. We called Tesla and they said to pull over and check to be sure our tires are at 42 psi (21" wheels), reboot the screen and dash. The alarms went off after a few miles but we checked at Harris ranch anyway and they were all between 42-44 and we re-booted for good measure.

The light cam back between Harris and Tejon and went away again and then came back on before we reached Tejon. This time we made sure every tire was at exactly 42 before setting out for LA. But the alarms came on twice more before reaching home, where our tires all measured 42.

We read that the alarm will come on and then turn itself off after driving a certain amount of time with the pressure fixed (10 miles?) so I think that's why it kept turning itself off. Question is, why did it come on? Anyone else have that problem? I would call my service center but they already have a laundry list of fixes they are supposed to be working on for me and I have a hard time getting return calls :(

On the bright-side, the car beat it's projected range so we were thrilled :)

Wroberts001 | 19 marzo 2013

I had the same problem after picking it up from the factory and driving home to SD.

The light would come on intermittently and then go away after a while. When I got back to SD I called Tesla and they said it was a software glitch and that I should check the tires, drive it for a while and then reboot the dash and display which I did.

I haven't had the problem since then. Here's hoping.

shop | 19 marzo 2013

Which part of SD are you in? I'm in Rancho Santa Fe, and would like to know if I could make it from Tejon to here as well. Did you just take the 5 through LA?

kviveiros | 19 marzo 2013

Do you have the grey Tesla? I may have seen you a couple weeks ago. I'm in PB all the way on the beach so if I can make it, you can make it :)

Navigation said 199 to our home from Tejon, we max-charged at Tejon then set cruise control to 65 through the grapevine and most of LA (yes, we just took 5 the whole way). When we hit San Clemente we still had plenty of charge so we sped up to 70ish. It was awkward being passed by SmartCars but that stop in Hawthorne is way off the beaten path and we found that to be the slowest SC we stopped at. We got home with 44 miles left.

The way up is different, we didn't try it but it seems like the grade up the grapevine is more miles. My husband says we could make it northbound, set the cruise between 63-65, but full disclosure, we only tried coming south.

shop | 19 marzo 2013

Nope, I have a metallic brown one. I'm starting to see more and more Teslas in San Diego now. Thanks for the info about the drive.

HaroldS | 19 marzo 2013

Our Signature had the same problem from the day we received it until the TPMS antenna was replaced a couple of weeks ago. We stopped paying attention to the warnings, so the flat tire was a surprise!

hnashif | 19 marzo 2013

Since I get the car, I have been getting "Service Tire Pressure System. Call Tesla Service.." appearing intermittently. When I first called service, they told me to check tire pressure (even though the message is not about the tire pressure, but the system). Anyway, I checked and adjusted the pressure at home on the second day. A week after, I was on the freeway and saw the warning again. I stopped at a tire center. They certified that the pressure was set correctly on all four tires. As I drove off, the warning came back again. I am going to the factory on Thursday.

Captain_Zap | 19 marzo 2013

I just responded in the wrong thread. Sorry about repeating myself. Here it is:

Whenever you get one of those tire pressure "alarms" and things appear to be OK, be sure to call "Ownership Experience" and notify them that it happened. Sometimes that alarm will go off when there has been an attempt to download new firmware or update. If it was a false alarm they want to track it down to fix the bug.

I had it happen twice, either during an update or immediately after an update. There has been some updates going out this week so that could have been the cause. I got an update on Friday.

Brian H | 19 marzo 2013

42 is not the correct pressure for driving. It is the "cold pressure", the reading you should get after parking for some time. When the tires heat up from driving, it will rise (amount depending how warm they get).

So adjusting to 42 "on the fly" sets them too low.

kviveiros | 20 marzo 2013

Uh oh, it sounds like my tires aren't inflated properly then? Do you know what they should be at when driving? There's no label inside the door and 42 is what Tesla said. The actual tire says Max 50

Brian H | 20 marzo 2013

There is no fixed "driving" number, because outside temp, road conditions, duration etc. vary so widely. That's why a stable cooled, parked # is used as the reference. That's the only # you should pay attention to. Avoid adjusting pressures "on the road" except in emergencies.

Liz G | 20 marzo 2013

I had the same issue. The service center had to do something so that the TPMS could "relearn" the settings. Haven't had a problem since (2weeks now). I'd take it in to the service center if you have one close. If they're not sure what needs to be done have them contact Leo at he St Louis service center.

hfcolvin | 20 marzo 2013

My car was delivered at 48 psi (19" wheels). I thought that was too high, of course idiot me I didn't look at the tires themselves for max pressure. I decreased to 42 psi and would get the warning for the first few minutes of driving. I increased the tires back to 48 yesterday and no warning. I'll post again if a get the warning. Max pressure on the tires is 51 psi. The door frame I think recommended 44.

David Trushin | 20 marzo 2013

It happened to me a few times in succession in my SRX The tire pressure sensor had to be readjusted. they explained to me that the pressure sensors communicate via RF with the car's computer and if there is another car around at the same time as they are adjusting it, it could get tuned to the wrong computer. Hence the warning. That actually sounded very reasonable. The final fix was to take the car outside a little ways from the others at the shop and tune the sensors in. Worked like a champ ever since.

Oh, and I haven't had the problem with my MS.

GoTeslaChicago | 20 marzo 2013

I have 3,300 miles on my Model S. Three different times the tire pressure warning came on or the "Service Tire Pressure System. Call Tesla Service.." Each time it went away shortly after.

Today the low tire pressure warning came on, and I did a visual inspection and one tire was low. Feeling around the tire with my hand, I encountered a screw in the tire. So no false alarm this time.

lalo | 20 marzo 2013

This was happening to my Model S and after calling Tesla service and them having me reboot I finally made an appointment at the nearest service center (Menlo Park). It turns out they are having to reposition the TPMS antenna from its current location (rear of the vehicle) more towards the center of the vehicle. The sensor has better signal for all 4 tires in the center location, no problems ever since.

carlk | 20 marzo 2013

I wonder why TM wouldn't display actual tire pressure reading like Porsche does. The info is probably sent by the sensor already just need to display it on the screen. That sure will take away all the anxieties. Maybe this can be added to the request list of future improvement.

kviveiros | 20 marzo 2013

Mine may have been related to another problem. We haven't had Bluetooth or reliable radio/music in the car for a couple weeks and have been working with the service center. Today the service tech talked to Telsa in front of us and Tesla has to replace the entire touchscreen module thingy. They said they haven't seen a problem like ours before. Hopefully the music and tire warning will get fixed when they replace the screen.

DouglasR | 20 marzo 2013

A while back, on a long trip, I had the warning come on several times. Each time it happened, I also lost either Bluetooth or internet, I can't recall which. But I think there may be a communication problem between the sensors and the main unit, possibly an antenna, and the same problem affects one of the other radios (i.e., Bluetooth, cellular, etc.)

ckanuga | 21 marzo 2013

I had the same problem. It showed up only on freeways.
I took the car to the Menlo Park SC and they said the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) was looking the connection to the front tires.
They re-aligned the antenna.
I haven't had this message show up since - but at the same time I haven't driven much on freeways - so am not sure if this is completely solved.

Captain_Zap | 21 marzo 2013

Now I'm intrigued.

I got an erroneous "tire pressure system malfunction" message during a stealth firmware update on the 2nd of December. We thought that the events were related. A few weeks after that, one of our cellular antennas failed completely and needed to be replaced. I think that the antenna may have had some intermittent lapses prior to its complete demise.

I had the antenna replaced and Tesla pushed to our car the latest firmware update while they had it in the shop so that they could verify that all was well while they watched it go through its gyrations. On the drive home I got another erroneous "tire pressure system malfunction" message. The message cleared on its own and never returned. I reported the incident to "Ownership Experience" and "Service".

There are no problems now but it is interesting to see how these seemingly unrelated events might have been related.

hamer | 30 luglio 2013

Well, I found a thread that might be related to an issue I had this morning but I'm not sure how much help you can be. I left home this morning and after driving maybe a half mile noticed I had an indicator on the dashboard that said something like "Warning: low tire pressure indicator."

I pulled over, powered off, visually checked the tires, ( did not have a pressure gauge with me) and they looked OK, with none obviously low. When I got back in the indicator was gone and stayed gone the remaining 6-7 miles to work.

Any advice? From reading the posts it looks like the tire pressure is communicated to the system via an antenna?

tobi_ger | 30 luglio 2013

There are plenty of threads about this.
In several cases one or more sensors were replaced when being serviced. Best to observe if happens again and then talk to your service center.

David Trushin | 30 luglio 2013

haner, your tire(s) may be marginally low. After driving a few minutes, they heat up and the pressure goes up. The sensor only reports high or low pressure, not normal pressure. That's why the light stayed on. This happens a lot in winter on my other cars. However, my other cars tell me what the pressure is, so I can determine if there is something to worry about or not. The best thing to do is to check the pressure when you get a chance and make sure it's in the middle of the good range.

ViewAskew | 30 luglio 2013

Had the same issue. Service found nothing wrong with the tires. They replaced the sensor and I've been fine since.

gdelgado | 30 luglio 2013

I've had the same issue since I got the car. Called Tesla a couple of time but nothing yet. How long did it take before they took care of it?

riceuguy | 30 luglio 2013

I had the "TPMS System" warning (not a low tire warning, a warning about the system itself), and the service center fixed it very quickly...just needed to reposition an antenna and reset the system.

bsimoes | 31 luglio 2013

Mine comes on every time I drive more than 17 miles or so. Once it comes on, it stays on. There was an update; I'll be curious to see if this helps any. Meanwhile, I have a ranger coming up later in the week. I don't want to ignore it, it's kind of training me to do so.

SCCRENDO | 31 luglio 2013

Many posts on this. Noticed it first night out. Kept going on and off. Took it in. My pressures were slightly too high so they took it down to 42. Problem settled down for a week then came back. Eventually took it in. They replaced one sensor and reset an antennae. This was in Mid-may. 7000 miles later have had no further problems. Well known problem. Take it in and they will sort it out.