Trunk failed to close remotely

Trunk failed to close remotely

The trunk of my tesla wasn't close completely if I push the button under the edge of the trunk and closing it remotely. I haven't seen any obstruction on the car. Please help me what to do. I was thinking if it was misalignment but I don't think so because the car was with me for only a week. Please help. Thanks!

olanmills | 29 luglio 2013

There are these rubber stoppers in the door jamb on either side that can be adjusted. Try that. They have a conical shape.

Also, call customer service.

nickjhowe | 29 luglio 2013

+1 @olanmills

jbunn | 29 luglio 2013

I bought my car in Seattle, then moved to SF. Drove her to LA, and parked her in my cousin's driveway in the full sun. Interior of the car was over 140, and the dark blue paint was WAY to hot to touch without getting burned. Trunk would not close. It would go all the way down, then reverse. Finally, I did it manually (humans smell like pork chops by the way).

Do you have temperature extremes?

My guess at the time was the heat caused some expansion that threw off very tight tolerances.

deleng | 30 luglio 2013

It's quite hot here in the Philippines since we're a tropical country but not that much. I will try what olanmills's suggestion. Also, there's no Tesla service center here in our country.

I just noticed that when I closed it manually with exerting a little effort on the trunk, it closes the way like it was been used remotely. I'm just wondering if the pressure given by hydraulic system was not enough to close the trunk.

I will try what you have suggested, if it still didn't work, what are the possible things that I should do?

thank you very much for the help.

nickjhowe | 30 luglio 2013

If adjusting the stoppers doesn't solve the problem, then fold the rear seats down and use the remote to close the trunk while you are in the back of the car. Look for any obstructions that might be stopping it. Is the Parcel Shelf in the wrong place? Or anything else that might stop it closing?

michael1800 | 30 luglio 2013

Let us know if it worked. Nick and Olan's advice sounds better than my panic or (fire!) run, scream and burn advice. Mine seems like it's closing a bit slower than usual, so I got my eye on this thread.

jbunn | 30 luglio 2013


You have one in the Philipines? How did you get it there? Where are you at? Thats very cool. My cousin and I were just on Facebook this morning talking about Tesla. I did not know one had made it there yet.

deleng | 31 luglio 2013


technically, I'm not the owner of this Tesla, instead, our team was the one who is responsible to study how does this car really works.. :)

tobi_ger | 31 luglio 2013


Manta | 31 luglio 2013

technically, I'm not the owner of this Tesla, instead, our team was the one who is responsible to study how does this car really works.. :)

For what purpose?

AmpedRealtor | 31 luglio 2013

Ah, deleng must work for GM...

deleng | 31 luglio 2013


It's for my boss purposes. What he wants is we just feed him all the information once he ride his car.. :)

justineet | 31 luglio 2013

He's like acting as tech instructor for his well to do boss...that is funny..

deleng | 31 luglio 2013


unfortunately yes.

justineet | 31 luglio 2013

@deleng.....nothing wrong as long u get paid reasonably well...

deleng | 31 luglio 2013


Yes I am.. :D. I haven't come back to check the trunk problem yet due of other stuffs but if it works because of @olanmills suggestion. I will really thank you guys here! :D

Colasec | 31 luglio 2013

The manual says "If the liftgate senses an obstruction while closing, it automatically opens and sounds two chimes. Remove the obstruction and try closing it again. If it can’t close it for a second time, powered operation is temporarily disabled. Manually close the liftgate to restore powered operation."

Is that maybe what happened?

deleng | 31 luglio 2013


Yes I've read the manual but I haven't seen any obstruction. That's why I made a post in here because of that problem.

nickjhowe | 1 agosto 2013

Maybe this is it...

MVP picks Tesla sedan to promote e-vehicle use Philippine Star
MANILA, Philippines - Business magnate Manuel V. Pangilinan has purchased a P9-million Tesla model S electric vehicle (EV), the first luxury sedan of its kind ...

AmpedRealtor | 1 agosto 2013

P9-million? Is that the successor to the P85+? lol

jbunn | 1 agosto 2013

Geeze that's about double the going price and then some.

Colasec | 1 agosto 2013

His initials are actually MVP. That's pretty cool. :)

deleng | 1 agosto 2013


tax inclusive on that. :)

deleng | 1 agosto 2013


Hi olanmills, I've tried what you have suggested. But still, there are times that the trunk did not closed remotely. I still need to exert a little force to push it lightly while it was closing. A very small force will do to close the trunk.

c.bussert67 | 2 agosto 2013

My S did the same thing after the delivery specialist left... My findings were that it was closed. Then he opened it up to show us it works and closed it again. When he left and I had it open for a while as we all admired the car, the seals relaxed and expanded again. It would not close remotely, only manually. I called service and almost took it in. After about a week it settled down and I haven't had an issue since.
Give the seals some time to find their shape...

olanmills | 2 agosto 2013

Sorry deleng, I am but a lowly Tesla owner whose only claim to fame is that I have spent too much time on these forums. I do not have any additional advice. From what others have said, it sounds like it could be an issue with the seals (or maybe even those rubber stoppers) changing size or shape due to the varying climate.

Even though there is no service center in the Philippines, you should still be able to call or email customer service to see if they have any advice. They may not be able to come fix your car, but they might be able to give you some verbal tips.

deleng | 4 agosto 2013


Still, thank you for the advice and to others who give some inputs on this thread. :)