Trunk (not frunk) storage?

Trunk (not frunk) storage?

One of the things I love about my Model S is the deep well in the back for storing things (it's the foot well for the rear facing seats which I do not have).

I've not heard much conversation - regarding this on the Model X?

Does the Model X have the deep well storage in the back? I would be fine if it had a cover (like the model X) but occasionally a deep storage well would be awesome.

Napoleonblownapart | 20 dicembre 2015

???? Reread this.

Ankit Mishra | 20 dicembre 2015

Yes, it has. I have seen it in videos.

ian | 20 dicembre 2015

One more X to S change there dortor! ;-)

In the meantime, yes, it has the deep storage well behind the 3rd row. It has been reported to be ~44" across, ~18" deep (under the cover to the floor) and ~15" wide (front to back).

You can read more about it in Mark Templeton's report on his blue Founders. He says they stood a couple suitcases up in it when they travelled to NC.

Here's a picture somebody lightened so we can see down into it. From this picture it looks like there may be extensions that go further forward. I don't recall seeing these in Elon's X at the reveal, and how useful they could be would be based on how far forward they actually extend.

ian | 20 dicembre 2015