Too hot in the back?

Too hot in the back?

We got MS with rear child seats and love them. However , today, while we were driving, my son complained that he was too hot back there and I turned A/C all the way down and was pretty cold myself, but son said it was still hot. When I stopped the car, he was all sweaty and red and was almost passing out. I was wondering if there is way to cool the trunk more efficiently? I realize, that most of he heat is coming through the windshield , but is there a way to counteract that with better temperature distribution or something like that? I am dreading hot summers in Houston, that would be a nightmare if it's hot now. Anyone with the similar experience?

jat | 11 marzo 2013

I don't have child seats, but in previous hatchbacks I have had louvers installed that really cut down on how hot the car got in the summer. I'm not planning on doing that with the Model S, since I can just start the AC before I get in the car, and I won't have anything I care about getting hot back there. I don't know if anyone makes compatible ones, but another option might be the heat-blocking film.

It seems like it would be hard to route ductwork all the way to the back fi the car wasn't designed for it in the first place.

shop | 11 marzo 2013

Get your windows professionally tinted. It'll cut down on the heat a lot.

ElenaK | 11 marzo 2013

Thank you for the responses. I was hoping there was a way to do something about it without "outside" help, but I guess, it's not an option...

TikiMan | 11 marzo 2013

I suggest a very dark rear window tint.

I don't have the rear child seats, however, I still tinted my rear, passenger side, and front windows, and it cooled down my MS considerably, and will hopefully increase the longevity of my leather seats.

Also, driving North-West in the morning with the sun rising, I was getting a fairly annoying glare off of the 17” touch-screen. After tinting, the glare is hardly noticeable (and much safer).

olanmills | 11 marzo 2013

It kind of makes sense. It's a big window to be in front of, and so if the sun is shining on it, that one thing, and then of course, I don't know how well the air would circulate back there.

Also, I haven't seen in person a kid sitting in the jump seats, but it looks to me that when the hatch closes, your face and body are not that far from the glass so it's kind of like being in a slightly enclosed space (I still think the view would be a lot of fun though!).

You should let your kid just ride in the frunk with the hood open. It's way more exciting that way.

ElenaK | 11 marzo 2013

@olanmills - what is the purpose of your comment, especially the last sentence ? You make it sound like putting kids in those rear seats is no smarter than just putting them in the frunk and is , somehow , irresponsible.

olanmills | 11 marzo 2013

It was a joke. I was just imagining it being like sitting in the front car of a roller coaster.

cschock | 11 marzo 2013


I am concerned about the temperature in the rear for my kid and am already looking into tinting, but that was a seriously funny comment :)

olanmills | 11 marzo 2013

And also to follow on, my other comments were not an attempt at being critical; I was only speculating on why it might feel hot to sit back there.

Noah.S | 11 marzo 2013

Any chance you could get a 12 volt (foamy?) fan and place it on or near the 2nd/3rd row division? Or on the ceiling above it? I would imagine having a nice breeze on the back of the neck would at least help.

Are there any 12v outlets back there? Leave it loose and let the kids use it if they want? Assuming they're old enough.

Noah.S | 11 marzo 2013

Or even cheap battery-powered ones. I've got one to keep me cool at my desk.

Brian H | 12 marzo 2013

The pano on vent should help. And baseball caps. P8)

ElenaK | 12 marzo 2013

Don't have pano :( wanted one, but hubby already configured without. Today I tried the vents in the back turned all the way up, and air full blast, still didn't help... Sounds like window tinting is a last resort.

ElenaK | 12 marzo 2013

@Noah.S: no outlets back there, which would be really helpful actually, considering that since kids don't really have any sort of entertainment back there, one would think that various electronic devices that needed to be charged might be used at some point. The only chargers that I am aware of are two USB ports in front and one outlet.

ElenaK | 12 marzo 2013

@Noah.S: fans are a great idea. Will be looking for battery powered ones. ( to install in my battery powered car).

jfeldman72 | 12 marzo 2013

There are great tints out there that are actually just a film and not a tint. Cuts 80% of the heat. I did it in my rear for my kids.

ElenaK | 12 marzo 2013

@jfeldman - didi you apply the film yourself? If yes, was it hard and do you have air bubbles at all?