Unexpected budget hit

Unexpected budget hit

I've had my MS for three weeks and washed it four times. My water bill is going to take a hit and I can't help myself....

Andercam | 18 ottobre 2013

Get a California Duster. Makes quick work of a dusty car without the water!

Mathew98 | 18 ottobre 2013

Start to collect rain water in a 50 gallon drum and wash away worry free! My neighbor redirected all the rain from the gutter straight down to the 50 gal drum and ran a water hose from the bottom of the drum with a water valve.

He is by no mean a tree hugging type. He's just dang cheap...

Thomas N. | 18 ottobre 2013

That won't work in Southern California. You'd just have an empty 50 gallon drum.

Plus our rain gutters are nasty and I wouldn't want that residue to be sprayed all over my nice new car.

Robert Hodgen | 18 ottobre 2013

Consider using a waterless wash product like this:

Follow up with Speed Shine and you're good to go.

TikiMan | 26 ottobre 2013

Well, look at it this way... If you don't use enough water, the water district in your area will raise prices the year after they declare the drought is over (claiming lost revenue). So you might as well wash away, because your dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't.

Rheumboy | 26 ottobre 2013

Stop it, I have spent close to $40,000 on cleaning products. I'm a platinum member with Amazon. California duster? Where do I get one? Just put in an order for a helicopter to blow dry my MS. Please help me Brian H!,,,,, | 26 ottobre 2013

One of those $300 remote control helicopters would be a great way to dry the car!

jeffsstuff | 26 ottobre 2013

@Rheumboy, please tell me you misplaced a decimal somewhere in there? $40K? For that, I would think you could hire someone to hand wash it weekly!

Bikezion | 26 ottobre 2013

Rheumboy I'll hand wash it weekly for $40,000! Where do you live?

Rheumboy | 26 ottobre 2013

I was thinking daily :-)

Bikezion | 26 ottobre 2013

A proper hand wash requires a key fob and about 6 hours...... Correct?